Wild Sequence To End the Half Keeps Auburn, Kentucky Close

A simply terrible sequence of plays could have swung the Kentucky-Auburn game.

In the matter of a blown call that should have been a touchdown for the Wildcats, turned into a 100-yard pick-six for Auburn, which was then erased by a targeting call on the return. Those playing the under are breathing a sigh of relief.

The touchdown — which seemed obvious to everyone, including Auburn fans — was wiped off the board.

What followed was an equally awful choice by Terry Wilson to throw into the crowded endzone and the ball went the other way. So did the momentum.

Until the reply determined that there was a penalty on the play. A rare situation on an interception return.

Written by Jaxon Stevens


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  1. This article is bogus. Look at the first video. At 00:13 the runner knee is down. His shin is parallel to the field. If the ref saw it as down there is no indisputable evidence to overturn it. Personally freezing the video I think it’s down easily. Hate to be a hater but this article is unfounded.

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