Wild Fight Breaks Out At A McDonald’s In Georgia, Wigs & More Are Sent Flying As Customers Take On Employees

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A customer at a McDonald’s in Savannah, Georgia was not happy about something and decided to head behind the counter to officially file her complaint with her fists. It was not a smart move on her part. Once behind the counter, anything goes.

There have been conflicting reports – via the several versions of this video that have surfaced on social media – as to what started the fight. One of the videos claims that it all started over an order of French fries. Another says the lack of sweet and sour sauce is to blame for the melee.

Wild McDonald's Fight Georgia
Wild fight at McDonald’s in Georgia (Image Credit: Antman0528/Twitter)

The true cause of the fight might never be known. It will likely go down as one of the many great mysteries of the internet.

The comparison to Thunderdome, and the mention of the wigs that tragically found their way to the floor, is the reason I went with the version that I did. For the record, they’re all the same video and capture every second of the chaos.

As the video starts, an angry customer has already been in a verbal disagreement with the employees and decides to cross the boundary between customer and employee.

She’s greeted by three McDonald’s employees, who are more than ready for action. They were prepared for this moment and immediately pounced on the opportunity to throw hands with a customer.

The overmatched customer loses her wig early on in the scrap. Despite being hit with multiple fists, and what looks like a fry basket, she stands her ground and exchanges with the employees.

They’re Serious About Customer Service At McDonald’s In Savannah, Georgia

At this point, another customer decides to head behind the counter to join in on the fun. When she first arrives behind the counter it’s not clear whose side she’s on. This woman is just swinging to be swinging.

The first customer and the employees are all taking shots from her. The two customers eventually team up and are able to grab one of the employees by the hair. They then proceed to drag the employee from behind the counter.

The McDonald’s employee’s co-workers are able to free her after a short battle in front of the counter. Once the employee is freed the situation looks as if it’s finally calming down. The two sides are separated and at this point there aren’t any punches being thrown.

The peace, however, was short-lived. The customer isn’t finished and makes her way back to the counter. This is when a spray of some kind is deployed and things start getting thrown.

In the middle of this second-round of chaos another customer, a very large “woman” in a T-Mobile shirt, decides to get involved. The possible T-Mobile employee goes customer on customer and takes down the now wigless woman who was the first to go behind the counter.

There are punches exchanged between these two customers and another wig hits the slick McDonald’s floor. What an exchange and what a fight overall.

Is it good enough for restaurant fight of the year? It’s way too early to tell. The look on the older McDonald’s employee’s face at the end of the video says it all.

He’s seen it all and even he was stunned by what had just unfolded. This fight is 100% in the running.

Written by Sean Joseph

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