Wild Brawl At A 7-Eleven Broke Out After An Employee Refused To Sell A Cigar To A Minor

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A wild brawl between customers and employees took place at a 7-Eleven in Texas last weekend after an employee refused to sell a cigar to an underage female. That’s right, doing your job and following the law by not selling certain items to minors is grounds for a beat down these days.

Cell phone footage from a customer inside the convenience store at the time shows several, likely teens according to police, attacking two 7-Eleven employees. Some of the “customers” are throwing things, while others have made their way behind the counter to trade punches with the employees.

Wild Brawl At A 7-Eleven Broke Out After An Employee Refused To Sell A Cigar To A Minor
Teens attack two female 7-Eleven employees (Image Credit: FOX 4/YouTube)

According to police from the Mesquite Police Department, one of the clerks refused to sell a cigar to an underage female customer.

The underage female left the store cigar-less after being denied and went to get her friends. Because obviously refusing to sell her a cigar was a personal attack worthy of retaliation.

She, and as many as seven others, returned to confront the employee. The video doesn’t show whether there was a verbal confrontation that turned physical or if the group entered the store already in attack mode.

What the video does show is the attack on the employees already in progress. There were several attackers throwing items at the employees. Some of the teens throwing things were on top of the counter while doing so.

A couple of the other suspected teens had made their way behind the counter and were throwing punches. The MPD is still investigating the incident.

Another Day, Another Wild Brawl In Public

Lt. Brandon Ricketts places some of the blame for the “senseless act of violence” on the parents. He urges parents to keep a closer eye on what their kids are up to this summer.

“Know who they’re hanging around with, know what they’re up to, because it’s hard for me to believe that any of them on their own would’ve done something like this, but you start hanging around the wrong crowd, you start doing things that you normally wouldn’t do – next thing you know you have a criminal history that follows you around the rest of your life,” said Lt. Ricketts.

Sound advice, but advice that might indicate that the lieutenant hasn’t been paying attention. Parents are more than willing to throw down these days over pretty much nothing.

As for the two female employees, they had busted lips and other minor injuries. They were both back at work earlier this week following the brawl.

The underage female might not have left the store with a cigar, but she didn’t go home empty-handed. She made sure to pick up an assault charge or two, assuming this is a part of Texas where they’re still following through with investigations and prosecuting crimes.

Written by Sean Joseph

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