Wikipedia to Assign Editors to ‘Recession’ Page

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Wikipedia has assigned volunteer editors to run its “Recession” page.

The site will reopen the page after locking it last week as an edit war broke out over the definition of the word, a debate sparked by the Biden administration. Over a seven-day period, unregistered users edited the page a total of 41 times.

The update means new and unregistered users can again make edits, but their changes will not go public until the editors review them.

Despite a “recession” long meaning two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, Wikipedia settled on a definition much closer to what President Biden promotes:

“A recession is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity,” Wikipedia now states.

A spokesperson for the Wikimedia Foundation told The Hill that the company tasks the editors, known as Wikipedians, to run pages that are of high-volume edits and subject to dispute.

“Volunteer editors know this, and have created tools and mechanisms for responding to an influx of edits on articles that are in the public eye in order to maintain the standards of neutrality and verifiability that govern the site,” the spokesperson said. “Protecting an article is one common tool they use.”

Manipulating language has become an effective weapon in the culture war. Daily Wire host Michael Knowles discussed this topic with OutKick last summer. He argued:

“Over the past 50 or 60 years, the Left’s most effective tool is how they populate and control language to end culture and gain political power.

“We have lots of terms for this: ‘political correctness,’ ‘localism,’ ‘cancel culture,’ or ‘censorship.’ Political correctness is about 100 years old. It was developed by a very intelligent, really educated Leftist theorist, and it has been extraordinarily effective at transforming our culture.”

Thus we don’t expect edit wars on Wikipedia to end with “recession.”

Words like “female” — no, seriously — “assault rifle,” “peaceful,” and “vaccine” are also now up for debate. Hopefully, the Wikipedians are monitoring those pages accordingly.

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