Wig-Wearing Arkansas Old-Timer Admits To Dead Animals On Headstone Crime

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Bentonville, Arkansas man Joseph Stroud, 79, told a judge Monday that he’s guilty, that the investigators had the goods on him. Yep, that was definitely him wearing overalls, a woman’s wig, sunglasses, a COVID mask…and placing dead animals on a headstone.

Yes, Stroud put dead animal carcasses on the grave of his old neighbor, whom he had lost a lawsuit to back in the day, according to the affidavit used against Stroud.

In all, Stroud placed 16 animals on the grave of Fred McKinney, who died in 2015. McKinney’s granddaughter happened to notice the dead animals back in July and started an investigation, including surveillance cameras which caught Stroud in the act.

Why Stroud just started placing dead animals on McKinney’s grave in 2020 is a huge mystery that Joseph will have to let us all in on. Was it the lost lawsuit back in the day? Did he suddenly want revenge after years of stewing over his rival?

One of the animals left a brown stain that has ruined the headstone and now the McKinney family will need to pay $2,500 to have it replaced, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports.

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It’s possible Joe Stroud might’ve gotten away with the dead animals on his old enemy’s gravestone act if he hadn’t been so brazen with his attire. Surveillance video from McKinney’s granddaughter caught Stroud wearing the same shoes and shirt to his local Walmart. BOOM, he’s busted.

Now he’s lost another case to McKinney. Stroud will have to pay the $2,500 for the headstone and serve a one-year suspended sentence. Plus, no more driving due to his mental health.

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