Wife Who Was Told To Cut Her Spending From $50k To $12k A Month Allegedly Tried To Spend $2 Million To Have Her Husband Killed

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Now this is the type of story that gets turned into an episode of Dateline.

According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Tatyana Remley was arrested on August 2 in a sting operation at a Starbucks after, the police say, they became aware of a murder-for-hire plot where her wealthy estranged husband would be killed for the sum of $2 million.

What triggered all this? What’s the motive here? Authorities say money issues and greed are at play here. Tatyana, 42, who filed for divorce from her husband, Mark Remley, after 12 years of marriage, was reportedly ordered by a court to cut her monthly spending from $50,000 down to $12,000.

One thing leads to another and she’s being arrested at a Starbucks for putting out a hit on Mark.

Tatyana Remley faces multiple charges associated with an alleged murder-for-hire plot against her husband. / San Diego County Jail Division

This one gets better. After Tatyana was cuffed and hauled off to jail, the estranged husband claimed she’d also burned their house to the ground just days before trying to spend $2 million to kill Mark.

Tatyana, who is being held without bail, according to The Coast News Group, was also popped for carrying and concealing three guns that weren’t registered in her name, plus carrying a loaded firearm. In early June, she was arrested for felony vehicle theft.

Talk about bad times, this former equestrian who lived the high life has really hit rock bottom. Now she’s housed in the Las Colinas Detention Facility. In her divorce petition which was filed in July, Tatyana said the couple had lived an extravagant lifestyle that included unlimited access to credit cards and there were incredible properties in Hawaii and southern California at their disposal.

“Wife is experiencing extreme financial strain. She is unable to maintain her realistic monthly expenses of just $12,000, much less [than] what she was accustomed to at $50,000. She has no income and does not have the same access to funds and assets that Respondent does,” Tatyana’s lawyer wrote in that petition.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…when are you going to learn to let the court proceed before you try to hire a hit man to off your estranged husbands? I get that living in California on $12,000 a month is going to mean serious sacrifice, but have you ever looked at what the penal system pays per hour?

Based on the latest data available, California inmates bank somewhere between $0.25 to $1.25 per hour for labor.

Tatyana, the typical month has just 730 hours.

Honey, did you even think to do the math on how long it would take to make $12,000 in jail before you (allegedly) tried to hire a hit man?

Let’s be smarter, ladies. That $12,000 a month is nice bank while you go out and look for another sugar daddy. The play here for Tatyana was to get as much as humanly possible out of Mark and then start hunting for some 70-year-old rich guy who was looking to date much younger.

He’d have a bunch of f-you money to play with and Tatyana could work her magic into at least another $5k a month in financial support from the new sugar daddy. Now we’re talking $17,000 a month and the new sugar daddy is buying all the dinners and paying for travel.

Again, I get that $17,000 isn’t the $50,000 Tatyana was used to, but if she played her cards right, the old dude would get drunk some night and pull out his will to leave her half and his estranged kids half.

Use your heads, ladies.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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