Wife Reportedly Leaves Australian Football Player Who Performed Sex Act On Teammate

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A couple of Australian football players made headlines this week. A bet they made while drinking ended with a sex act in a bar. Now the wife of one of them has reportedly left him over it.

The incident between the two unnamed Glen Waverley Football Club teammates took place Aug. 14 after the team’s final match of the season. The team was hanging out at a bar drinking heavily when the two teammates made a bet. The one who lost the bet had to perform oral sex on the other.

A nine-second video went viral showing the losing player perform the sex act on the winner in the middle of the bar. The losing player was seen raising his hands after paying up and was applauded by others in the bar.

Some bets don’t need to be paid up

Following the incident the team released a statement calling it a “serious breach of our culture and values.”

The statement continued, “The individuals involved, along with the broader playing group will be both disciplined & educated and if need be, counseled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, along with the physical & emotional impact this has had on the families involved, club members, players, and the wider community.”

According to Radar Online, in addition to punishment from the team, the wife of the player who performed the sex act left him.

Witnesses at the bar say that the sex act wasn’t the only thing that took place that day.

They told the Herald Sun that players smashed glassware at the venue and danced on tables. The witnesses also said the “toilets were left in a state of disrepair and covered in vomit.”

This has to be one of the worst drunken ideas of all-time. This team needs a designated ideas guy when they go out drinking. Someone to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. Melbourne Australia was locked down for a total of 350 days thru 7 covid lockdowns by a Fascist dictator named Daniel Andrews, with clubs and bars sent broke by being the brunt of his stupidity, along with no non pro sport for two years.
    No surprise the low IQ footballers have mistaken an open bar for a gay bar!
    The funniest thing with these reports is the banality of the Sporting organization, when they feel they have to comment. So the whole group will be counseled in not trashing a bar when drunk and making sure that any of the other players who thought the blow job was standard Mad Monday behavior are straightened out on?
    Seriously, the club should just direct the trashmedia to the idiots and say it was their function not the club, we have no comment.

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