Why Do You Think NBA Players Flocked To Florida For The All-Star Break?

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You’ll never guess where NBA players flocked to in droves over the All-Star Break when they had several days off to get the mentals right after an exhausting first-half of the season where they made millions going through the motions. That’s right, Miami! You’re a genius.

NBA Insider® Brian ‘Windy’ Windhorst said this week on his Hoop Collective podcast that he was told the NBA is concerned about the number of players who shacked up in Miami-Dade County over the weekend.

“I think the place the NBA is worried about was not Atlanta. The place the NBA is worried about is Miami,” Windy said on the podcast.

“Last I heard, there were around 150 players planning to be in Miami. The reason the NBA knows is because the players have to have COVID tests while they’re there. They had to sign up for them. The NBA had an accurate count of how many. I was told, two days ago, maybe it has grown. I was told it was in the neighborhood of 150 players in Miami over the weekend.”

You’re talking about 150 of the 529 active roster NBA players. Boy, I can’t figure out why that would be. Would it have to do with the weather? Yes. Would it have to do with the strip clubs, the regular clubs and the parties? Yes. Would it have to do with yacht parties where the fellas make it rain on strippers? You know it. Would it have to do with Miami pretty much being a Caribbean nation that NBA players can escape to and that also specializes in imported Instagram models? Hell yeah!

Oh, and many NBA guys live in Miami.

Put yourself in NBA guy’s shoes right now. You’re required to take COVID tests over the break, so you have to be in a city where the league can keep track of you. Miami, it is. Slide into the DMs of your Instagram 100, put out feelers and line up a Colombian who’s in town for a couple of weeks.

Windy Windhorst won’t say it, but I will. It was booty huntin’ season, Windy. SAY IT!


Written by Joe Kinsey

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