Why Can’t We Question Sudden Deaths? Will Cain, Dr. Drew Weigh In

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“Is there more sudden death? Yes or no. And if there are more sudden deaths, what’s causing it? We can’t even ask that question,” Dr. Drew told Fox News host Will Cain.

“And that is disgusting.”

Dr. Drew joined The Will Cain Podcast this week to discuss the Covid-19 vaccine and a potential rise in sudden deaths. The two also commented on the shunning of those who dare to question our vaccine-pushing “experts.”

The topic mirrors a thesis of an OutKick column last week. We explored the rise in sudden collapses among young adults, as well as a surge in cardiovascular symptoms.

We named just a few:

“A female NCAA player from Georgia collapsed on the court during a basketball game last week. A 17-year-old Wyoming basketball player died suddenly on December 26. Air Force offensive lineman Hunter Brown, 21, collapsed and died walking to class on Monday. And rising MMA star Victoria Lee also died at age 18 in December with the cause of death unknown.”

Our column did not blame these ominous developments on the vaccine. But we certainly did not rule it out. According to provisional mortality statistics from the CDC, 2021 showed a rise in “major cardiovascular diseases” among persons ages 15 to 39. 2022 data is not yet available.

Specifically, we challenged the notion that supposed “experts” and media outlets should vilify those who question if the vaccine could be causing unprecedented heart troubles in young people.

This includes Dr. Fauci who deemed such conversations “horrifying” in an interview with CBS earlier this month.

Time To Question Sudden Deaths

See, the very people who disallowed us to ask questions about the vaccine, mask-wearing, and the origin of the virus are against telling us we shall not wonder aloud if the vaccine is to blame for the apparent rise in sudden deaths.

The very media outlets besmirching the curious misled us throughout the Covid pandemic. They parroted Fauci’s talking points that the vaccine prevented deaths, the spread, and hospitalization — all of which proved inaccurate.

And they labeled those who disagreed as right-wing kooks, as anti-science deniers.

Here’s a snippet from our piece:

Yet despite misleading the public for three years, Fauci and the lackeys continue to preach as if they know better. They hold themselves up as heroes, as if they remain authorities on any matter of substance.

Here they are again suppressing the free flow of conversation by persecuting the reasonably curious. 

The suppression of curiosity is an indictment of no two trades more than science and journalism. Curiosity is the core of both fields. No question shall be prohibited.

An “expert” cannot uncover the truth without proper skepticism, doubt, and questioning. A journalist’s chief role in society is to hold those in power accountable, to ask unanswered questions.

Questions lead to information. Thereby censoring questioning is censoring information.

Bobby Burack, OutKick.

We concluded there’s “an obvious problem exists amongst young adults, be it the vaccine or another cause. But instead of searching for the root, there’s a concerted effort to belittle the small group of people asking the science to rule out a possible source of cardiovascular symptoms.”

Call it the suppression of curiosity. The vilification of questioning.

We encourage you to read our full column here, and watch Will Cain’s conversation with Dr. Drew — it’s original, informative, and unafraid.

Most of all, Cain and Drew are curious. A trait so often rare in a conversation about the vaccine.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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