Who Wins a 16 team playoff featuring all 11 conference champs?

At some point the four team college football playoff will expand to feature eight teams.

Will it ever feature 16 teams?

Who knows.

But our buddy Paul Bessire at Prediction Machine decided to stage his own 16 team playoff featuring all 11 conference champions and five at-large teams.

I like Paul’s work because he applies probability analysis to games. That is, most knucklehead fans out there believe that whatever happened in one game is reflective of what would happen if the teams played 100 times. That’s not necessarily the case at all, lots of crazy things can happen in any one individual game.

What’s most likely to happen doesn’t always happen, it’s one reason we love sports.

So what would a sixteen team playoff look like if it was simulated 50,000 times. Well, here are your games and seedings.

First Round Results:

1) Notre Dame (at-large) 33
16) Tulsa (C-USA Champion) 16

8) LSU (at-large) 19
9) Florida State (ACC Champion) 20

4) Oregon (at-large) 35
13) Wisconsin (Big Ten Champion) 27

5) Kansas State (Big 12 Champion) 35
12) Louisville (Big East Champion) 21

6) Stanford (Pac-12 Champion) 28
11) Utah State (WAC Champion) 21

3) Florida (at-large) 23
14) Boise State (Mountain West Champion) 17

7) Georgia (at-large) 43
10) Northern Illinois (MAC Champion) 21

2) Alabama (SEC Champion) 41
15) Arkansas State (Sun Belt Champion) 13

Round 2 Results:

1) Notre Dame 21
9) Florida State 23

5) Kansas State 31
4) Oregon 37

6) Stanford 17
3) Florida 20

7) Georgia 24
2) Alabama 34

Semifinal Results:

9) Florida State 27
4) Oregon 33

3) Florida 13
2) Alabama 26

College Football Championship Results

1) Alabama Crimson Tide 34
4) Oregon Ducks 27

You can check out Paul’s analysis of the big bowl games here.

Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder and lead writer of Outkick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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