Who Was Ashli Babbitt, The Woman Killed In The Capitol Building?

Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt had hit her breaking point. She fired up her Twitter account and let loose while driving in her car on the way to work. Her target: politicians, specifically those who weren’t getting results in Washington D.C. It was November 26, 2018.

“I’m driving right now, but I’m, like, really heated all of a sudden,” the San Diego resident said in the November 26, 2018 video. “I am so sick of these politicians in this goddamned state. They’re all worried about what Trump is doing. How about we worry about what the hell you’re doing?

“Maxine Waters, what have you done? You’re talking about, oh this thing at the border, it’s a political ploy that Trump’s done. Where are you? You’re not even here!”

This week, an unarmed Babbitt, who spent 14 years in the Air Force, was shot and killed by an unidentified officer as she attempted to climb through a busted out window in the Capitol building. She was wearing snow boots, jeans, and a Trump flag like a cape. She was 35.

Babbitt spent the last two years focused squarely on politics, according to the Twitter account she left behind.

“Nothing will stop us,” she tweeted a day before her death. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours …. dark to light!”

In videos of the shooting, Babbitt can be seen being hoisted up into the window as an officer points a handgun from her left. Babbitt’s head and shoulders appear to make it through the opening when she’s shot and immediately falls backward.

According to the Associated Press, the Air Force reports Babbitt was on active duty from 2004 to 2008, in the Air Force Reserve from 2008 to 2010 and the Air National Guard from 2010 to 2016.

Her husband, Aaron Babbitt, told Fox5 San Diego she was voicing her opinion and it got her killed.

“She loved her country and she was doing what she thought was right to support her country, joining up with like-minded people that also love their president and their country,” he said.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Wonder how many hollywood actors will tweet out “I’m UNARMED” in honor of this U.S. Military veteran (who actually was UNARMED) as she was murdered by Capitol police?

    Wonder how many protests there will be? Will there a massive movement to take the guns away from the Capitol police? Will barack obama go to her funeral?

    Will NFL football print her name on their jerseys?

    I’m thinking not too many.

  2. Check out the shooter in the lower-left corner video. As Ashli is climbing through a window, you can it would be impossible for her to be holding a weapon in her hands. The shooter can see this as well. It was an unjustified shooting.

    That was an easy kill shot at that range with that training. Where is just-shoot-for-the-leg-Joe-Biden now?

    Was there a “Stop or I’ll shoot warning.”?

    She certainly wasn’t tased first and she didn’t fire first nor was there anyone else in the group firing.

    So, we are now on day two following the shooting and there have been no riots and there have been no outraged MSNBC/CNN/NPR/ABC/CBS/NBC/etc. commentaries.

    Having stated all of this, I don’t condone violent or destructive protests. But at least have a similar standard when judging protests and riots.

    • Totally unjustified shooting. I also will not condone violence that occurred, but 100% understand the frustration. Rules for thee and not for me Governors, small businesses punished, a do nothing swamp Congress, social media suppression, MSM bias 24/7, Antifa riots deemed peaceful while stores are looted and buildings are burned to the ground. Add an election where fraud was documented with hundreds of sworn affidavits and it’s easy to see why millions are pissed. RIP Ashli Babbitt.

  3. LeBron is right, we do live in 2 Americas…….The one HE lives in that hates cops, hate White people, hates America, kneels to China, loves BLM’s Communist Manifesto and takes what CNN, MSNBC, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook says as gospel…………..then there’s the REAL America…..those that love our country, love our freedom and will now fight back against the corruption that started with Obama, felt the love and safety of our current President, that now sees what’s on the horizon and won’t back down.
    So f#$k off LeBron. You’ve abandoned the country that allowed you to pursue your dreams in spite of your low IQ and your tougher life as a child. The country that allowed you to become a multi-millionaire and can move freely to any place that you want to call home. The country that allows you to speak freely, even now when all you do is spew hate and preach violence towards cops and White people.

  4. Man that sucks.. but.. she put herself in a dangerous situation. Same with buddy in ATL who wrestled with the cops on the DUI, stole the taser, ran and pointed the taser at the cops. Should buddy have died? Nah. But he put himself in a bad situation.

    Where those people were appeared to be the last checkpoint and they saw someone crawling over the window. I’m with y’all on the inconsistencies of the reaction from the media and general public but this is basically a suicide by cop. Cop could have waited but then what? Is she got by them the mob gets by and all hell breaks loose.

  5. Of course Babbitt’s life matters.

    However, the left controls the narrative, forces the non-compliant to be compliant and the optics are of raging lunatic, Trump Supporting rioters at the Capitol

    Reality is, this duly elected POTUS, has from day 1, been under a phony assault, conjured up by a phony dossier from his opponent, given credence by the media, social media, Congress, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Trump hating RINOS which has literally undermined Trump every minute of his presidency while painting his supporters as right wing, white extremists.

    When the Russian narrative fell apart, the Ukraine narrative took center stage to justify left wingers leading the charge to impeachment, buttressed by a willing media and social media propagandist arm of the leaders for “social change”.

    Furthermore, the same media, social media and “elected officials” were culpable in censoring and manipulating the true history of Biden’s past and present social, political and criminal activities while painting Trump and his supporters as miscreants.

    This of course on the background of COVID and George Floyd. All things bad with the former was Trump’s fault while ignoring his accomplishments as well as the true culprit, China, for this unprecedented scourge. In fact, Trump haters including many in the scientific community had the audacity and media endorsements of using China as a model example of how to handle the epidemic they lied about and created.

    Of course, the latter, George Floyd whose dubious past and tragic death was manipulated by “social justice warriors”, once again buttressed by a propagandist press, manipulating social media and pandering elitist crowd to paint Trump supporters and Trump in particular, with the “proof” of a manipulated Charlottesville as ravenous racists.

    What ensued was a group of true anarchists, using the BLM moniker or the Antifa flag to rape, pillage, riot, destroy and kill under the camouflage of legitimate “protest” while the willing media, social media and elected officials ignored and endorsed the destruction of billions of dollars of business, the invasion of local, state and federal property, invasion and burning of police departments, the killing of innocent civilians and the killing of cops whose lives were mitigated by all of the same. What ensued was a totally fabricated undermining of a legitimately elected administration using some of the worst propaganda, manipulation of regulated and elected bodies in the history of the modern world.

    While violence is never to be condoned, the acts of “Trump Supporters” is easily explained and pales in comparison to the egregious, fatal and immensely expensive coup that actually happened by the left.

    Yes Ms.Babbitt’s life matters much more than any are willing to express and those with the spine will be attacked, censored and have their life threatened as we have seen so common in the last 4 years.

  6. To me that moment showed me how expendable we are to the ruling class. They have the guards, the guns, the surveillance state. The take our money. The shutdown our businesses. They move our jobs and tell us to wait for a check. The elites are well protected, well paid, and well fed. It’s of no consequence to them if the put bullets in the people they serve as long as they maintain power and status quo.

  7. I am sick after reading an LA Times Article this morning about Ashli Babbitt by a so called investigative reporter Paige St. John. HEADLINES “A Radical Path Led her to U.S. Capitol”. Needless to say the article shows NO COMPASSSION and pretty much blames Ashli for her own death because of her support of Donald Trump, disgust with the COVID restrictions in California, distrust of mainstream media and other frustrations and beliefs of hers. This is a tragedy and unfortunately she put herself in a dangerous situation. However, I have come to the realization the only reason she is not being noticed or getting some form of compassion from the mainstream media is she was an unarmed white woman shot by law enforcement. I hope this journalists/reporters career gets flushed away along with the corrupt LA Times. A paper that has a special section every week on China but fails to mention how they are taking democracy away from the people of Hong Kong just like they want to do to the people of the U.S. now that they have more paid off puppets in place. God Bless Ashli May You Rest in Peace Fighting for the Country You Loved Dearly.

  8. Yikes, that is an execution, murder to be specific. Whomever pulled that trigger was not in any danger, this is not pointing a taser at a LEO or trying to grab their weapon. There were already well armed police officers in that same hallway with her. The right play here is arrest these protestors for Breaking and Entering, if there are too many to arrest, video them so you can arrest them in the very near future and protect the innocent lives. I don’t see anyone threatening the life of the guy who pulled the trigger. If these protestors wanted to take down LEO they had multiple ones in the hallway with them to assault. This was about people trying to infiltrate the Capitol and reminding those asshole oligarchs they work for us.

  9. This shooting certainly seems problematic at first glance. It would be hard to imagine Ashli presented any risk of death or serious bodily harm to the Agent as she was climbing through the window, which caused me to rethink this situation. Considering who we know was in the building at the time Ashli was shot, I presume based upon my training and experience that there was a VIP with a code name beyond the door Ashli was attempting to breach. If my presumption is true, I bet the Agent had the green light to stop any level of threat from breaching that door by any means necessary. But, I could be totally wrong.

  10. Get Ready, if you enjoyed the coruption and economic collapse under Obama, you will love Biden/Harris.

    what exactly do they consider peaceful or justice?

    a summer of riots called protests. and an actual protest in DC is called a riot. this is why socialists are never VOTED into office. they have to cheat.

    in America it won’t work in the long run, but a lot of democrats seems to think Freedom has had its day. we’ll see.

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