Whitlock’s NFL Truths: Cam Should Move On, Russ Is Over, And A Big Apology To Drew Brees

Dear Jason:

I know you live within walking distance of Vanderbilt University. Why don’t you walk your chubby ass over to practice, and let’s see if you can kick the ball 30 yards and jog to the sideline without needing oxygen?



Here’s your NFL Truths for Week 13:

10) There is a credible defense of Gregg Williams’ decision to all-out blitz the Las Vegas Raiders in the final seconds. 

Of course, you saw the ending of the Raiders-Jets game. Leading by four points with 5 seconds to play and the Raiders needing 46 yards, Williams, New York’s defensive coordinator, sent eight defenders after Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr. 

Carr escaped the pass rush and hit receiver Henry Ruggs for the game-winning touchdown. The Jets fell to 0-12. Williams’ decision is being widely panned as one of the worst moves in NFL history. CBS’s Boomer Esiason insinuated the Jets threw the game to protect their No. 1 draft status. NBC’s Rodney Harrison suggested the same thing. Williams’ own defenders publicly questioned the play call.

It was a dumb decision. It likely guarantees that the Jets go 0-16.

But I know why Williams did it. On the play before Ruggs’ score, the Jets played Cover 3, with three safeties deep. Las Vegas receiver Nelson Agholor got behind all three safeties, and Derek Carr overthrew Agholor. 

Williams was frustrated and pissed. He thought an all-out blitz would prevent Carr from having the time to wait for a receiver to get deep. Williams also didn’t expect Jets cornerback Lamar Jackson to bite on Ruggs’ fake of an underneath route. 

Williams wasn’t trying to lose the game. Like a lot of coaches with huge egos, Williams was trying to be the hero from the sideline. He wanted to be the reason the Jets won the game. 

Players win games on Sundays. Coaches win games in practice.

9) Cam Newton should back up Lamar Jackson in Baltimore next season.

Cam is painful to watch, even during a 45-0 rout of the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s not all Cam’s fault. Clearly, the Patriots lack the outside weapons for any quarterback to excel consistently.

But for two straight weeks, Cam has failed to throw for 100 yards. He completed 12 passes for 69 yards on Sunday. He’s now thrown five TDs and nine INTs for the season. 

On the plus side, Cam has rushed for 11 TDs. He’s a wishbone quarterback. He’s the perfect backup for Lamar Jackson and Baltimore’s wishbone offense. 

I don’t see any other fit for Cam across the league. I can’t see Bill Belichick bringing him back to New England. The NFL wishbone offense isn’t spreading. The shine is off Lamar and the Ravens. It’s Patrick Mahomes’ league.  The wishbone is dead.

8) The 9-3 Cleveland Browns are the most overvalued team in football.

Cleveland has one impressive victory all season — a 32-23 victory over the Colts two months ago. 

Cleveland almost had its second impressive victory on Sunday. The Browns trounced the Tennessee Titans for a half. Cleveland built a 38-7 halftime advantage. The Browns won the game by six points. 

Despite a 9-3 record, the Browns have been outscored by more than 30 points twice this season. Their record is fat because they’ve beaten the Bengals twice, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Jacksonville. That’s seven victories against six opponents with a combined record of 17-51-2.

I can see the Browns losing three of their last four games — Ravens, Giants, Jets and Steelers — and missing the playoffs. 

7) The “Let Russ Cook” MVP campaign is cooked.

What happened to Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense? The Giants held the Seahawks to 12 points and dropped them to 8-4. In his last seven games, Russ has thrown eight interceptions. 

Five weeks into the season, Seattle was undefeated and Wilson was the leading candidate to win MVP. 

I’ve never been a big fan of Brian Schottenheimer as an offensive coordinator. He’s a run-first OC who has transitioned into a pass-first OC. I think that’s a difficult transition. It’s hard to sustain.

Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and there’s distance between them and everyone else. 

6) Let me apologize to Drew Brees for suggesting Taysom Hill might keep the New Orleans quarterback job.

Hill has done a nice job filling in for Brees. But it’s quite clear the Saints have the most upside with Brees under center and Hill occasionally coming off the bench for a specialty package of plays.

I have a bias against short quarterbacks, and it causes me to say stupid things about QBs under 6-foot-2. I apologize, Drew.

5) I remain completely unsold on Tiny Kyler Murray and his head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Just a month ago, I tried to drink the Tiny Kyler Kool-Aid after he beat the Bills with an amazing throw to DeAndre Hopkins. I’m over it. Arizona lost its third straight game on Sunday. Tiny Kyler has been reduced to dinking and dunking. He’s the short Dak Prescott. Murray has thrown for 170 yards in back-to-back games. 

At 6-6, Arizona could miss the playoffs. If the Cardinals lose next week to the Giants, winners of four straight, the experts will start to wonder about Kingsbury’s future.

Arizona was 5-10-1 a year ago. Kingsbury needs to win eight games this season to claim he has improved the Cardinals. 

4) If I’m Carson Wentz, I want the Eagles to stick with Jalen Hurts the rest of the season. 

If I’m Wentz, my goal is to make it to the offseason healthy and get out of Philly as soon as possible. 

The Eagles justifiably benched Wentz on Sunday. He was ineffective against the Packers. It’s over for Wentz in Philly. He’s lucky COVID eliminated crowds in stadiums because the Philly fans would be booing him relentlessly. 

The Eagles have had a three-year Super Bowl hangover.  They backed into the playoffs in 2018 and 2019. Injuries and Super Bowl satisfaction have caused the organization to take major steps backwards. 

If I’m Wentz, I have my eyes on San Francisco or Indianapolis. 

3) The Colts and Texans combined to score 44 points in the first half and two in the second.

I watched this entire game. I had the Texans on the money line. I have no idea what happened. Houston’s J.J. Watt and Indy’s Justin Houston turned an offensive shootout into a defensive struggle. Watt had a sack and three tackles for loss. Houston recorded three sacks. 

I’ve never seen anything like that game.

2) If the Dolphins finish the season 11-5, Brian Flores should be named co-Coach of the Year alongside Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin.

Even if the Steelers finish 16-0, I would be just as impressed with Flores if Miami finished 11-5.

Here’s Miami’s closing schedule: Chiefs, Patriots, at Raiders, at Bills. That’s as tough a finishing stretch as there is in the league. Miami would have to win three of those four games to finish 11-5. 

It’s highly unlikely. The four opponents are a combined 32-15. It’s more likely the Dolphins lose all four. If that happens, I’d still have Flores as my No. 2 pick for Coach of the Year. 

The Dolphins started last season 0-7. They were a laughingstock. Flores is 13-8 in his last 21 games. 

1*)  I like the Steelers and the Saints to make the Super Bowl because of their defenses.

Plus, I don’t want to jinx the Chiefs.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. The “Tale of two halves” is unfortunately common for the Colts. They are afraid to let Philip throw the ball, so they revert back to their 2 yards and a could of dust offense, with him throwing a wobbler to Trey Burton or a pass in the flats to a covered RB on third down. It should have cost them the game yesterday, even though I’m a Rivers fan I almost wish it did. They need to learn from their mistakes.

  2. If the Steelers run the table, or even lose just one game, it’s probably impossible to give COTY to anyone other than Tomlin. They’ve got an OLD quarterback and outside of Smith-Shuster, no real weapons. The team was seemingly fraying at the seems before the season began. Really impressive job he’s done this year. But man, in a quarterback’s league, Miami’s roster does not impress, yet they’ve been in the hunt all year. Flores is really doing an impressive job. And a dark horse in the NFC with Joe Judge! They lose Saquon Barkley early in the season, no one had any thought that they’d even compete in the worst division the NFL has ever seen, yet here they are, by far the favorite to come out of that (horrid) division.

  3. Dear Sarah,

    How does Jason’s ability/inability to kick a ball 30 yards validate The Stunt?

    I happen to believe there should be no gender barrier in the Major League Baseball, the Kneeling Football League, or even the CCPBLMNBA league. However, if a team has to plan on squib kicks in order to accommodate the inferior skills of its kicker, it should at least be able to expect the kicker to have sufficient skills to stay on the field, prepared to tackle that 185 pound bullet coming at him/her, if need be.

    Heck, I am 77 years old, with a butt that would make Jason’s jealous as well as bad knees and balance problems, but I could have kicked it as far as she did, and I would have stayed out there to at least try to defend the results of my pitiful efforts. But The Stunt did not require her to take a chance on
    anything but gaining publicity and furthering a narrative.

    The Stunt was designed to get her off the field as soon as possible to avoid injury.

    Why? Because she did NOT belong out there!

    • Don’t allow the whole ‘It was a perfectly executed squib kick’ narrative take hold. There’s no such thing as a ‘squib kick’ down 21 points to start a half. She whiffed on the kick, pure and simple.

      • I think it WAS designed that way – but it was designed that way because she’s a freaking girl. She CAN’T kick it anywhere near deep enough, so they were FORCED to make her squib it. I find the latter to be most likely. Coaches know their personnel, and Mason knew he was pulling everybody’s leg, clinging to the hope that Vandy’s fear of the Woke Brigade would prevent him from losing the awful, dead-end job that is Vanderbilt.

  4. Whitlock, you should come pop in and say hi to everyone over at ChiefsPlanet – that website is primed with Outkick type posters, you would probably get a few premium bros if you dropped a pitch at that cesspool. Yeah yeah, you’ll get some hate but you have thick skin, we love you for it !

  5. Jason you are right about a lot of your adidas of the NFL and football .Who no what the” F” happen in the Raiders Jets game .Bad coaching on the Jets part that a hell of away to tank .Let Russell cook is great but it tasks better with a running game .Wentz and Peterson are done in Philly the fans will riot if the owner doesn’t get rid of one of them needs to fire Peterson .Drew Brees will be remember for throwing his Father and Father in law WWII veterans under the bus over BLM he is the biggest phony Fuck Him .Cam to Baltimore Ravens are going to loss to the Cowboy and Cam is a better passer then Lamar it could help .
    Sarah Fuller is and idiot . Women’s High School Sport is under a tack all over this country by the Woke Mod with there Transgender athlete movement .Right now many women are fight hard against the transgender movements in schools . Women records are being destroyed by the transgender athletes. Young women have the most to loss by thinking they can compete with man in sport competition . That’s how God made us sorry

  6. Listen, Jason can try and sell us on the Jets not losing on purpose, but lol, give me a break. Madden players wouldn’t even call that defense in an online game. I’ve watched football religiously for 30 years and … uh, no. At least in the Flacco / Jacoby hail mary heave against Denver in the playoffs the DB just misplayed the ball hysterically bad. This was the best thing that could have ever happened to the Jets, I’m not buying it as a “coincidence.” I think Williams MIGHT HAVE CALLED it just because he didn’t give a shit about the outcome and wanted to prove a point, so you might have me there, but if he was actually trying to win the game there is no way that play would ever be called. It was a “welp, we either win and embarrass Derek on this play” call, or a “we want to lose anyways” play call.

      • Agree that the cornerback got totally played. The problem though is he’s like a 4th string undrafted rookie and the coach knew it. Left him alone against a speed burner – that’s insane. Whether Williams threw the game (kind of doubt it) or is just an arrogant go for broke unemployed coach (likely), it was flat out stupid.

  7. I think you have #8 flipped, Browns will win at minimum 2 and maybe 3 of last four. Ravens are awful right now, and a 15-0 (if it gets there) Pittsburgh may be sitting a lot of players, depending on what KC does. Then there are the NYJ and G-men, the latter being decent.

    I had to disagree with you one time this year.

  8. I’m still amazed how the patriots scored 45 points with 291 yards of offense. It doesn’t make statistical sense, yet somehow they did it.

    I’ve been a Wentz defender from day one, but I agree with you. Let Hurts go out there and show everybody how terrible this team is no matter who’s at quarterback for a little vindication. Then, pack your bags and head somewhere where they actually have players who can run routes, catch the football, and provide better protection than a wet sheet hanging on a clothes line. Best of luck Jalen.

    • 3 Special Teams TD’s if I’m not mistaken, two punt returns and a blocked field goal for a TD. Otherwise its a 24 point game by the Pats. Just emphasizes how bad the Chargers are in every facet of the game, that is a franchise that should be demoted to the Pac 12, if only that was possible in America. We’d all be a lot better off.

      Btw, I’ve kicked field goals before, accuracy is one thing, but nearly anyone can kick a ball 30 yards. Whitlock could easily do it. As I said though there are plenty of people (of both genders) who do not belong on a D1 football field, myself included. Whitlock included, Sarah Karen definitely included.

  9. Glad somebody is willing to see and speak the truth about CLEVELAND. As always, Whitlock isn’t afraid to speak the truth no matter how unpopular it is. There is no reason for anybody to seriously believe the Factory of Sadness is over. I for one will believe it when I see it. Until then I fully expect Barker and Co. to shit the bed.

  10. NFL Truths!!! The one I look forward to.

    NFC East played tough in week 13. They play ugly and gritty and it ain’t pretty. Washington (WFT/WTF) played smart, tough football to beat Pittsburgh. Alex Smith…. SO proud of him. He deserves this and much more.

    Chiefs ROCK.

  11. NFL Truths!!! The one I look forward to.

    NFC East played tough in week 13. They play ugly and gritty and it ain’t pretty. Washington (WFT/WTF) played smart, tough football to beat Pittsburgh. Alex Smith…. SO proud of him. He deserves this and much more.

    Chiefs ROCK.

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