Whitlock: White Liberals Rig ‘Olympics’ To Diminish Black Humanity

Total182 A white man conceived Dave Chappelle’s most famous comedy sketch, and a second white man collaborated with Chappelle on its execution.  “The Racial Draft” was the conceit of writer Bryan Tucker. He pitched it to Neal Brennan, the co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, who eventually directed the sketch.  “The Racial Draft” kicked off Season 2 More





Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. We don’t even need to compare Doctor’s, I can give you some wonderful musicians who would likely not be invited to any of the NCL training camps, but they were/are world class musicians each and every:

    Albert King
    Albert Collins
    Bernie Williams (yep, the baseball guy)
    Billy Preston
    Keb’ Mo’
    Living Colour
    Kurtis Blow
    Robert Cray
    Robert Randolph
    Tracy Chapman

    And literally hundreds more who don’t happen to be in my itunes at the moment 😉

  2. I think the reason Black Americans are treated different than the other races by the liberals is that Black Americans have been trying to assimilate into withe (supposed to be American society) the other races simply don’t do this. Asians stick to asian shopping areas and foods and there own churches. So do arabs and hispanics. So the white liberals are not threatened by them. But Black Americans really want to be accepted by white society, thats why most of the black athletes and movie stars marry white girls they have money and they buy themselves into white society. The white liberals then keep reminding the rest of the Black Americans that they are not invited (go play and hang out with your own kind) The whole thing just makes me ill. I fought in Iraq not with Black, White, Hispanic and Asian Soldiers I did so with Americans. I really can’t see how 75 mill Americans voted for Biden. They accept this narrative. This totally anti-American narrative and I just don’t get it. Thanks for speaking the truth Jason. I pray for you.

  3. I’ve really been having a hard time digesting what is going on in the black community. I’ve watched on tv as millions of black Americans, many from impoverished and neglected Democratic run cities have celebrated the apparent victory of a 78 year old white man, who is a multi-millionaire, and has no record that I can find of ever doing one positive thing of substance for a black person after working as a politician for 48 years. Video after video of this man making racist comments about blacks, including the black president that he served under. I see videos of thousands of blacks acting like Joe Biden is the messiah? Are they that naive? And the Chuck Schumers and Nancy Pelosiis. Old, white multi- millionaires. They’re fawned over by the black communities across the nation because they carry the title, Democrat? Is that all it takes? Are they that easy to be played? Even Obama. An Ivy League educated, half caucasian man from Hawaii. Has millions of black Americans believing he’s Malcolm X reincarnate. A government made multi-millionaire. I really don’t get it. And I’m trying to take an objective look at this. Its fascinating.

    • That’s all it takes, Brock…sad to say.
      The rest of us (white, black, hispanic, latino, asian, indian, native american, pacific islander) who want to live peaceful, productive, meaningful lives are subject to their whims.
      We all see how fragile the fabric of society is…how it can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

    • I’m with you. I’ll never understand why black folks are assumed to be democrats, whether by themselves or white liberals, and are not given the opportunity to form their own individual opinions. I would love to see a piece by Jason outlining the start and the history of “the black vote” and if/how that loyalty has improved their lives.

    • It’s a phenomena that’s been going on since FDR. Between home, local communities, pastors & black demo media, black infants are now basically BORN Democrats, as that is all they’ll hear for the first two decades of their life. That’s not going to change…no matter what Republicans do to market to them or to promote policies that aid black economic empowerment. What can change is Republicans redirecting those resources into Hispanic communities, who are much more receptive to their self-reliance & law & order message. Hell, if I was RNC chairman, every new candidate would get a a Rosetta Stone or Babble Spanish language program, with a note: “Learn it”.

  4. Until an individual gets sick and tired of being sick and tired nothing will change. There is a “cost” for standing up for change in your community. Until the want to change outweighs the “cost”, Get used to getting what you have been getting. That is the logic that is used in the “recovery” community, but i think it works here.

    • You’re absolutely right, Chris…just like Brock is right in what he says. But it’s not race…it’s class warfare disguised as race. The “haves” include the entire spectrum of political philosophies…and they play the game every 2 years and every 4 years. They do their kabuki theatre, we stare at it then boo or cheer. And when the show is over, the actors get in their horse-drawn gilded wagons and we follow along down the road, trying to avoid stepping in the shit that the horses so generously drop for us.

  5. Jason has been rapid fire with hard truths this week. Once Clarence Thomas was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court white liberals tried to destroy him. Ben Carson was highly respected until he became a Republican candidate for the Presidency. Other courageous American patriots such as Herschel Walker, Larry Elder, Candice Owens, Brandon Tatum, and Rob Smith have all been thoroughly dismissed by the left for their conservative views.

  6. Whitlock going full force. I listened to the full Hotep Jesus interview with Curtis Scoon yesterday, and it shows the intellectual underpinnings of the Whitlock / Scoon / Hotep style of thought. There seems to be a Great Separation going on. My interviews with Quincy Johnson show the same thing. These columns and these ideas will have a lasting effect and a legacy, unlike the ephemeral nonsense peddled by godawful white liberals. I use Whitlock’s material, and his school of thought, with students, and they are quite receptive.

  7. If we’re making a list, let’s add Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Candace Owens, Tim Scott, Robert Woodson, and Larry Elder. MLK, today, would not be considered “black enough.” What a disgrace and a reflection of an awful public school system, poor parenting, and the incessant manipulation from big government and “big culture.” As a white (fervently non-liberal as defined by today’s terms) I just sat in on an hour-long conversation with our management team about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Apparently, I am supposed to, now, see skin color and use that as the basis for “understanding” other people, and as a basis to rigorously evaluate my own bias, which of course I have. Color now defines identity and there is no debate, so shut the fuck up. This DEI virus is now taking root in corporate America, and not just with uber brands like Amazon, Google, and the like. But fight on we must. Thank you, Jason, for being the sharp tip of the spear.

  8. Jason’s point is about social and political power. White liberals are gatekeepers to these areas of power. The proven and very measurable result for most black people is no improvement in their life results in supporting these systems as they exist. Ice Cube suggested that you make either party work to get your vote and he was attacked. Rules are rules.

  9. I think you read these comments, Mr. Whitlock, so I’d like to ask you a question. I was listening to a podcast this morning that happens to be part of the iHeart Media family. One of the commercials was for a new iHeart Media network called ‘The Black Information Network’. They were advertising a news network (seems to be audio only, at this point), produced by and for black people. Have you heard of this? Isn’t is bad enough that our news networks have become politicized, now they have to be segregated along color lines as well? This is progress?

  10. White Liberal have to have the Black vote to stay in power .And the White globalist media no that so they spreads racist propaganda with the help of Big Tech . Its all about money and power the White globalist want to make money Billions and Trillion by sell out the American people White Black Asian Hispanic all people .The White media started the BLM movement with the help of Marxist liberal .The White media have disenfranchised police department all over the country with the story that the police are randomly killing black people . And they have been help by the NBA NFL Wall Street and many Athletes and Movie Star . THE ALL WANT MONEY FROM CHINA . TRUMP HAD TO GO .
    Trump is Gone and thousand of our police officer have retire or quit and the police officer left will not engage in less they have to .The consequences of the White Media is Trump gone .AND Hundred if not Thousand of BLACK will die in the streets of our cities .But C Wall Street NBA Athletes Movies Stars Corporation will make billion off China .The White media have killed more Black the slavery .

  11. sad truth to the front-pagers/noise-makers.

    Suggestion- Jason- start telling the blacks how their future will be usurped by the hispanics if they continue to buy into this BS narrative that’s programming the youth. Why? because the Hispanics believe and live the Jason Whitlock philosophy of life/faith!!!

  12. Jason, I hope in the next several years your voice becomes the mainstream perspective for all Americans. There are certainly prominent figures, interestingly all loved by conservatives like yourself that wish this for the betterment of our great American society. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. The Left is losing. Mr.”Everyman” black people are leaving the plantation. More and more people are seeing the light. Why WOULD blacks follow bogus celebrities any more than I would follow IDIOTS like Cher , DiNero, and Taylor Swift to only name a few. In a high school weight room this week, with mostly black kids , I played STYX greatest hits of all things and kids were singing MR. ROBOTO! People are people , color must stop!

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