Whitlock: White Liberals Are ‘Modern-Day Overseers’ Whose Job Is To ‘Whip Us Back In Line’

Seems Lil Wayne is catching some heat for his support of President Trump. Jason contends, as only he can, that Lil Wayne’s support is another “kick in the nuts” to white liberals.

Friday night, Jason said on Tucker that “White liberals, I’m going to be honest, like Chelsea Handler, think it’s their job to control, maintain, limit the amount of freedom that black people enjoy here in America. . . . It’s her job, as basically a modern-day overseer, to whip us back in line.

Here’s a “Lil” of what Jason wrote on the subject on Friday:

Chelsea Handler and other white liberals seem committed to keeping black people weak and dependent. Their actions create the impression they want us (black people) eliminated from the intellectual olympics. They elected themselves the stewards of our culture and political point of view. 

Ms. Handler’s public admonishment of Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) was reprehensibly racist and egomaniacal. What was worse is that Mr. Jackson allowed her to do it without a strong public condemnation.

Too many black people mistake affinity for respect or value affinity above respect. Absent respect, affection is inauthentic and worthless. Affection pleasures the giver as much as — if not more than — the receiver. Respect honors the receiver alone and reveals the character of the giver.

Affection is self-indulgent. That is its allure. 

Here’s Jason with another take on the subject:

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  1. Whitlock injecting massive amounts of sodium pentathol into the veins of society! Keep it up. I think Tucker absolutely loves having Jason on. He has to keep himself from giggling like a little school girl from being so overjoyed.

  2. Wow indeed! Incredible discussion with Tucker. Jason nailed it and goes where so many are afraid to go! I was watching with my wife and she exclaimed, WOW! when you explained the difference between affinity and respect.
    Let me say sincerely, Respect!

  3. Exactly right, Jason. It is because liberal/progressives leave college the products of group-think, never having debated any serious issue in their lives. Thus, when you don’t think as they do, you’re dismissed as too stupid to think (or vote) for yourself!

  4. I loved it when Tucker said “you are not allowed to say any of that”. Meaning he knew what Jason was saying took courage. Whitlock has a lot in common with Trump. They’re both “fearless”.

  5. “They elected themselves the stewards of our culture and political point of view.”

    White liberals have been able to do this because blacks citizens have behaved like a gullible herd in too many elections. They have allowed themselves to be taken for granted and corralled by taking seriously the politicians’ BS. No wonder liberals — feeling so warm and fuzzy in their “virtue” — are happy to be the ones “on the gate.”

  6. The best part of Jason’s assertion is that it is a well intentioned, but ultimately hurtful endeavor that white liberals do in this country. To say it is well intentioned disarms them, and takes away their natural defense of “well you’re just a racist”. As a recovering liberal appeaser myself, I know they need to hear the logic of people like Whitlock/Sowell/Williams without being able to deflect it as an attack on their values.

    The best thing to ever happen to me politically was to get a first person experience of how Section 8 housing vouchers, SSID payments and chronic generational unemployment work in this country. Most liberals have no idea, and many of the chronically unemployed are experts at playing the victim game and convincing white liberals they are applying themselves fully, but are being oppressed by society. The chronic unemployed become experts at working the local churches for handouts, and anyone who tries to hold them accountable for basic human responsibility (such as paying a meager amount of rent and utilities) is a racist.

  7. Jason is just so much smarter than everyone and no one with any brains would enter a verbal rink with him. He would knock them out in the first round. This whole affinity/respect concept is something I never thought of, and makes so much sense. 2.7? Seriously Jason…….:-)

  8. Dead on as always. My sister-in-law is a far left white liberal woman. She has 3 children with 3 different fathers, my brother being the last. She finished with a 4+ GPA, allowing her a fancy Latin term to be attached to her degree.

    Now she teaches high school. Because of course she does. She once argued, “If some American kids have to die so we can rescue 10’s of thousands of refugees, it’s absolutely worth it.”

    One thing I’ve learned through distance learning, is with the exception of our kids losing out on social interactions, 95% of us make better teachers than what is available in public schools. Especially when it comes to history.

    The most dangerous people in America are liberal white women.

    Keep it pushing Whitlock. The truth hurts, but it can also set you free if you accept it.

  9. Whitlock is bring out something, and rightfully so, about how white liberals seem to have this idea they can dictate how black men think. But I think he is bringing out more…because quite often white liberals seem to have this idea they can dictate how everybody thinks. They are going into tyrannical territory when they suppress freedom of expression of ideas.

  10. Phenomenal insight and remarkable understanding of the human condition by Jason! By far the “BEST” segment on Tucker this year. Truth is very elusive in American today, Jason eloquently stated profound truth that everyone needs to hear, but they will not because of racial influences and deep seated bigotry – NOT what America was founded upon! I was not aware of or Jason until seeing the segment – new Outkick VIP! Go Dawg’s UGA!

  11. I said for years that the Grand Dragon of the KKK could not devise a better strategy to keep American blacks down than what the Democratic Party has sold them and the general public on since the 60s. Jason’s words do a much better job at getting to the core of this; white liberals and the feminization of American discourse has captured generations into a cycle of victimhood that ensures they will be enslaved mentally, spiritually and culturally until they break free and push back on this cancel culture and underlying dismissive attitude for anyone who does not bend the knee to their agenda.

  12. Great work, Jason. I used to watch SFY _religiously_ and found myself aligned with you most of the time. Lurked here for a while (was also a fan of Clay on Lock It In) but this article turned me into a VIP.

    Keep educating the masses!

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