Whitlock: USA or NBA? That is An Easy Choice For Me

I skipped most of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

I can’t take it anymore. The kneeling. Black Lives Matter splashed across the court. The finger-wagging, self-righteous commercials. The “Vote” T-shirts. The silly slogans on the back of the jerseys. 

But more than any of that, it’s the LeBron James worship that made me check out. It started in the last five minutes of the Western Conference Finals. I turned my TV off. 

I tried to re-engage Wednesday night. LeBron James vs. the Miami Heat is interesting. Pat Riley’s system vs. James and Anthony Davis. That’s a fascinating dichotomy.  

And then one player, Heat reserve Meyers Leonard, stood for the national anthem. One player had the balls to disagree with the groupthink. One player. A player unlikely to take the court. 

Basketball is my first love. My dad used to take me and my brother to the Indianapolis Fairgrounds to see the Indiana Pacers play in the ABA. We sat up high in the cheap seats. I loved Darnell Hillman’s afro and dunks. 

By my teen years, I was a full-blown Pacers nut job. I stayed up late and listened to games on the radio. Love of the Pacers sparked my love of newspapers. I read about the Pacers in the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis News. I called broadcaster Bob Lamey’s radio show to criticize the Pacers’ lame moves. Billy Knight and Alex English were two of my favorite players. 

Eventually Magic Johnson joined the NBA and I became his biggest fan. I’ve loved professional basketball for 50 years.

LeBron James is destroying my love for the game. James, Nike and China have dragged the NBA into a racial propaganda war with the United States as the opposition. 

I feel like I’m being forced to choose between love of country and love of basketball. 

That’s not a hard choice for me. I choose America. I can survive without the NBA. The NBA apparently can’t survive without pleasing communist-run China.

That’s what’s going on here. American basketball fans are no longer a priority for the NBA. That’s the difference between LeBron James and Michael Jordan as it relates to political activism. 

When Jordan was in his prime, Nike cared about the American shoe market. Jordan stayed away from polarizing political issues because he wanted everyone in America to buy his shoes. Jordan was America First. LeBron is a Global Citizen. He wants everyone in China to buy his shoes. That’s why his marketing plan includes smearing America as inherently racist and ignoring China’s blatant anti-black racism and human rights abuses. 

Jordan increased the popularity of the NBA here at home. LeBron has decreased the game’s popularity here at home in hopes of increasing its appeal in Asia. The calculus may increase James’ wealth, but it diminishes his legacy in the mind of most American sports fans. 

I can’t take it right now. It’s hard to watch NBA games. I’ve watched the Bubble with the audio turned low so it’s easy for me to ignore the self-righteous commercials and the worship of James, George Floyd, Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

I don’t dislike James or Floyd, Blake and Taylor. I just don’t believe in treating them like they’re Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks or Medgar Evars.

I hope the NFL doesn’t put me in a similar position as the NBA. At least a majority of the NFL players aren’t taking a knee during the anthem. At least Black Lives Matter, a Marxist, anti-religion organization, isn’t scrawled across football fields. 

If I have to choose between love of country and love of sports, I’m going to choose the United States of America.

Last night, I watched bits and pieces of the first half of Heat-Lakers. I skipped the entire second half. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning down a country I love. I’m not going to support a group of pampered millionaires who support the anarchists destroying the country that made them rich.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Amen. It is not that hard of a decision. Forget about the “protesting” the quality is poor as well. I have played in and seen high level pick up games with better play. Dudes run up and down the floor and jack up 3’s or clear out for one player to dribble then shoot or drive. The game is boring so it is easy to leave behind. Football (especially college football) is compelling and hasn’t gone completely the way of China. It could come down to the NFL not being as reliant on superstars to grab viewers. Yes Mahomes, Wilson, Jackson, etc are stars but if none of them were in the league the NFL would still be more popular than the NBA.

    • Yes Sir, the quality has dipped terribly in the NBA. At least to me. I friend of mine tried to explain the NBA is more of a “European” style of basketball now, but to me that simply means jacking up 3’s and guys not willing to take a charge or give away a clean but hard foul in the paint. The great blogger Bob Lee wrote a column a few years back called “No More Plumlees” which was referring to degredation of college hoops from 4 year players to the AAU styled one and done game it has become. Bob was right. College basketball is nearly unwatchable now.

  2. My distaste for the NBA actually started in 2002 after game 6 of the Western Conference Finals when the league blatantly stole the game and probably the championship from the Sacramento Kings. I knew anytime Dick Bevetta was on the court as an official, the NBA wanted a certain outcome. My distaste has become down right apathy. It’s not hatred, because that would mean I care about it the NBA. My distaste accelerated when players colluded to become “Superteams”. However, the real apathy started when the game itself changed. It went from basketball to three players standing at the 3-point line watching one player dribble until he found a lane to drive to basket and finish it off by taking 3-4 steps before shooting. But now, I honestly do not care about the game at all. If the NBA was disbanded I would not even miss it one bit.

    • Brad, I agree with Tim, well written. I remember that game between the Lakers and Kings! I don’t remember all the details, but I absolutely remember walking away from the television thinking that it was so blatantly obvious the game was rigged. And the NBA has only gotten worse since then (both in level of play and in the way they set up narratives almost like pro wrestling)

    • You nailed it Brad. I started tuning the NBA out when I saw that they clearly didn’t want a team from Sacramento in the NBA finals in 2002 and totally tuned the NBA out when another one of their agendas took the Sonics out of Seattle. As a lifelong Warrior fan and former 15 year season ticket holder, I couldn’t help but continue to watch and root for them, especially from 2015-19. They were my team of all teams from the 70’s through the Sprewell incident in the 90’s. But those feelings are all gone now. As soon as I saw the scene inside the bubble I tuned the whole product out for good. If Jason watched it through game two of the finals, he’s a better man than I am. I couldn’t take five minutes of bubble and can’t imagine I’ll ever watch or pay attention again, even when things get back to normal. Not that they care.

  3. Jason, 10 years your senior but you just brought back memories of me in the mid 60’s listening to Wilt and the 76er’s , (team left Syracuse after 62 season) with a transistor radio under my pillow. They would play several regular season games in Syracuse for a couple seasons as part of leaving town agreement . My dad and I (for $6.00!) saw 76er’s vs. Celtics which snapped then record 17 game winning streak of C’s in little Syracuse. Wilt, Russell, Jones Boys, Havlicek Hal Greer, Chet Walker, and hated Heinsohn. Now we have all this bull for hundreds of dollars for tix. If any of this propaganda of BLM was true I’d be on board too. But it’s all DISHONEST, and they know it. I checked out last few years do to stupidity of Pop and Kerr. Shut up and coach. Players are thoughtless and cowardly lemmings. It’s not worth my blood pressure to watch. They will be taught an economics lesson.

  4. I’m a naturalized citizen and I love this country. This country gave me so much loved and opportunities. What a great article!!!! We all need come together as one and protect this country from Chinese government. I don’t watch sports anymore. I just follow Outkick.

  5. Great commentary, Jason…always nice to hear what you’re thinking; even the sad stuff.
    I lost my love for the NBA as well, and when it’s on and I’m channel-surfing I’m not even remotely interested enough to click on it.
    I daresay I would click on log-rolling or (for sure) curling for some entertainment, but I am completely emotionally empty for the NBA.

    • Bronx boy…NYYankees my whole life and I can’t even watch MLB. Is it me???
      Barely watch NFL…BLM really did a number on sports…douchebag league commissioners and all the pro sports franchise owners…folded like the proverbial cheap suitcase.
      And I’m sure I’ve read your words making that connection and how sports and Americana were hand-in-hand and the marxists know that and figured out another way to try to destroy our culture.

  6. Thank you Jason. I have grown increasingly irritated over the past few years as a Warriors fan whenever Steve Kerr would opine from a platform of self-righteousness. I don’t mind them having political opinions, but the preachiness and holier than thou attitude he has chosen to take has decreased my enjoyment of the first sport I gravitated towards. Add to that the clearly ill-informed opinions of Stephen Curry and other members of the team, and I am seriously considering ditching the NBA until they get their act together. Thanks for putting into words what many of us have been thinking for some time.

  7. I’ve been a Lakers fan since they were in Mpls. I remember staying up half the night to watch tape delays. I lived and died with every Celtic/Lakers game. HAVEN’T WATCHED A GAME IN OVER A YEAR. I’ll actually be disappointed if the Lakers win a ring this year. The entire league is a joke!!!!

  8. I had an NBA analytics page with for 16 years. The combination of the politically correct and clueless sports media, the BLM shakedown of the NBA, and the NBA’s complicity with the CCP has driven me away from the business I used to love.

  9. Thank you for the article. You brought back memories of me growing up in Indiana. I was a pacer fanatic. Remember the season tickets telethon broadcast on live TV. Yes for those of young people, they almost folded. Memories of market square arena. I was always mad when they didn’t draft an Indiana Hoosier.

  10. Thank you Jason! (Clay and the rest of the OutKick family as well) for saying what’s on most of our minds. The silent majority is strong and belive our Country comes first before anything and anyone. I haven’t watched a game of NFL. Nor NBA games. (sans for game in background on last few Thursdays while out with friends). I do live in Detroit area so Lions aren’t even a real team to begin with. Last, if all these ‘woke’ players believe our Country is full of racists why do caravans of folks travel from South America to try to cross our Borders? Why would anyone from another Country want to live here? I appreciate OutKick becoming my new voice of reason.

  11. I was a life long Sixers fan. My first memories are Dr J going up against Bird and the Celtics. I started hating Jordan after he closed his eyes to hit FTs to knock out Barkley and the Sixers. The 2001 run is one of my favorite sports memories. And up until this year, I watched every game with Embiid and Simmons. But I’m done, and I’m almost positive I’m not coming back. Don’t pass yourselves off as defenders of human rights but then bow down to Chinese money. When watching sports you forget what social class your in, what color you are, or what religion you practice. It should be and was about the color of your jersey and experience the highs and lows together as a community. That’s gone. We are quickly drifting further apart.

  12. Your line about Lebron decreasing the game’s popularity at home struck me. I’d been a Laker diehard since the end of Elgin’s career. Jerry, Wilt, Stumpy, Happy and Chickie in my ear. Loved Showtime and early Shaq/ Kobe. Haven’t watched an NBA game in years, lost me a while back and don’t seem terribly interested in getting old guys like me back either. Tone deaf, young, entitled , rich, uninformed… not a good mix.

  13. Thank you for another masterpiece, Jason! I used to love Darnell Hillman too, as a Denver Nugget. All the woke culture has ruined pro sports for me, I have given up all my subscriptions except for Outkick. I’m trying to get into betting the games, to keep my interest (as you recommended) especially college, but just not feeling it yet.

  14. Thank you for another excellent column. I’ve been a life long Lakers fan but stopped watching the NBA for the reasons you stated in your column. I think what we are also seeing is the result of The Left gaining so much control over public education and the media in the country. Students are no longer taught, rather, they are indoctrinated into believing one point of view of our country. Most of the mainstream media are no longer journalists, they are left wing political activists. Add to that, Lebron and other athletes gaslighting people on Twitter, and you have so many people with a distorted view of our country.

    Thank goodness for Outkick and all the wonderful informative work that you and Clay and others perform.

  15. Thanks, Jason. Great piece, as always. I am a devoted Kings fan since they moved to Sacramento in 1985. Some would say that not watching them anymore would probably be good for my health, but that’s another topic. Ranadive is revered for saving the franchise, but his over-the-top-wokeness beginning with the death of the criminal Stephon Clark turned Golden 1 Center into the front lines. He allowed protesters to bully spectators into not entering the arena for several games, and actually cancelled some games. It’s been tough to watch since 2018 — and I stopped watching completely this year. Unfortunately, as long as the BLM flag stands next to the American flag at Levi Stadium, I won’t be watching my beloved Niners either. It’s going to be long winter.

    • So true. I was out of town staying in a hotel during one of the Heat-Celtics games. It was a close game with 6 minutes left when I stumbled across the channel. I couldn’t believe how horrible the quality of play was (and this is the East finals). Then you throw all the political BS on top of that, and I don’t care to ever watch it all again.

  16. Amazing and well said. As a lifelong Jazz fan who grew up watching the Stockton and Malone teams, I agree 100%. I love basketball, I used to love the NBA. But I am done now. I have never missed watching at least some of the NBA finals my whole life, until now. I won’t watch one second of it this year. I say screw the NBA and Lebron James.

  17. Thank You Jason. I know you said as a journalist you wouldn’t boycott but it is too hard to watch. I have not put it on any ESPN channel since it all started. I only get my sports from Outkick because its the only source thats honest. At first I didn’t understand why the NBA would be willing to lose up to 50% of there audience in the US but its because there aiming to please 1 billion Chinese. When corporations are putting profits above there own countries interest then it needs to stop. The US could easily stop it to by banning the entertainment and sports industries from be shown there but they wont. The only way this stops is if Trump wins 80/20 and rep pick up some senate seats. I really don’t even want the rep to win the senate because under Bush Sr they had all 3 and still couldn’t get anything done because of infighting. Globalization is nothing new. It ended in WW1 then stared again, ended in WW2 then started again, now lord help us if it boils over again.

  18. For me, it was the ABA Denver Rockets/Nuggets when I was a kid. David Thompson, Dan Issel, Bobby Jones. They has some great teams, but just couldn’t get over the hump thanks to that dude with the Nets. Dr J, in his prime, would go for 45 and 15 and was just unstoppable. He killed my team, but I am so glad I got to see him play when he was 25 and had two good knees!

  19. Jason You are the only sport writer to call out James for what he is a basketball player who knows ever little a bout the history of black America and Jim crow south .James is ignorant on these topic Honestly he never read Malcolm X’s biography. He make millions from Chinas slave labor and look the other way as Muslims are being held in concentration camp . James is just a told fraud along with the rest of the NBA .I will say it again NBA will out of business in 5 year or playing in China .

  20. We felt your heart Jason. Look at the posts with all the great memories. I remember Dr J during his time in the ABA. He quickly became my favorite player. I saw David Thompson play at NC State and thought he was one of the best I’d ever seen. You speak for most if not all of us. We want to have that same enjoyment back. I’ve not watched any NBA since the bubble began and I’m not missing it. The China issue, LeBron, and BLM worship alienated me. I choose the USA, the greatest country on the face of the Earth. God bless you JW.

  21. Thanks, Jason. As an immigrant who dreamt of living in the US because of sports and athletes, mostly African Americans, MJ, Magic, Bo Jackson, etc, I appreciate this column a lot. It saddens me to see the NBA becoming an anti-American organization. Basketball is a sport where one sole individual can change the game and take over. It’s quintessentially American, unlike soccer, because it is a symbol of a society based on individual rights. Yet LeBron caters to a collectivist, dehumanizing Marxist ideology.

  22. Jason am I wrong in thinking that after the elections, whoever wins. Some rich white women will go crying to there husbands that all there good stores are destroyed and they can’t go downtown for Christmas. Then in 2 weeks all the streets will be cleared of protesters and the stores will be back open. Then everyone will be shacking there heads What Happened? The only places that will not be quickly rebuilt will be the places poor Americans shop.

  23. Thanks as always for speaking out JW , I used to just love the NBA but as great a player as Lebron is he has pretty much ruined the league for me . I have not watched a second of it and will continue to do so going forward .

  24. It’s sad watching such a great sport becoming an afterthought to so many, myself included. My values preclude me from watching such nonsensical pandering. Lebron should retire from professional basketball to join the ranks of the woke to become a professional victim.

    Now, with that being said we all know that racial inequality is still pervasive today, but without personal accountability from both sides equality will never be achieved.

  25. I haven’t watched the NBA since 2006. At that time, it just seemed like it was becoming the basketball version of WWF; outcomes are predetermined, star power is priority #1, far over shadowing team play. Now that it’s become political grandstand and phony social justice platform, I’ll never return. LeBron James had an opportunity to be a uniting force; a force for good. Instead, he went full on race card to gain favor with China. NBA basketball is dead to me now. Sad, because I’m a huge basketball fan having a HOF high school coach for a dad, played high school and college ball myself and coached high school ball in the mid 80s. Politics divides everybody and sucks the life out of everything it touches. It’s certainly ruining sports.

  26. Man I feel Your pain Jason. To this day, I shoot hoops for an hour a day as a form of relaxation and focus at the same time. It’s the only sport that seems to use the entire body, while allowing the brain 🧠 clear and then focus like dreams at night when you sleep.

    I can’t watch basketball at all right now. I too have tried several times.

    The NFL is leaning toward the NBA model. The pregame is full of SJW crap. Then during the game it’s in commercials and PSA’s. It’s on NFL network too except RedZone.

    JASON please Register to Vote 🗳 In Tennessee.

    Just Do It 🇺🇸

  27. Been a Bulls/NBA fan since the mid 70s. I love basketball but I agree the choice between country and NBA is an easy one. Haven’t watched one second of the NBA since it returned. To be honest I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would and now I don’t even think about it. Unlikely I ever go back.

  28. Jason

    Another winner. As you know Lebron is trying to get along with his Hollywood neighbors and is too weak minded to know they are playing him. Hollywood, Nike and the NBA want to get more exposure in the Chinese market and China knows these lemmings don’t mind destroying the US in the process.

    Have any professional athletes sent you a message saying Keep up the Good Work?

  29. Thank you Jason, great article and speaks for me. I am 52 and have been an NBA fan for most of my life. Loved Magic, Jordan, Dr J, Isiah, Bird Mckale and the rivalries. Rarely missed an NBA finals game. Recently was a Warriors fan and followed Curry. But now the deceptive politics of race baiting, blame and division by the left has destroyed the league. They believed the lies of critical race Marxist ideology. We had made so much progress as a country and as a Harvard study said in late 90s was the least racist country in the world (including the police) and elected Obama twice. The lies about police are astounding, with 5 black police chiefs shoved out of office by BLM. I have been involved in real racial reconciliation activities in the church for 20 years. Started with an amazing racial reconciliation event in DC in 1997 with a million men of all races. There was no blaming or claiming America was still racist, but unity and focusing on what we could do to grow in the future beyond the sins of the past. We went back to our communities and made new friends, mentored each other, worked to make our community better with education, jobs and opportunities. It worked very well. Now its like this never happened if I look at Lebron’s twitter feed or watch an NBA game. So sad for our country because of left BLM Antifa.

  30. Having grown up with the Spurs here in San Antonio from the first game at Hemisphere Arena and season ticket holder for 20 years and 5 championships coach pop chased me away 2 years ago and have not watched 5 min of a nba game since.Got to watch Ice during his career here then David Robinson who is a athlete who should be admired then Tim Duncan come and bring championships with class and no look at me bs.Jason I remember George McGinnis going to the hoop and racking George Karl the worst in ball history.Keep up the great articles.

  31. A Baptist church I attended for many years had a missionary in China. They “hid” as a coffee shop and had services in homes where they would sing and worship at a whisper to avoid detection. Churches were “allowed” if the staff went to state training and only taught the “approved” script. After many recent additional police state changes they had to flee the country (2020). But, yeah, China good, America evil; China a bastion of freedom, America nothing but hate.

  32. Interesting human interest story about Meyers Leonard. Father died at a young age, older brother went into the military. Really cool video of brother surprising Meyers during the college basketball season for those who want to check it out. My guess of why he stands for the national anthem.

  33. Does anyone know what the overnights were for Game 1 of the NBA Finals? I am interested in seeing whether the league’s marquee team and player have moved the needle from the anemic numbers for the prior playoff games.

  34. When I saw all the players kneeling for he national anthem, I took a picture of the TV screen. I wanted a final image of the 2020NBA playoffs. I’m a retired guy who for 10 years has watched all televised NBA playoff games each year. It has been one of the joys of retirement. This year I have not watched a full quarter of any basketball game. I tuned in for the finals and turned it off 1 minute later. So long NBA!

  35. Jason, once again spot on. I actually have decreased my watching of basketball a few years ago. I couldn’t stand it when a 70% free throw shooter is considered above average. Now, I haven’t watched a basketball game since Dirk retired.Cuban has even turned me against my favorite team the Mavs. Keep up the great articles.

  36. It’s all depressing.. I find myself looking for small uplifting things to take away from articles. Pacers used to play a game or two in Fort Wayne now and then. Darnell Hillman! One of the few dudes who looked like they were born to wear a big afro! He was the first guy I ever heard of who supposedly could pick a five dollar bill off the top of the backboard. Thanks for that blast from the past.

  37. The NFL is S.O.L.
    The NBA can go to hell.
    MLB has a cheatin’ heart.
    The NHL needs a whole new start.
    The players got famous and filthy rich,
    Now all they do is whine and bitch.
    They hate this country and they hate us too,
    Players, you’re gonna get what’s comin’ to you.

    • Herb…Nashville is Music City USA…send it to Clay and ask him to pass it along to some of the local songwriters or session guys. Seriously…you got the first 2 verses of a hit song. Or maybe the first 4 lines could be the chorus.

  38. Concur; I, too, went to the Indy fairgrounds to watch The Pacers play in the ABA.

    My father was a hard-core Boston Bruin hockey fan who thought I was “off” because I obsessed about Roger Brown, and George McGinnis.

    I am talking from 1972-75 when I used to listen to the AM radio play P-funk and Curtis Mayfield prior to Pacer games.

    I am so “old-school” that I saw the Virginia Squires with a kid from UMass. called Julius Erving play, which pre-dates his “Dr. J” era.

    Saw George Gervin who he played prior to his “Ice-Man” nickname, too.

    Jason’s earlier years are so similar to mine, and I was always believed there is a kinship about those folk who shared the same experiences, especially in Indianapolis during the 70s/80s.

    Join Outkick for Jason, who is my favorite, and Clay, who provides bets and excellent dialogue.

    Wish Rob Parker would join this Crew at Outkick. He’s the ONLY, and sometimes Herd, reason to listen/watch Fox Sports.

    First post new-be, RGK

  39. I am actually very surprised that 23 from the Lakers, formerly #7 from the Niners, Chris Paul, Doc Rivers, Mookie Betts and the entire Ravens players and each NFL knee benders have not yet cried and demanded that Goodell, David Silver, Manfred and all the leagues owners are TERRIBLY racist cause some, if not all belong to “exclusive” country clubs. You know they do, probably many clubs. I want to be clear. There is nothing wrong with joining a club. Certainly isn’t law breaking. I don’t belong to one as I don’t golf and worried about putting kids through college with my $$$..

    Just think it’s very, very hypocritical that these now very WOKE owners and commissioners are so huge into BLM, yet proudly walk into a club that a black guy is not even allowed to step on the grounds. I wonder if Roger Goodell, Silver and Manfred proudly wears his BLM symbols on their sport coats while walking in…. HYPOCRITES!!!!

  40. The NBA needs one star player to denounce China. That will initiate a culture shift. 100% of NBA players don’t feel like Lebron, but at this point, they’re so cowardly, they don’t realize what they’re doing to their futures. The NBA will play 75% of its games in China by 2025. A lot of young, African American athletes won’t want to leave their country. They’ll shift to other sports. It’s inevitable. The quality of play will decrease, as will American viewership, and it will trickle down to college and high schools. The days of Bob Knight and John Thompson are over. It’s not about standing tall anymore. It’s about who can apologize and drop to their knees the fastest. And that is the most Un-American thing anyone can do. Great column as always Jason.

  41. The NBA is playing? Who knew? I will never watch one second of an NBA game again. They are an embarrassment. I grew up near Chicago during the 90’s Bulls and have been an NBA fan since then. Until this year. LeBron is a self-righteous ignorant ass and has ruined the NBA. The idea that the NBA and their players would pick China over the U.S. infuriates me.

    SEC football is back, The Lightning won the Stanley Cup, MLB playoffs, NFL-(so far has been ok) and college hoops is right around the corner. Sports are back. So again I ask, The NBA is playing??

  42. Please let us not forget LJ’s mentor, a quarterback who claimed he was run out of the NFL because of his social views after he lost his starting job to Blaine freaking Gabbert. His career has really taken off since. Whitlock has been right about everything from the start. To bad nobody of character joined him.

    Of course Kap will donate a tiny portion of his millions he makes from China and get adoring press, in the mean time, inner city black lives will be destroyed by the 1000s and businesses burnt to the ground. But hey, good job Kap. We are all proud of you!

  43. Agreed.

    But the NFL is just as complicit.

    Which is why it’s critical that we do not buy season tickets to these pro sports leagues in 2020.

    Starting with the Titans.

    Anyone who does – is enabling the Marxists.

  44. I have been a sports fan all my life. My Dad got me into sports at an early age. Like Mr. Whitlock I was a Magic Johnson fan along with the rest of the Showtime Lakers. Since this BLM bs I haven’t watched one single minute of the NBA. I haven’t watched one inning of this baseball season and not one quarter of this football season. I was an avid ESPN watcher. Had my dvr set to watch PTI. Around The Horn and Highly Questionable. I couldn’t take the liberal left propaganda any more and found you guys on YouTube. Just joined today. Keep up the good work guys.

  45. Jason,

    I was out at the start of the NBA bubble. I agree with you on the NFL, while there are some displays and kneeling, there is not the total dive into the BLM lies that the NBA has gone all in on. The NFL is on a razors edge but as of now they have maintained their senses and are not too extreme. As you state in the BLM 101 series, I believe that most NFL athletes are misinformed and when/if they realize they change their position, vis a vis the majority of the Steelers.

  46. This will be the first year since 1970 I haven’t watched the NBA finals. I’m saddened more than angry. I don’t have an axe to grind. I just have no desire to be preached to while I’m watching sports. Does that make me a racist or someone who lacks empathy? I hope not.

  47. “I’m not going to support a group of pampered millionaires who support the anarchists destroying the country that made them rich.”

    Amen, Jason… Let’s hope the votes get accurately counted, ‘cuz we all know they’re gonna cheat, they know we know, and they don’t care we know. That’s how desperate are they.

    “Vote” – the idiotic implication being that Donald Trump has ANYTHING to do with Police misconduct.
    And like Biden/Harris are advocates for Black Lives??

    As Clay has said many times already, this election isn’t about Biden becoming President; it’s about hatred of Donald Trump versus real Americans who support the President.


    TRUMP 2020

  48. Well said the hypocrisy that is James and the NBA can no longer be tolerated. I really hate the cancel culture that we have going on in this country but I do t think I have a choice but to not watch a game I love. To take the side of bigoted communists and to demonize a country that believe it or not strives to do better is absurd. I for one will no longer purchase NBA merchandise or give them ratings by watching. And all this as a lifelong Milwaukee Bucks fan who’s team finally gave me something to be excited about. It’s sad

  49. Jason.

    I used to climb to the roof of my dorm room at Bradley in Peoria to listen to Jerry Baker call the ABA Pacer games. On a really good night I might catch a little of the game. I remember going to the Pacer training camp in 1969 at the Park Tudor gym. Roger Brown showed up with a few extra pounds. By the time the season started, he began his dissection of his opponents in top shape. I was known to drive home – go to a game – and drive back that night.

    Yes – all of that has been crushed. So very sad.

  50. Thank for having the balls to speak out! Cowardice in journalism is at an all time high,I believe many others know these things but few have the backbone to speak out .I agree with every word
    And have similar experiences just different city and team.

  51. COMMENT FOR RESEARCH- Jason is the embodiment of “brevity is genius”. The substance, the elements, the conveyance gets packed in such few words.

    PLEASE RESEARCH- Share with the dolt’s that talk about systemic racism. I’ll give you 2 more (more to come)- If you do business with the US Gov’t you must adopt a policy of using minority subs for 25% of the revenue. Companies are forced to train and give away their hard-earned and valuable process IP/etc to accommodate this requirement. From all accounts the Prime Vendor gives away 25%, and gets about 5% of value. #3- I sold one of my companies to Bank of America. Had an earn-out. During those years, 25% of my annual bonus was tied to me improving the “diversity of my employee base”. Please show me the systemic racism in these? It’s another “the opposite is more true than anything they present”. Please use in your counter-narrative.

  52. Jason,
    Thank you for your support of the USA and semi boycott of the NBA!! I know how much it hurts. My enjoyment of watching sporting events has been taken away and my TV boycott has extended to the NFL. Gave them a chance after I heard the kneeling issue was better but then I quickly saw players with BLM martyrs names and sayings on the white pad on the back of their helmets. Quit again after Week 2. Well I needed a quick Football fix so last night I cheated again. I wanted to see how my most recent USC Trojan Hero Sam Darnold was doing with the Jets. When I flipped over from Hannity I saw Sam throwing on a helmet that had Black Lives Matter on the back padding. I am done and will not support that sport either. Plus I don’t want to see Sam getting tackled by someone with a helmet that has George Floyd or Breonna Taylors name on the back. Thank God I have Horse Racing and Golf to entertain my 66 year old mind!

  53. ONCE again, you nailed it Jason. My backstory on growing up loving the NBA mirrors yours. I loved, loved, loved the NBA and Magic was my guy. I still maintain if I was going to start my all-time team I would pick Magic #1. But man, I cannot support a league that tacitly approves of Marxism

  54. Another genius article by Jason.

    The sad fact is, Lebron James is literally too stupid to see his own hypocrisy regardless of the truths expressed in this article. I’m certain he is aware of this article because I saw a liberal rag reference it, including quotes from the article. But ignorant human beings like Lebron surround themselves with sycophants rather than intelligent individuals committed to steering their friends in the right direction.

    The NBA has successfully stolen any and all joy regarding me watching games. I’m done with the NBA until the foolishness is over. But, as long as the NBA is more worried about cupping China’s ballsack than pleasing its American fans, the American fan’s interest in the NBA will continue to tank, and I hope it finally affects the players in the wallet. Maybe then we will see the politics and social commentary that is killing the game removed.

  55. When people invest time and money to go see Ocean’s 11 or Mission Impossible, they are going to escape the world. They may not agree with George Clooney’s or Brad Pitt’s politics, they just want to be entertained and the movie will be entertaining and George Clooney and Brad Pitt won’t be giving them a political lecture at the beginning of the movie. People want to watch a basketball or football game. They don’t think enough of Lebron James or George Clooney to be lectured from them on any damn thing. They appreciate their talent.

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