Best of Whitlock: The Capital B In ‘Black’ Is A Scarlet Letter That Diminishes, Destroys And Disenfranchises black People

We (black people) are the system, the hard drive infected with systemic, anti-black racism. Our programmers, among other places, work for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Disney, the Democratic Party and the Associated Press.

They tell us what to think and believe. They define our value. 

The ideological forefathers of our programmers wired us for free labor. Their descendants rig us for self-destruction.

This column is a follow-up to the piece I wrote Tuesday that explored the significance of comedian Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live screed. A friend who reads all of my work and closely follows the news cycle missed a major point I attempted to make in the Chappelle piece. 

The Associated Press’ decision in June to capitalize the “b” in Black is directly tied to the racist ideology of 400 years ago that established dark skin color as a defining, segregating and inferior characteristic in American society. 

My friend missed the point because he was unaware of the AP’s decision. He’s a news junkie. He’s constantly reading and sharing the sports, politics and culture news of the day. He hadn’t noticed that the AP’s decision to capitalize the word “Black” had impacted the rest of the mainstream media. It’s now standard procedure for all news outlets to capitalize “Black” and leave all other racial classifications lowercase, including “white.” 

With the country still smoldering over George Floyd’s death and white liberals looking for ways to assuage their guilt, the AP used the Texas emancipation holiday “Juneteenth” to announce its tweak to the black hard drive. 

“AP’s style is now to capitalize Black in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense,” a statement from the news organization read, “conveying an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa. The lowercase black is a color, not a person.”

Trust me, black is a color. It’s not a human being, a person or an all-important defining characteristic. It’s a shade of humanity that has long been weaponized by American bigots to cast a segment of society into a special category devoid of the inalienable rights guaranteed by our constitution. 

We (black people) are programmed to prioritize our skin color above all else. We do it out of fear, pride, ignorance and unrecognized manipulation. 

If your competitors convince you that your skin color is your most prized asset and characteristic, you shape all your behavior to accentuate that attribute. If your competitors control the perception and definition of your most prized asset and characteristic, then your competitors control your behavior. 

Joe Biden, Chelsea Handler, Hollywood TV, movie and music executives, Big Tech and corporate media control the definition of blackness. They tell black comedians, rappers, athletes and celebrities how to act authentically Black.    

They have placed skin color at the heart of black identity to ensure that black people showcase Blackness with a capital B over showcasing intelligence, religious faith, love of freedom, commitment to family, work ethic, integrity.

We’re bots — Black Bots. It’s not a coincidence that black people take pride in acting “unapologetically black” or demonstrably black. We’ve been wired to do it. The Unapologetically Black Olympics is hosted daily across social media, and black news organizations gleefully serve as the judges. The winners are awarded buttered biscuits and Uninterrupted podcast contracts.  

I’m speaking in general here, but do you think Asian-American parents send their kids off into the world to showcase their skin color or their intelligence? Many Asians consider the term “yellow” a racial slur. 

Think it through. LeBron James and other athletes reject being reduced to their chosen profession. That’s an insult. LeBron is #MoreThanAnAthlete. Is he more than black? Is he more than a skin color? Let’s see if he’ll wear a T-shirt #MoreThanBlack.  

We (black people) are programmed to demand the very things that undermine our success. We think it’s a sign of progress that the American mainstream media have reduced us to the color of our skin. We think “Black Twitter” is Harriet Tubman’s 21st century underground railroad.

We’re the system, the warehouse for systemic racism. We’ve allowed anti-black racism to be baked into our consciousness. Accepting skin color as our defining characteristic is racist. It was racist 200 years ago when it justified the physical enslavement of black people. It’s racist today when it justifies the mental enslavement of black people. 

We have to break free from our programmers. They rile us into an emotional state with fear-based, fake-news narratives and tweak our hard drives with “solutions” that serve them and not us.

Three weeks after George Floyd died, the Associated Press classified black people as an easy-to-identify monolith and stamped a Scarlet Letter B on our foreheads. We applauded the classification and wondered whether the B clashed with our tattoos. 

Does the capital B make it less likely for another George Floyd-Derek Chauvin confrontation? Or does it make it more likely for all black people to be seen as George Floyd?

I’m not George Floyd. I’m not Anton Butler either, the cousin I loved who was wrongly killed by Indianapolis sheriffs in 2012. I don’t think I’m better than George or Anton. I’m just different. I made different choices, took advantage of different opportunities. I leaned into the Christian values my grandmother espoused and the Booker T. Washington mindset my father exemplified. 

My skin color doesn’t define me. It’s simply the wonderful packaging God chose for me. When people see me and hear my name, I want them to think Christian, American, intelligent and honest. Those are the characteristics I want to define me. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. We are all of one race. The human race. But the hate spewing divisive racists of the Hollywood Hezbullah, the fake news media, big tech and the communist indoctrination centers formerly known as schools gain profit and power on dividing us and firing up the hate machine between their created subdivisions.
    Keep fighting the hate machine and exposing them, Jason.

  2. “My skin color doesn’t define me. It’s simply the wonderful packaging God chose for me. When people see me and hear my name, I want them to think Christian, American, intelligent and honest. Those are the characteristics I want to define me.”

    THANK YOU! This is exactly how I live my day to day. I get so tired of being pigeonholed with the ol’ “As an African-American/POC/Black Man…” BS just so I can be reduced to skin color and not for what skills/intelligence I possess as a human being.

    It cracked me up when liberals (black/white alike) were sending me DMs in my social media with videos on how to go through life in America as a black man after the George Floyd situation blew up and I directly responded to them that I’ve never lived my life in fear, I’m not going to start now, and don’t ever send me sh** like that again (they immediately unfollowed/unfriended me haha). Jason, thank you again for spittin’ that real.

  3. I tried to watch the Chappelle monologue hoping he might be the Dave of old, an equal opportunity humorist who didn’t play the game of modern politics. Took about 20 seconds to realize I was wrong. Turned it off.

    To Jason’s point about making different (better) choices, that’s not unique to Black Americans. Everyone of us faces many crossroads in our lives, to me there is no greater victory than getting up on a cold rainy Monday, kissing your kids goodbye as you drop them at school and driving yourself to work. It seems like an easy thing to do and yet Millions of Americans fail at it.

  4. ‘The ideological forefathers of our programmers wired us for free labor. Their descendants rig us for self-destruction.’

    Yup…that’s the truth. And both are unjust…but the later kills the soul. Which is why the true emancipation from slavery is having Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

  5. JLWhitlock: “If your competitors convince you that your skin color is your most prized asset and characteristic, you shape all your behavior to accentuate that attribute. If your competitors control the perception and definition of your most prized asset and characteristic, then your competitors control your behavior.”

    Thanks very much, Jason.
    As thoughtful and insightful as anyone can be who covers and lives the American Experience!!!
    And knowing the playbook cold in this information age is powerful and steadying.
    The treasure throve of generational wisdom in disciplines like economics, sociology, and philosophy is available to all (in the written word), but the world is moving so fast that most of us are not allowed to get off for a respite and some reflection. That’s their playbook, too.

  6. Besides I think the dividing programmers quite often use skin suits to promote division because it is easily identifiable…but very superficial. If we got to the heart of what causes division…their whole narrative gets crushed. It’s not from flesh and blood.

  7. I lived and worked in Silicon Valley for about 5 years, and thus lived in close proximity to, and therefore frequently visited, San Francisco. I got to witness how homelessness evolved over that time. For all of his faults, one of the good policies that Gavin Newsom launched while he was mayor of that city was discouraging the citizens from simply handing out money to people. The practice of giving money to the homeless just delayed them from taking advantage of the myriad programs and services that were available, a delay that could ultimately be deadly, i.e. each extra day out on the streets was just more time left for a homeless person to take a bad drug, or face a deadly assault. The faster someone was forced to seek treatment, the more likely it was that the treatment would succeed.

    I wound up meeting my wife while I was out there. We moved away, but we do go back to visit friends every couple of years. During this time, the philosophy of ‘Care, Not Cash’ has been abandoned. In its place, what some have termed ‘The Homeless Industrial Complex’ has moved in. People and companies now profit off of building low income housing at above-market rates and providing ‘services’ to the homeless while lining their own pockets. And a market perversion has emerged, where the interest of those involved is now better served when there are MORE homeless people, not less. Visit San Francisco today, and you’ll see a city in severe decline, with human excrement everywhere, and BART station hallways lined with trash and desperate human beings.

    I bring this all up because I see the same market perversions taking hold in the entire country under the guise of healing our country’s ugly history of racial intolerance. The answer to these hucksters is to solve racism with more racism. Why would they do this? Because this is what will pay their bills now and into the future. For some, it will not just pay their bills, it will make them wealthy beyond anything they could’ve imagined. Do you think Ibram X. Kendi, Beverly D’Angelo, or Nicole Hannah-Jones, when they started their academic careers, ever thought that they would ever amount to anything outside of an assistant dean at a University? Of course not! But here they are, fabulously wealthy and popular. What would happen to their wealth and popularity if the racial divides began to heal? It would go away! Their incentives are perverted to do nothing other than convince us that we are nothing more than our immutable characteristics. And until people understand this simple fact, their voices and the voices of their adherents will only continue to be amplified. Luckily, the USA has people like Jason Whitlock who can help us articulate these points and bring them to a wider audience.

    • Beautifully well said. I look forward to the day that Mr. Whitlock publishes his best selling book on race in America. Sounds like you could write the forward.

      I could fill a novel myself with all the con artists I met through 10+ years of managing commercial and residential real estate. What amazed me was how easy a lot of Black Amercian’s can see right through the bullshit of the ones that live the parasitic existence. Every Black Magistrate I ever did an eviction case in front of had absolutely no time for freeloading tenants who tried to play the race card in lieu of playing their rent. You are better off having the case heard in front of a black magistrate who’s not afraid to see and tell the truth than a white liberal magistrate who’s afraid to be viewed as a racist.

    • Jake, I agree with Robert, beautifully well said! Great post! I absolutely agree with the comments about Kendi, D’Angelo, and Hannah Jones…….And I didn’t know about the ‘Homeless Industrial Complex’ in San Francisco. Thank you for posting this.

    • Jake…absolutely beautifully well said, echoing Robert and Abel. To literally see the evolution of what started as a human crisis be turned into an economic engine of greed must have been beyond aggravating. And to your greater point, seeing the same paradigm being used to try and destroy human relations through class warfare and racial psyops has to be frustrating to any decent person, no matter what race or religion. So now we watch racial hucksters and their grifter co-conspirators shoving their snouts into the trough of misappropriated taxpayer dollars and corporate write-offs. Thank you!

  8. Spot on Jason great article. I really can identify with your spiritual gift for writing and being free and not afraid to give your opinion with conviction. I’m much the same way. We both grew up in Indiana and just like your father mine raised me in the spirit of Booker T Washington. I recommend black folk to read Up from slavery it will change there life what he recommended for black folk to do to be successful in America and be proud of our country. The main thing I got from the wisdom of this great man who was the first black millionaire out of slavery. Was for us to buy land work with your hands work with your head and someone will buy from you.and be a good steward with what Jesus has given you he’s the owner of your money your the manager everything belongs to him.
    I would love for you educate these black athletes and black folks the greatness of Booker T Washington In seeing he had the best plan for black economic empowerment not Dubois NAACP and the Talented 10 model that’s done nothing for the poor and middle class blacks. Keep up the great writing inspired by your maker. Look forward to meeting you one day. Be encouraged 👍🇺🇸🙏

  9. I’m going to capitalize it too: FUCK YOU AP. What about black people who were raised in France vs black people who were raised in America. They’re not even the same culture. WTF really. I despise those collectivist assholes.

    • My Christmas present to myself this year was to become a member of Outkick.
      I followed Mr. Whitlock’s work after I first heard him on ESPN, realizing that here was an honest, caring, insightful man who, most importantly, was unafraid to speak the truth as he deduced from careful analysis of every source of data available.

      My greatest hope at this of so much evident fear is that Mr. Whitlock gains an ever increasing audience because truth is what is needed right now, not platitudes, not divisive slogans and certainly not the illogical nonsense spread at near light speed across so-called social media “platforms”; perhaps silos might be a better term for them for that is what they’ve become, containers for generic “thought”.

      I do not live my life in fear and will not heed those who try to instill fear. From this day forth Mr. Whitlock will be in my daily prayers for health, happiness and achievement.
      Thank you Mr. Whitlock. You are a wondrous example of what we should all be: intimately cognizant of our own flaws and limitations but not defined by them and living lives of truth and service to others; one of the truths found in John 15:13.

  10. To write with this kind of clarity is a gift. You already know that writing is hard work. You’ve done it for a long time. The clarity I speak of comes from both Jason and the Spirit of God. You articulated truth in a simple, clear manner which is testament to it’s source. Bravo, Jason. Bravo.

    PS Clay needs to give you a raise or more equity in the company;)

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article! We tried to dispute this “convention” of capitalizing black & were told by our local newspaper “It’s in the AP Style Guide.” End of story. That doesn’t make it RIGHT! Really appreciate you sharing your point-of-view and we agree with you.

  12. Mr. Whitlock is one of the finest men in all of sports and politics. He is a man that exemplifies all that is good and honest in the public dialogue. His ability to accurately describe the truth in all venues is extraordinary. He reminds me of William F. Buckley, just brilliant. He makes you realize how successful academia has been and continues to be the indoctrinators of the belief in Marxist ideology, all of which,
    made “GROUP THINK”” possible. We need more men like Mr. Jason Whitlock, if for no other reason then to promote freedom of thought. At some point in time the Nation will realize what a National treasure he has become.

  13. One irony, at least to me, is that, although many ‘black’ people see themselves through skin color primarily, it is also clear that you aren’t black unless you act black. If you don’t meet the appropriate criteria for attitude, slang, demeanor, and most importantly, politically, you simply are not black.
    I think that probably means you also, Jason.

  14. Good gosh a’ mighty, Jason! You make so much incredible sense I just do not see how anyone of any color could dispute your sentiments. Kind of like, why be accountable for yourself when others can account for you, right? Crazy!

  15. Whitlock sees things differently from the mainstream media. This is because he has faith in a higher power. He knows that the higher power that created us created us equally and we are children of God in his eyes and Mr. Whitlock knows that.

  16. Jason. I wrote the following re this editorial this past week on my FB page: “ By now, many are familiar with my view that Jason Whitlock is not only the best American Sports Journalist (by far), but rather the best American observer of American culture as a whole. Should you choose to watch this, which focuses upon racial identity, this will become historic in terms of a cultural critique…”. Imagine my delight, given I’ve always taken pride in my early recognition of you as a truly great talent, only to see you THIS EVENING on my other early discovery of over 30 years ago and whose show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” I have never missed a single episode, wherein tonight you had a special billing, again with the very editorial I earlier this week had recognized as “HISTORIC”. WAY TO GO JASON, LEAVING YOUR SHOW, “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF” while difficult no doubt, had to be the smartest move you’ve ever made, given your current National Presence like never before. Congrats my friend from afar. Archbold out.

  17. Jason, I am always amazed when I read your column. I see the truth in what you say but cannot say it myself as a white american. That is another story for another time. What I would tell all is this: an overwhelming number of people in the world want the same things regardless of the color of their skin. We want happiness, safety and the ability to go as far as our talents and work ethic will take us. I do not believe that the race always goes to the swiftest, most beautiful or the smartest. Hard work and consistency make up for a lack of those gifts. What I tell my children and any young person is the same thing. Get your education (or a trade). Save your money and invest it. Sacrifice! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Treat others as you want to be treated. Next is key: don’t have children until you get married. Finally, stay committed to your spouse and stay married.

  18. I saw you on Tucker last night. You gave the Best assessment of how far the left has taken us from Martin Luther King’s dream that one day all will be judged not by the color of one’s skin but by the content of one’s character

  19. Oh my word, Jason. You explained it! As a white person, I have never seen my self as white, just as a person. And, I saw President Obama as a person, not as a “black” president. Yet, when I would tell people that, I was immediately told I was a liar and a racist. How could I NOT see that he was “black.” I was supposed to first define him as black, then as President. Why???

    PS. When I was in grade school, I read a biography on Booker T. I fell in love with him. Yes, even at that young age, I could recognize brilliance and bravery. He was my hero.

  20. I’ve been a fan of this site for quite a while. I just joined today because of these two article by Whitlock. I don’t think I am overstating this in that he can become one of the most important men in America with his message and his platform. I will do whatever possible to support him and this too important message. The “de-programming” of this hugely important part of our society is one in many of steps that need to be taken to fix our broken society.

    Kudos Jason for what your are saying. Keep on preaching! We need more voices like yours.

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