Whitlock: The 2020 Presidential Election Is A Story Of Love Vs. Hate

The stakes of this messy and manipulated presidential election seem even more enormous than the pre-election hype that framed Trump vs. Biden as an American civil war fault line.

The 2020 election is playing out as a parable regarding the power of two sworn enemies — love and hate.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden are not the stars or antagonists in this tale. Their supporters are. 

A blind unconditional love of their leader fuels the energy and action of Trump supporters. They risk their health (maskless rallies), reputation (accusations of racism and sexism) and safety (social media and Antifa harassment) to stand with their hero. 

A blind unconditional hatred of President Trump fuels the energy and action of Biden supporters. Their leader’s ideas, policies and resume are irrelevant. Biden is a tool to kill the Trump presidency. Nothing more.

I am not arguing that unconditional love of Trump is proper or healthy. I’m arguing that Trump and Biden supporters are tapping into two distinct energy sources. 

As a Christian, I’ve never questioned the unmatched power of love. It is a strength more potent than hate. 

Is that true in today’s American society, a culture stripped of its Christian identity and beliefs? In a secular world is hate more powerful than love?

Maybe I’m making too much of what this election represents, but I don’t think I am. I see the power of Trump hate within my own family and circle of friends. Trump hate is a requirement, a dividing issue. Trump hate is a more defining characteristic than love of God. 

This is the price of politics becoming America’s religion. An expression of Godly love pales in comparison to an expression of Trump hate. Political alignment trumps religious alignment. 

God is the embodiment of love. When a society deemphasizes God, it emphasizes the power and allure of hate and places man on a pedestal reserved for God. Man becomes all powerful. He judges the accused sinner more harshly than the sin.

The belief driving the election is that galvanizing Trump hate will save America. Hate believes problems are solved by external factors. Love believes problems are solved by internal factors.

If we combat the sin within each of us, unrepentant sinners don’t rise to power. Hating the sin is far more cleansing and effective than hating the sinner. The religion of political hate doesn’t teach that. We no longer teach the principles that made America the envy of the world. 

America used to be the embodiment of freedom and ideas.  

That also seems to be at stake today as we await the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Michigan. 

Hate renders ideas and principles useless. Biden is on the precipice of ascending to the highest power in the land, and I’m not sure if any of us know what he actually stands for beyond being the anti-Trump. This morning I Googled his campaign slogan. I did not know it. 

Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead  

That’s not quite Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, the 1840 campaign song of the Whig party that popularized presidential campaign slogans and lifted William Henry Harrison and John Tyler to the White House. 

It’s not Franklin Roosevelt’s Happy Days Are Here Again or John Kennedy’s A Time For Greatness 1960 or Barack Obama’s Change We Can Believe In or Trump’s reuse of Ronald Reagan’s Make America Great Again.

Perhaps Joe Biden is our modern day George Washington. America’s father never wanted to be president. He never campaigned. He considered rejecting his election to the presidency because he preferred retirement and life on his farm. 

We have no idea what Joe Biden plans to do as president or what he actually stands for. He epitomizes the malleability of modern politics. 

Ideas inspire love. Obama promised to revolutionize our health care system. His supporters loved it. Trump promised to prioritize American interest above all else, stand up to China, build a wall along the Mexican border. His supporters love it. 

Biden’s primary promise is he won’t behave like Trump. People who hate Trump love it. 

The power of Love vs. the power of Hate is at stake in this election. Will America elect a candidate no one loves? When the candidate was Hillary Clinton, the answer was no. 

That might explain why a number of states legalized mail-in ballots. It might explain why FOX News called Arizona for Biden long before it declared Trump the winner in Texas and Florida. It could also explain why the counting process in Michigan and Wisconsin reminds me of season 2 of the Netflix show “Narcos Mexico,” which explores a drug kingpin’s manipulation of the country’s 1988 general election.

A reliance on hate and an absence of love inevitably spark widespread corruption.

This is my problem with The Resistance, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the far Left and their pervasive anti-American sentiment. There’s no love. It’s all hate. 

Hate cannot sustain life, liberty, freedom and a pursuit of happiness. 

As much as President Trump’s public behavior and narcissism annoy me, I’ve never questioned his love of America.  

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Correct…put another way it’s the story of unity vs. division. When you remove unity with God, family, and nation out of the hearts of men…you can only get divison to fill the hole. It’s been festering for a while, decades even, but it’s clear it’s here now. The solution is and always will be unity with God.

  2. Thank you, Jason! This is spot on and the entire reason cancel culture exists and why people like me and my family business cannot post or support anything political online. The hatred will swallow us and destroy our livelihood. Keep up the good work! We need it!

  3. I’m pretty sure Trump loves America because of the opportunities it’s given him to shaft the American people. Trump loves three things. Himself, money, and golf. His job in the presidency has all been about himself and his ego. Not about what’s best for America.

  4. People who are fuelled by hate have to live with themselves and that’s a big bummer. I say screw’em. Most of them have nothing, contribute nothing, and will never have anything. They are lost and will never find happiness, success, and love.

    •, I agree.

      And Jason, I think many of us needed to read your column today. I like the line: “A reliance on hate and an absence of love inevitably spark widespread corruption”. That line sums up what the democrats have become. We cannot become like the democrats who are filled with hate. We can win this culture war if we stand strong. The Democrats, despite controlling most of media, despite controlling nearly all of social media, despite their lies, despite their manipulated data, and despite their edited videos, still, after all of that, they still did not get the election they wanted. This tells me there is hope. Most importantly, they did not win the Senate (assuming they don’t suddenly “find” hundreds of thousands more democratic mail in ballots). We just need to keep promoting truth and OutKick.

    • This might be the best article of any kind that I’ve ever read. Jason, you’re getting better and better. You are wise, and you have a great ability to assess what’s going on or to explain it to everyone. It’s a gift . I’m glad you use it. Keep kicking butt.

  5. Great article, Jason. The hate portion sums it up perfectly. How else do you explain people voting for an incompetent, racist fool from California and a doddering old man who needs a teleprompter for interviews, both of whom want to raise taxes and implement a caste system of health care, justice, and employment.

  6. Agree…I have heard and seen so many of new, young voters doing so out of hate for Trump and his rhetoric. Sticks and stones, people. Look at results. Doing the right thing is more important than saying the right thing. In this realm, Biden’s world and Trump’s world are polar opposites IMHO. One way or another, we shall soon see.

    • Trumps actions speak louder than his words…he has kept us safe and actually succeeded in completing many of his campaign promises. If he would have won a Nobel peace prize as well, that would have been something. I bet Biden reverses all of it (because Trump did it) and we have chaos in the middle east again. More wars.

  7. Biden’s slogan is consistent with his legacy of plagiarism. Trump has been using the line “The best is yet to come” in his rally speeches for a long time. Jason correctly states that biden’s slogan comes across as flat an uninspiring. And although President Trump has basically the same message, because of his passion and track record of accomplishment his words have a more powerful and uplifting meaning.

  8. Right on JW. Hate eats at a person’s soul, rotting it away. Love conquers all. This election turned into a popularity contest, and it should never be that. Trump can be abrasive – so what? He’s good for this country. That’s what counts and all that matters to me.

  9. Spot on. So many Biden voters are simply voting that way because of their hate for Trump. Biden has been able to avoid answering important questions, such as would he pack the Supreme Court. And no one in MSM challenged him to directly answer the question. Because that would go against the MSM’s anti-Trump narrative. Biden wouldn’t commit to a national lockdown, but he wouldn’t rule it out either. If Biden wins, there will likely be a national lockdown, as early as February.

    Maybe some of the Biden voters hate Trump for valid reasons. Maybe specific policy decisions Trump has made negatively affected them in a direct way. But I believe that would be a very small percentage of Biden voters. My vote for Washington State governor was made in a similar manner. I knew that the Democrat incumbent was a virtual lock to win a third term, but I would not vote for him, nor anyone he gave an endorsement to, simply because his policy decisions surrounding COVID cost me and hundreds of thousands of others in my state their job. He has dodged questions regarding what he would do to help renters, many of whom will likely become homeless once eviction moratoriums are lifted. What he would do to help landlords who haven’t received rent since April. What he is doing for the people in Washington State who still haven’t received unemployment benefits that they are entitled do, despite applying in March and April. The media here do not hold him accountable for the answers, or lack thereof, to these legitimate questions, and now that he has won re-election, he knows the voters have chosen not to hold him accountable for those answers either.

    It will be interesting to see if Biden wins, will those who voted him in office eventually wonder if the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

  10. You should have voted for Trump, Jason. We need more people like you. While I don’t agree with your “no vote” stance, I understand it. Politics is ugly. Most career pols are lawyers who bring nothing real to the table. Trump changed that – that is his appeal. Still, keep doing what you do – I think you are reaching people who need your message.

  11. What will be telling is what happens if Trump is out or if Trump is in. If Trump is out, his supporters will not burn down cities and impede the lives of others with their grief. They will go back to work and see how Joe does. If Trump is in, we are in for crazy, for weeks, and months. He will be impeached again and maybe successfully. More of Joe’s supporters will cut off family members that voted for Trump and the hate of half of the citizens will continue in the media. Much of the ruling and elite class hate regular middle Americans. They assume intellectual authority over us simple folk. We just aren’t smart enough to know what is good for us. It’s crazy how they talk about non-white people who support Trump; racial slurs, and personal attacks are ok if they are directed at this group.

    The election should have taught us that half the country doesn’t buy into identity politics and intersectionality. Thats only half good news, because the other half does believe in those things and it informs their entire worldview.

  12. Jason is right. In my case it’s my hatred of leftism, not my love for Trump. I moved to America to be free away from leftism and collectivism of all kinds. When I see the Dems talking like communists, having seen my former country go down the drain because of Marxists, hate fuels me. Hate because of my love for America and its principles.

  13. What drives Democrats’ hate toward everyone who doesn’t agree with them on 100% of the issues is pretty simple: liberalism is their religion (not Christianity), government is their church, and Obama was their Jesus. Their religious zeal in supporting a strong, controlling central government is worse than ISIS or Al Qeada’s support of Islam.

  14. It’s all about the deep states willingness to lie, cheat and steal to rid government of the outsider that has been exposing the deep states crimes and willingness to destroy America and keep the crime machine in tact. The sad part is half of America is willing to participate in Americas destruction.
    Leftism is a cancer that has left death, destruction and despair in its wake throughout history. There always seems to be enough ignorant people to keep leftism alive.

  15. Another excellent article. I voted for Trump because I support most of his policies. If Biden ends up winning then he will likely put our country back into the Paris Accords, the Iran Nuclear Deal and he may reverse some or all of the deregulation that Trump has done. We will also have to see what he does with immigration policies such as refugees and asylum seekers. And what will happen with the Middle East peace accords that Jared Kushner has been instrumental in getting in place. And will be interesting to see how long he actually serves as President until Kamala Harris potentially takes over.

  16. The power of love and the power of hate is undeniable. As a Trump supporter I don’t have blind, unconditional love for him. I love America and I see Trump as a protector of our country and the Constitution. Thankfully the Senate will not flip. With the left unchecked we would have no border security, government run healthcare, more regulations, higher taxes, a ban on fossil fuels, 2nd Amendment restrictions…I could go on and on. “Perhaps Joe Biden is our modern day George Washington” is absurd. Biden is a 47 year career politician with no accomplishments. He is totally corrupt (which has been proven by a non-partisan Navy Veteran) and is a prime example of the DC swamp. We are currently seeing evidence of massive voter fraud in several states. No one actually cares about Biden. It’s all about doing whatever is necessary to get rid of Trump and for the left to regain power.

        • Just be patient…if the evidence is out there, it’ll come out. The Russian collusion evidence never came out hence it fell apart.

          There’s already enough on the surface to at least take it to court. There’s no way Sleepy Joe hiding in his basement got more votes than Obama who people legitimately liked. If there is any validity to watermarked mail in ballots or registered voters being more than the population…it’ll be obvious how the fraud was done.

    • There is plenty of evidence. 90% voter turnout in WI is nearly a statistical impossibility. There may be Milwaukee precincts with greater than 100% turnout. There are postal workers caught on video in multiple locations back-dating ballots and in other cases tossing ballots. Poll workers in Detroit and Philly would not allow Republican poll workers and ballot judges on site as mandated by state law. I could go on. You are blind if you cannot see the evidence. It’s been going on in Dem cities for decades. The GOP never had the guts to fight it before. Trump has changed that. It will all come out

    • I agree Harish. A lot of this smacks of “16. Chinese instead of Russians. Collusion. Virus excuse for mail ballots. Is this all true? Only God knows the specifics. But just the way this whole election has been conducted makes it look more suspicious. Not allowing gop poll watchers into these cities. votes showing up at 4am. Now with that said. the right is now sounding nutty on some of this but it’s not even been three days. Gore contested one state for over a month. My biggest concern is who will be becoming president if it Trump loses. Biden is a political hack. Has been for almost 50 years. He can barely finish a sentence let alone a thought. We are making a hard left and it’s not going to end well.

  17. Jason, you are anointed.

    Here is how I land given the spirit of the age. I am a white heterosexual christian male with a biblical worldview that family is the foundation of a safe society.

    I know those behind the Biden and leftist movement hate me. I don’t know if the Trump side loves me, but I know they don’t hate me.

    “Hate Has No Home Hear” Long live Trump!

  18. I don’t know about love and hate, but it’s about time and space. I guess we only thought the deadline for casting your ballot was on Super Tuesday all these years! Hey, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday…you know, just whenever you find a ballot laying around, they’ll count ‘em now baby!

    Yeah, um, we’re going to need a recount in about 5-6 states to check these “mail-in” ballots a tad closer, so get comfy.

  19. It is also about government ineptness. We see how Dem cities are run. I live in one. even if the results are legit, trusting the process to these buffoons is laughable. Election Day should be a simple process. go to your polling place. cast your vote. count said votes. declare the results. wtf is all this insanity? Mail out millions of ballots to whomever and don’t think this will happen? What sane individual will think that this wouldn’t happen. We trust these people to run a country when they can’t even do this right.

    • Corruption is rampant in both parties…but with Democrats it’s their political strategy. Neocons (which is what they are…not Republicans) just stay silent to go along with the corruption. I mean the protests and burnings are continuing in Portland…did we really think this was going to end if Trump doesn’t win the election?

  20. Well said. Your use of Christianity and religious common sense are a great compliment to the legal-secular logic Clay employs. I’ve sent this article to multiple people as you eloquently write what I’ve been trying to argue for months. Your articles have a way of doing that!! Keep up the good work!!!

  21. Jason again you correctly conclude the real issue. Trump voters love America and want to preserve our constitution. We love freedom for all, and the ability to agree to disagree without riots. Why in the world US media has allowed the lies about us is baffling. There was a leaked call of Democrats yesterday saying they lost because of defund police, race division and socialist agenda. Maybe we can get back to balanced polices.

  22. I voted for Trump. But this election is not about Trump now. It is about a fair and honest election. If the American people do not have confidence in this election then we do not have a country. We have a Banana Republic and the
    USA will never be the same .

  23. Thank you for a great article and point of view Jason. Life is full of mysteries but God’s love of all of humanity is not one of them. I always pray that someday people who are full of hate and anger will discover how easy it is accept and enjoy peace and love. God bless you and the Outkick Team!

  24. As someone who has made his living off of understanding math, what I see isn’t hate for Trump. It’s a coordinated effort to steal an election. Hundreds of thousands of ballots voting only for Biden with no down ballot voting? Counts occurring under the cover of darkness that change the results dramatically? 90% voter turnout in Wisconsin? Biden gets more votes than Obama? Are the inner cities more in love with Biden than Obama? It doesn’t make sense and it’s so out of whack that it’s Prima Facie evidence. If this stands we’ll end up a one party rule in this country and it will look just like California does now. What can we do about it? The political machine is doing away with troublesome, uncontrollable voters.

  25. A great analysis. The left changes the meaning of words instantly. Words are supposed to migrate from public usage to the dictionary. Now the woke dictionary in their Devine wisdom changes meanings to fit the dogma of the last hour. Sexual preference, silence is violence, love Trumps hate as you riot and destroy private property, the science is settled on climate change which used to be called global warming till that proved to be false. Libraries now ban books. Teachers indoctrinate instead of educate.
    They have an ever evolving religious dogma designed for one thing absolute power over all.

  26. Thank you, Jason.
    Joe Biden seems to have a problem with his slogans. The first one I noticed was “Build Back Better”. My first thought was that the American Chiropractic Society had endorsed Joe. But it turned out to have nothing to do with back adjustments.

    Building Back Better was a United Nations Program. Bill Clinton used it for a humanitarian program in Haiti. It is also the motto of Zamboanga City, Philippines. The same slogan was used in the 2020 Singaporean general election. Everyone loves alliteration.

    Far be it from me to accuse Mr. Biden of plagiarism. How about an original thought, Joe?

  27. Great Article Jason.

    My family is divided between 4 Trump voters and 1 Anti-Trump. Unfortunately, the Anti-Trumper wrote to the Dallas Morning multiple times stating that anyone that votes for Trump is a Nazi, Racist, Sexist, who can’t think for themselves. She signed her name so all my co-workers, friends, and other family members are aware of her comments. She now wants the family to have big dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She is very surprised that no one wants to be around her. IMO, the actions of the left will be felt a long time. I hope I am wrong !!!

  28. Love vs. Hate (My Letter to remaining friends)

    Maternal Mortality – Election 2020

    I write this with tears in my eyes. When asked by others what I think about the election, I would say “I feel good about my vote. My vote was not cast out of hatred, but in love for the policies that are making America more fair, more free and more prosperous.” . . . But no one asks. As a matter of fact I cannot speak of this to friends or some family. So the tears flow. How do I retain my health when my voice has been cancelled. When relationships are being cancelled.

    Language is critical. Words are also being assassinated by re-purposing their meaning. But language is the window through which we perceive our reality. As Victor Frankl would remind us, when everything has been stripped away we can still control our language and perception of the external world. After World War II the Jewish victims of genocide in “civilized” Europe had to cope with that memory without empowering the evil forces behind it. They did not use the secular term of “genocide,” but rather reached for language that is more redeeming, if not mystical. In their tears, the sacred language of “Holocaust” emerged – a burnt offering on the altar of devotion. Not a murder. Not a waste. Not a defeat. But something offered up to a higher purpose even if we don’t understand. Faith in Sacrifice. We are not victims. Never forget!

    In 2020 we also struggle for language to redeem our experience of abuse. Do not misinterpret my next conclusion. I am in no way comparing the horror of the Holocaust with the inconvenience, self-destruction and betrayal of trust in 2020. That would be shameful! What I am comparing is our psychological and spiritual need for language that admits the cultural damage while encouraging our Spirit. How can we speak of the destruction of our economy, the kidnapping of our schools, and the corruption of the 2020 election and the political assassination of Donald Trump without feeling like defeated victims. What term allows for deep grief while birthing hope and renewed trust? What emerges is “Maternal Mortality 2020” – the death of a mother while giving birth to a new life. It acknowledges our loss while giving purpose to our pain.

    Donald Trump may have been politically assassinated in the 2020 Election, but consider what was born anew. This was not a repudiation of the President. In fact it was a rejection of identity politics, social engineering in our schools, violence in our streets and a radical socialist agenda. Trump received the largest minority vote of any Republican President in 60 years. The Republican party increased its number in the House and looks to hold its majority in the Senate. And half of the nation supports Trump’s policies of fairness, freedom and prosperity for all Americans. There was a Red Wave. And who is responsible for this. Who mothered this rebirth of American Independence? Who gave his full life and energy into creating this renewed perception of American Greatness? For four long years who fought against the deep systemic corruption in Washington and our federal government? And in giving birth who may have been targeted by a social virus of hatred? Trump may have lost the Presidency. But he was not defeated. We are not defeated. We are part of a surging wave. And Trump is not going away after leaving the White House. If he redefined the presidency, he will also redefine post-presidency. The election results may show one narrative. But the forces of evil have exposed themselves. Americans are not stupid. This most egregious and fatal over-reach may be a death knell to the lies and deceit of a ruling class.

    But the infant is fragile. And . . . we love our mother. We would not be at this point without Donald Trump. He may be sacrificed on the altar of politics. But Trump has only begun. And so have we. He has won the heart and mind of America. There is no one else, except those who hate him. I am not suggesting a moral victory. I am suggesting a Phoenix Victory.

    Maternal Mortality 2020. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Jerome Kocher
    Retired High School Teacher in California

    PS A debt of gratitude to those who inspire me by their compassion, reason and glorious use of language: Jason Whitlock, Clay Travis, Armstrong & Getty, Megyn Kelly, Tucker Carlson and the incomparable Rush Limbaugh. Thank You for keeping us smiling, laughing and sane.

  29. This is a beautiful article.

    I knew Jason in highschool and also ran into him a couple times when we were both at Ball State. We were not close friends, but more like acquaintances. I was lucky to have the occasional opportunity to interact with him.

    The few conversations (too few unfortunately) I had in those days with Jason left me envious of the way he could express his thoughts and feelings in a way that I was unable. Brilliance with a dose of wit, and always to the point.

    I’ve read many articles from Jason. For some reason this one really touched me. And from what I remember of Jason, I am sure this is from his heart.

    Make no mistake. Jason is the real deal. And Jason, thank you for this article.

  30. Jason, You are absolutely right, dead on target, a bullseye.

    I could add that the obvious Biden bias displayed by the corporate tech giants (Google, Facebook & Twitter censoring), major celebrities of the entertainment industry, the academia, and particularly the mainstream media in their relentless attacks on Trump and Trump supporters help fan the flames of the hatred.

    Meanwhile, chants of “We Love You” at the Trump Rallies was a powerful political phenomenon I have not seen or experienced in my 79 years and was the antithesis of the political rioting, looting and burning we saw in major American cities this summer.

    Upon my return from a year tour in Vietnam in 1966, I was personally subject to the anti-war protest and the hurtful homecoming receptions that were heavy on hate, light on love. The 1960s had many examples of hateful activism, few demonstrations of love.

    The commonly portrayed divided America today is not about race ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or any other uncontrollable human characteristic. It is not about the Soul of the Nation, as history will be that judge of that, but it’s what’s in the Heart of the Nation, i.e., the hearts of the people – Love or Hate.

    Additionally, the down ticket gains by Republicans in US Congress and many state legislatures provides evidence that political ideology differences were a minimal influence as love vs hate factors but in the presidential election it was overwhelming.

    As of Saturday, 7-November 2020 watching the Biden-Harris Victory Celebration Event and barring any changes in the election outcome from the Trump campaign’s legal efforts, it appears that the Haters have won and the Lovers have lost – a very sad day for America.

    Ram White

  31. This is an amazing article.

    I was always taught that no one makes rational or morally just decisions when the motivation is hate. Hate, I was always taught, is never justified. Yet, those who hate Trump have found a way to justify it either logically or “in their hearts”, defying all that children used to be taught from the time they could understand and speak. “Hate is always bad, don’t hate”.

    Today, children grown up listening to their parents hate-speak against President Trump and many see it on television. People believing that hate for political reasons is justified doesn’t bode well for our future.

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