Whitlock: President Trump’s Dragon Energy Entices Ice Cube, Kanye West, 50 Cent And Other Black Men

Twelve years ago, when I trashed Sarah Palin in a Huffington Post column and across social media on a daily basis, no one cared. No one told me to stick to sports. 

Although a non-voter, my preference for Barack Obama and Joe Biden was quite clear. I’m still a non-voter. My preference for Donald Trump and Mike Pence is quite clear. Now my critics passionately want me to stick to sports. My presidential preference is now offensive. I’ve sold out. I’ve changed. I’m a hypocrite.

This Wednesday, I visited the White House to interview President Trump. I wanted to probe him on why black voters, particularly black men, seem to be breaking from the facade that he is the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. 

In the past two weeks, rap music stars Ice Cube and 50 Cent have inched closer to joining Kanye West in MAGA land. Cube worked behind the scenes with the Trump administration on an economic plan to revitalize black communities. 50 Cent expressed displeasure with Biden’s desire to raise taxes. 

Two years ago, Kanye said he and President Trump shared “dragon energy,” natural instincts for leadership. 

Dragon energy is code for “masculine” energy.

Trump and rappers emote masculinity. It is their defining characteristic and currency. Human beings — male and female — are attracted to masculinity. In times of crisis and fear, the value of masculinity escalates. 

Masculinity is gold. Scarcity is its primary value.

Trump’s political opponents fear that he is gaining ground with black voters, particularly black men. Of course he is. It’s the dragon energy. You cannot indefinitely suppress men’s natural desire to be masculine.

God put it in our hard drive. 

Big Tech and its social media apps are trying to reprogram us. They’ve redefined masculinity as toxic and evil. 

Where would American black men be without dragon energy, the source of courage that allowed us to survive slavery and force America to grant us the inalienable rights promised in the Declaration of Independence?

Dragon energy, provided through faith in God, inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. and civil rights workers to stand up to water hoses, police dogs, police batons and church bombings.

The war on masculinity is overtly secular. It’s a war on religious faith, the antibiotic for human fear. 

I do not pretend to know the depth of President Trump’s (or anyone else’s) religious faith. What I know is he tries to promote a confident, fearless approach to life. 

That approach is attractive to men. 

We have spent virtually all of 2020 living in fear. It is not the right way to live. It’s not living. It’s death. 

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are running a fear-based campaign for the presidency. They want black people to believe that COVID-19 and law enforcement are hunting us every time we leave the house and that our only protection from COVID and police is Joe Biden, the architect of the 1994 crime bill.

I reject that. I think other black men are starting to reject that narrative as well. Each black man is responsible for protecting himself from disease and violent confrontation with the police. 

I’ve encountered incompetent and potentially biased police officers. Compliance with their dumb inquiries and instructions has protected me. That’s a more effective solution than embracing an irrational fear of a violent encounter that almost never happens.

President Trump’s views on race are irrelevant to me. Before he ran for president, no one of any consequence thought he had a problem with black people. Nearly every black athlete, high-profile journalist, entertainer and activist was pictured socializing with Donald Trump. 

My preference for Trump in this presidential election comes down to three things: 1) His support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities; 2) His ability to pass some form of criminal justice reform; 3) His adversarial relationship with Big Tech.

The last one is probably the most important issue to me. 

Big Tech and its social media apps are hostile to religious faith. Big Tech is the primary promoter of a Godless society controlled by fear.

The Year of Fear — 2020 — has been the worst year of my life. Dragon energy is the solution. Trump is a dragon. So am I. I’m not scared.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Perhaps the most astounding thing the media has done the last 5 years is convince its LCD base that black people never liked Trump. They get away with it because people are stupid and/or blinded by incoherent and unprincipled hate completely fabricated by the enemy of the people.

  2. Dude, you hit the nail on the head. Trump is as gangster as gangster gets. I know plenty of black men who love Trump. Dems are running scared that’s why there is the great push to “punish” black men who break rank and like Trump or are GOP members.

  3. Jason, thank you for your views. As I have previously said as a VIP, I have admired your writing and unapologetic views for many years. You are a proud confident man and not afraid to discuss your Christian beliefs.
    The first time I messaged you I stated that I am part of the silent majority. You replied saying, “we can’t be silent anymore” I have taken your advice. I am much more outspoken, I have forwarded your articles and many others to people that I know agree and more importantly to people I know don’t agree. I have helped convince a handful of people to vote for DJT and have made many others at least reconsider their hatred for him.
    I have a request for you now. Please vote. I know you haven’t ever voted, but it has never been more important than now. There is so much at stake in this election. It would say so much to so many people if you announced that you have decided to vote for the first time ever. I hope you will consider this.
    Thank you so much for what you do and say. It really is inspiring.

  4. Trump summed up China Joe’s 47 year political career in one phrase…”all talk and no action”. Now we’re seeing an increasing number of successful Black businessmen see the light. I believe Trump is right in saying he’s done more for the Black community than any President since Abraham Lincoln. His accomplishments are undeniable. Kanye got it and now Ice Cube is getting it. In reference to Biden’s tax plan 50 cent said he didn’t want to be 20 cent. That’s classic.

  5. I can’t remember if you said it on SFY…but I remember you saying that…’masculinity is seen as a luxury, and soon it’ll be seen as a necessity’. I think 2020 has shown that in spades. The emasculation of men from God, their fathers, and brotherhood is quite often the root of our problems. If there is such a thing as toxic masculinity…it’s the emasculation of men, not a man being masculine.

  6. Jason another great article and interview of President Trump. I’ve been a Trump guy since the 80’s fascinated on his style and him building a real estate empire. My goal after not being able to play in the NBA was to get into real estate so one day o could be free like he is to own and rent property and work for oneself. It’s wasn’t easy. I was told to always go by how people treat you and what they do for you then what they say to you that’s how Jesus sees it. The President is a doer the last guy a talker. I do judge and we are to judge book of judges Bible when we get the poke out of our. eyes however Jesus being the ultimate judge on what Good or bad we did for our fellow man not on what we Said. So I encourage You to keep up the good work. I love the Trump saved football shirt I purchased I recommend more VIP to purchase more outkick gear to support the only masculinity in sports programs

  7. Society’s attempt to remove masculine traits will backfire, make us weak an dependent. If there’s any toxic behavior it’s the feminization of men.

    Btw, it was nice to hear a measured, toned-down interview with Trump for once. Not that Trump doesn’t shoot himself in the foot on occasion with his style. But his initial response to Bader-Ginsburg’s death, like you noted, and your interview prove it’s a hostile media that largely plays into his hyper-combativeness at times.

    Very good stuff.


  8. “What I know is he tries to promote a confident, fearless approach to life.” Which is EXACTLY why I’ve been a supporter of his. That brazen, brash, no nonsense confidence he exudes is really the embodiment of why our country is a (and will say THE) superpower in the world. I’m not looking for him to coddle, assuage emotional insecurities, or sugarcoat anything, I look for him to LEAD and lead he has. And IMO, he doesn’t address the public as a politician, he addresses the public as a MAN and for that, I thank him!

  9. “ We have spent virtually all of 2020 living in fear. It is not the right way to live. It’s not living. It’s death.“ So true. I’ve talked about this with so many people who have a worldview based on faith. This is the opposite of the gospel.

    No guilt in life, no fear in death,
    This is the power of Christ in me.

  10. I was not a Trump fan until he ran for President, I’ve never been a fan of reality TV, I thought he came across as a putz on his show. But things changed dramatically when he ran for president, he found his true calling, God’s purpose for his Life.

    I’m a Trump supporter, but I think much better days are ahead for Black American’s when the new generation of conservative thought leaders take over the party. Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Don Jr. Etc.. These young people truly have their hearts and minds in the right place.

  11. Big Tech has to come under control. Sleepy Joe will not stand up to them, since they favor the DNC. This “fact checker” BS is one of the most illegitimate ideas I have ever witnessed. These folks are running around the internet checking new content against older left-wing content and if they don’t align, the new content gets checked. So dishonest and nefarious.

  12. Well, I didn’t watch the debate but I heard that the President was a lot calmer. I think he took Jason’s advice to let Biden shoot himself in the foot, and he did. Thank you, Jason, for being fair to the President but being real.
    Appreciate you.

  13. I remember telling my coworker back in 2011 that Donald Trump would be our President someday, he called me crazy. I saw it then, I see it now. I surely want 4 more years. Jason, if I’m hearing you correctly it needs to be said, “LeBron….DBAP….vote Trump “

  14. Amen! Now, Jason, go out and vote! If you don’t vote, you’re setting a bad example. We know you you feel, what you believe. Put you beliefs into action. Love to see a column written by you on Monday with your smiling face and an “I VOTED” sticker on your shirt. Keep writing, keep doing what you do and VOTE!

    • Hey Eli…down ticket/the undercard is VITAL as well…do we want House Dimcraps controlling legislation and doing nothing to move the country forward. Nancy would prolly try to impeach one or two more times from her rocking chair.

  15. Here’s the bottom line for EVERY American in this election.

    When you honestly listen to these candidates, which one do you believe has an Americans’ back when it boils down to a decision? Who’s going to stand up for “you” when something is on the line, versus another country or some fat cat? Who’s going to speak for you over some mega corporation, mega donor or lobbyist? That’s the President you want. Choose wisely.

  16. Once again, your ability to see and express so clearly what most just feel instinctively but can’t so precisely say, or understand.
    Our world so desperately need more like you, regardless of what you might look like.
    And sooner than later.

  17. Amen, Jason! Glad you got to meet and interview President Trump. Your head is squarely on your shoulders. Great column. Big Tech is a Big Problem. We are under attack by then, as well as the fake news lame stream media. They can take their fear porn and stick it.

    God Bless.


  18. I really wish you would vote Whitlock. Trump isn’t a politician. I understand your disgust with the system, but how do you expect it to change, if you refuse to come along for the ride?

    Please vote. Choosing to watch from the outside is selfish in my opinion, especially as a married father of 3, who’s trying to show my kids how to think for themselves and lead the way, not stand on the sidelines.

    You’ve done a ton of good work, but don’t stop short of the finish line. Join the movement. America is dependent on all of us. United we stand, divided we fall.

  19. Agreed. Articles brilliant & brave. Every critical thought on point. But failing to vote is contradictory to your energy and the duty you clearly embrace as a citizen trying to help save his country. You don’t have to endorse what is our admittedly essentially corrupt political process, and you do not have to reveal your choices. But as a powerful role model, which you are becoming for many young black kids, it seems imperative to also show them what brave citizenship looks like–as brave as your words so few would even utter. Just a consideration to make your impact on your community as fully powerful as it should be…
    DR MAC(new VIP)

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