Whitlock: New Hiring Rule Installed By NFL Race Hustler Troy Vincent Damages Black Coaches

Troy Vincent, the NFL’s executive vice president of Race Hustle Operations, just made it harder for Eric Bieniemy and other black assistant coaches to land head coaching jobs.

You read that right. Last week, the league’s executive vice president of Race Hustle Operations passed a new rule that will hurt black coaches. It’s what race hustlers do. They garner power and influence by making a big show of being pro-black, and then they use that power and influence to celebrate themselves and stir racial grievance. 

Last week, Vincent convinced NFL ownership to pass the “Vincent Rule,” a measure allegedly aimed at enhancing the league’s long-established “Rooney Rule” for minority hiring. The “Vincent Rule” mandates that the NFL award two compensatory third-round draft picks to teams that have minority head coaches or general managers hired away from them. 

This is an incredibly stupid rule. In fact, it’s so stupid that black coaches across the NFL reached out to ESPN’s Adam Schefter to complain about it. According to Schefter, the NFL’s top information man, black coaches “were not pleased that they were not consulted about the plan and that it was passed swiftly, without any advance notice. These sources also did not approve of other people speaking for them when they were unable to provide input as to how the program would work.”   

Here’s a link so you can read Schefter’s full story.

Before I continue, let me add a bit of transparency. I previously fell for Vincent’s pro-black race hustle. I saw him as an ally in the defense of football and the NFL’s impressive record of black male empowerment. No American industry has produced more black millionaires than the NFL. No sport has transformed more black male lives than football.

The NFL’s embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement helped me realize Troy Vincent is about Troy Vincent. The “Vincent Rule” is the latest example. During an in-person owners meeting in May, Vincent failed to pass the first iteration of the “Vincent Rule,” a stipulation that would have awarded teams third-round draft picks for hiring black and/or female head coaches and general managers. Vincent floated the first iteration through his media contacts. Black NFL coaches floated their objections through their media contacts, and the measure died. 

This time, Vincent took a stealth approach. It was a smart strategy. The “Vincent Rule” is so incredibly stupid that it would not survive a public debate. 

Think this through. Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is considered the top head-coaching prospect in the NFL, regardless of color. Let’s say the Chiefs defend their Super Bowl title this year. If you’re an AFC team, do you really want the NFL to give Andy Reid and the Chiefs two extra third-round picks because you hired Bieniemy? 

Because of the “Vincent Rule,” the price of hiring Bieniemy includes strengthening the best team in football. 

Let’s say Tampa wins the NFC. Do you think NFC teams will be enthusiastic about handing the Buccaneers extra draft picks for the right to hire offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich?

A smart, successful franchise would install black or female employees in high-profile, figurehead positions and try to pawn them off on their opponents. The “Vincent Rule” creates an atmosphere of total distrust when it comes to coaching and executive recommendations. The only recommendation you can trust is one attached to a white male candidate. There’s no draft pick incentive to lie about a white candidate. 

The “Vincent Rule” is about promoting Troy Vincent. It has nothing to do with Eric Bieniemy or Byron Leftwich. The black coaches know it. Here’s what one of them told Adam Schefter. 

“This will affect all of us, and we wanted to be involved in the process. We don’t know whether it’s lip service or real, and we just want to be judged on our own merits.” 

Of course they want to be judged on their merits. They’re competitors. They’re former athletes. 

Here’s what’s really sad about the actions of the NFL’s executive vice president of Race Hustle Operations: 

Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin and Miami’s Brian Flores are the two best coaches of the 2020 season. They’re the story. Their success in unifying and leading their teams during this season of racial strife and health pandemic pretty much guarantees that black assistants will be a hot commodity during the hiring cycle. 

The NFL is a copycat league. After the Rams advanced to the Super Bowl two years ago, every owner wanted a coach who reminded him of Sean McVay. This offseason is going to be about finding your Mike Tomlin or Brian Flores. 

Tomlin has taken his coaching to the next level the last two seasons. A year ago, without Ben Roethlisberger, Tomlin led the Steelers to an 8-8 record. This year, the Steelers are 9-0 and clearly the best team in the league. Back in August, I wrote a column explaining the brilliance of the tone-setting speech he delivered at midfield to his players and Steelers fans. Tomlin has been the perfect coach for 2020 and has exemplified the kind of leadership missing from the league office.

From Roger Goodell’s office, we’re getting a race hustle from a race hustler. 

Last week, when NFL ownership blindly followed the instructions of the league’s executive vice president of Race Hustle Operations and passed a rule that will hurt black coaches, Vincent told an ESPN reporter:

“That just complements part of the overall collection of the things that we’re doing to try to increase mobility among, in particular, black coaches and females as well in the coach and the GM front. I’m looking forward to seeing what the offseason has to bring in the hiring cycle.”

Troy Vincent is looking forward to getting credit for the progress Mike Tomlin and Brian Flores have created. It’s what race hustlers do. Al Sharpton built a hustling career off the work of Martin Luther King. 

Vincent can’t wait to read a flowery profile piece in The Undefeated, crediting the “Vincent Rule” for head coaching jobs landed by Bieniemy and Leftwich. 

Black men have never needed a special set of rules to compete at the highest level in the NFL or anywhere else. Quarterback is the highest-profile position in all of sports. It’s the highest-paid position in football. 

James Harris, Doug Williams, Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon tore down the black barriers with their performance. Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick took the torch from their predecessors. Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes took things to the next level.

The same process is playing out at head coach. Success breeds opportunity. Only a narcissistic race hustler would think he could devise a plan more potent than success. 

The “Vincent Rule” is an embarrassment and an insult to black coaches. It’s equally embarrassing and insulting to NFL ownership. The rule suggests that men like Clark Hunt would pay Patrick Mahomes $50 million a year to play quarterback, but are too racist to pay Eric Bieniemy $5 million a year to coach the team.

Seems strange. NFL owners pay Troy Vincent several million dollars annually to paint them as bigots. The race hustle is dependent on the blind leading the blind. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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    • I couldn’t have responded any better. This is so insulting to black people and to woman. Whenever policies like this are enacted (affirmative action), as a minority (woman), I will never know if I was hired because I was the best candidate, or simply because I checked a social justice box. THAT is so incredibly demeaning 🙁

  1. Why do nasty leftists prop up racism and keep it alive? To gain power they otherwise could never achieve. Great players and coaches need no helping hand to rise to the top. Why would any team in 2020 risk losing by passing on the best candidate regardless of color?
    The biggest problem I see with coaches is the buddy system. They keep rehiring each other endlessly. Many bad coaches have been recycled by who they know, not what color they are. If a purple and pink unicorn is the best coach available, I hope my favorite team would hire him/her.

  2. This rule demeans the very people it purportedly helps. I think Vincent is angling to be the next commissioner at anyone’s expense. These sideshows have worn me out as an NFL fan. I think I’ve watched about 10 minutes so far this entire season.

  3. Affirmative Action has never made even one business in America a better place. Not one. A proud black person would prefer to earn a job or a promotion, not have it handed to them because of the color of their skin.

  4. The great Walter Williams always would say who’s the Irish American leader, the Polish American leader, why do I need a leader? Goodell is Biden, Hillary, etc. , liberals who use black “oppression” to maintain $ and power. If we get along and go by merit , Sharpton, Jackson, Vincent, are out of a job. Disgusting that sports is there now. Low expectations is the greatest form of prejudice. Policy says the black guy can’t do it without a “handicap”. I demand an NFL job! There are no 60 year old white wide receivers, I’m in shape and deserve affirmative action!

  5. I can’t make sense of this rule!!! In no way, shape or form does this help a black coach get hired. If an organization hires a white, asian, hispanic, Native American, Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander, Multiracial or other do they have to give compensation? So if two candidates are close and one will cost draft picks, I am pretty sure what recommendation the GM is going to give. Insane, Troy should be ashamed of himself.

  6. The biggest threats to black men in regards to their freedom and the opportunity to showcase their merits are:

    1) White Liberals
    2) Black Men whose strings are pulled by white liberals

  7. Once again, Jason writes a column that I wish I could print out copies of, and LITERALLY hand out to every person that I see walking down the street!! Even moreso, I wish I could force some of my family members to read articles like this when Whitlock goes off and, in his classic words, “does the damn thing!” People like my ex-wife, who have fallen for the BLM fallacy, hook, line and sinker!

    Wow, Whitlock, you continue to amaze me sir!

  8. Troy Vincent is a fucking bigot what about Gay and Trans how many pick should a team get for hiring a Black gay man or a white transsexual . Troy Vincent is brain washed by white liberals he’s been taught that Blacks can’t think for them self. And Blacks must agree with the Vincent or there not Black .

  9. Vincent is such a fraud. Gene Upshaw exposed him for being a snake in the grass shortly before he died . Once Vincent’s coup on the nflpa failed he went to the league office and became a stooge prospect and has developed into the biggest stooge last 3 years. Hires all his shitty ex teammates from Philly too.

  10. One of the stupidest sports decisions in a long time. Now that the price is higher for hiring a black asst coach, fewer will be demanded.

    This is 9th grade HS economics, and most people grasp it intuitively.

    Social justice warriors only know how to destroy, they never build anything.

  11. Judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin — unless, of course, you get two #3’s. Whitlock is correct. This kind of stuff is done only for the benefit of the white liberals and the black race hustlers.

  12. I agree but this is essentially a PR move aimed at pandering to the race baiting twitter mob and media who don’t hold the NFL in high regard for whatever reason. It doesn’t really matter that the rule has all kinds of logical flaws and is pretty much counterproductive in limiting the effects of racism what matters now a days is that some symbolic action has been taken to briefly appease the loud race baiters.

  13. Bravo Mr. Whitlock for another well written column offering a unique perspective not found in other media outlets. I really enjoy your fearless willingness to express your opinion. You are an extremely important voice in America’s debate on race relations.

  14. One slight criticism to your story Mr. W — you left out Deshaun Watson who is holding the crappy Texans’ franchise together by a thread. He is one small step behind the great Mahomes and his treasure chest of weapons in KC and right in step with Russell Wilson.

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