Whitlock: LeBron James Is Black Donald Trump

Tonight, viewers of ABC/ESPN’s NBA Finals Game 5 telecast will likely be subjected to two hours of LeBron James propaganda. 

The Lakers can close out the Heat, secure their 17th NBA title and hand LeBron his fourth NBA crown. ESPN’s pregame show and in-game broadcasters will make it a point to celebrate James as a combination of Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, a transcendent talent, an eloquent ambassador and a fearless champion of social justice.

I won’t blame Jalen Rose, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Breen and Maria Taylor for doing their jobs. It is their responsibility to promote the game and the game’s biggest star. They’re not journalists. They’re primarily ex-jocks paid to serve as stock touts. ESPN owns billions of dollars of NBA stock. James is the NBA’s primary product. 

He is the Apple iPhone 12. 

It is not ESPN’s job to disclose defects in the product intended to justify the network’s NBA investment.

That’s my job. I’m a critic. 

LeBron James is Black Trump. 

It’s not the first time I’ve analogized the basketball star to President Donald Trump. I do it every time James proves my analogy true. This week, in the aftermath of the vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris, James channeled his inner Trump. 

The social media-addicted superstar implied that Pence is a piece of shit via Instagram, posting an image of Pence from the debate and playing off the fly that sat atop Pence’s head. James stated:

“Y’all know what flies favorite destination is right!!?? Yup you guessed it.” He added poop emojis, in case someone missed his joke. He concluded his post with the FOH hashtag, which stands for get the “Fuck Out of Here.”

This is textbook Trump behavior. Remember two years ago when Trump called Haiti a “shithole” country, and the mainstream media said his comment was proof of bigotry? 

Is LeBron’s IG post proof of bigotry? It’s certainly proof of immaturity and hypocrisy. 

LeBron fashions himself as a dignified statesman, role model, political activist and champion of racial equality. He is every bit as crude, undignified and inarticulate as our sitting president. James writes and speaks at a third-grade level. The athletic privilege he’s enjoyed since about age 10 has spoiled and pampered him the same way wealth privilege spoiled and pampered President Trump. 

What’s worse is James’ actions and public pronouncements are far more racist and racially divisive than the president’s. 

Given his elevated platform and influence — his more than 80 million social media followers — it’s grossly irresponsible for James to call another human being, especially one he does not know, a piece of shit. 

We know for a fact that if Pence responded in kind, we would be lectured for several weeks that it is an example of the systemic racism fostered by white political conservatives. There would be a conga line of black liberals tap dancing for butter biscuits from Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes and Don Lemon. 

Shannon Sharpe and Max Kellerman would sue for a simulcast of Undisputed and First Take, so they could hold an American Idol-like contest for the title of Best Race Hustler. (Kellerman would win on authenticity. He actually believes his race hustle.)

LeBron James is neither Michael Jordan nor Muhammad Ali. 

You can’t be Jordan, the GOAT of basketball, when your primary job is to increase the popularity of your sport and you have failed. LeBron has diminished the NBA domestically. His descent into politics and full-on embrace of Black Lives Matter have devastated the game. He extinguished the TV-ratings torch he inherited from Jordan. The league that had dreams of matching the NFL’s relevancy is now toxic, polarizing and reliant on rigged Twitter algorithms for traction.   

His persona has knocked professional athletes off their exalted and iconic pedestals as rallying points for unity. Jordan, Magic and Bird led the Dream Team in 1992. LeBron leads Black Lives Matter, a team of Marxists.    

James convinced a handful of black basketball and football players that they can “end racism.” 

He’s turned black athletes secular. He’s turned them away from a Biblical understanding of the world and towards a white liberal’s understanding of it. White liberals believe they are the masters of the universe and that they can solve problems that only a submission to the will of God can truly solve. 

Do you understand my point?

The Bible (and most religious orthodoxy) teaches that sin, including racism, entered into the world and cannot be eliminated until the final resurrection. Believers are taught that submission to the Most High (Jesus, God, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.) and religious principles are the only path to protecting yourself from sin and improving the world around you.

The NBA and NFL can’t end racism with slogans and finger wagging. They can’t end or even limit racism by electing themselves the national review board for police-involved shootings. Their tactics are actually empowering and spreading racism. James is the leader of this empowerment movement. He thinks he is the Most High. His ego is bigger than Trump’s. 

What’s worse is James’ hypocrisy is unlike anything we’ve seen from a public figure. He demonizes whites, the police and this country as inherently racist while ensconcing himself and his family in multi-million-dollar white enclaves. 

LeBron James as heir to Muhammad Ali has proven to be a joke. You can’t be Ali, the GOAT of American sports, when your worldview has no respect for religious principles. Ali’s actions were initially controlled by a black religious sect, the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X mentored Ali, not Phil Knight and Nike. Ali transitioned to traditional Islam. 

LeBron is a puppet for a global corporation and Democratic politicians. Nike and the Democratic Party have weaponized racial demonization through Black Lives Matter to achieve their political goals. 

Black Trump is their spokesman. 

Black Trump, Nike and white liberals have zero interest in “ending racism.” They use racial division to control the public, the media and politicians.  

I’m going to skip Game 5 and the coronation of Black Trump.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Good point on the social media, but its insulting to Trump to compare him with Lebron, who as you say has the intellectual capacity of a child. Lebron is truly a child in a man’s body.

    I’m one who would like to see Trump lay off the twitter. But I do appreciate his candid public statements and find his approach far more genuine than the great appeasers (Obama, Clinton, and now Biden).

  2. Jason I will follow you till you write your last word. You speak the truth so many others are scared to say. I had never heard of Clay and Outkick before you got here now I’m a vip for life! Keep being an authentic journalist we need more like you!

  3. Regarding Lebron, I can say it no better than Malcolm X, “These leaders that they call leaders included Lena Horne, this included Dick Gregory, this included comedians, comics, trumpet players, baseball players. Show me in the white community where a comedian is a white leader. Show me in the white community where a singer, a dancer, or a trumpet player is a white leader. These aren’t leaders, these are puppets and clowns that have been set up over the black community by the white community and have been made celebrities and usually say exactly what they know that the white man wants to hear.”

  4. The ratings speak volumes as to what people think of this dude he really is not very smart and not a good human being to always side with the chicoms and criminals totally ignore those two deputies who were almost assassinated one being a mother with a young child is really cold. I know a good person when i see one as i believe most people do this cat unfortunately is not one i would want to be around.

    • I see your point, but to liberals LeBron is a good person. That’s the issue we now face as a country. The left and right have virtually nothing in common. Who they view as good, we view as bad and vice versa. It doesn’t make for a very “united” states.

  5. The LeBron IG post is petulant, but how about ‘NBA Central’ (whatever TF that is) tweeting it out with a laughing emoji?

    “We know for a fact that if Pence responded in kind, we would be lectured for several weeks that it is an example of the systemic racism fostered by white political conservatives. There would be a conga line of black liberals tap dancing for butter biscuits from Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes and Don Lemon.”

    Writing like this is why I became a VIP.

    • Jake, I agree, that’s a great paragraph you quoted. The whole column is brilliant, but that paragraph jumped out at me…..And now I”m laughing thinking about how “Lebron is the apple iphone12”, while TNT/ESPN broadcasters are serving as stock touts…..Nike, the NBA, and the whole ESPN/BLM movement could not possibly be any more hypocritical. It’s all a game of power and money to them. Our country is being played by racist white liberals who keep stirring animosity, so more violence will occur, so they can promote more Liberal lies and hypocrisy. Whitlock is right, Lebron is the black Trump.

  6. Jason another great column and love the comparison to Trump and the preemptive take down of MSESPN. I’m wearing my shirt out tonight. Unfortunately we are more divided than ever and this year made worse by the lies of Black Trump

    • The businessman part has always amused me, I heard a couple of ESPN clones talking about all his “business projects”. for example he evidently produces movies and music, which they spun as sometime of prodigy type side talent he has. It occurred to me that the only talent he had for either was writing a big check to some other dipshit who vaguely knows how to produce movies and music.

  7. Jason, I’ve been a huge fan for over four years and will remain one. You have your opinion and I have mind. Our President has his fair share of faults (as all of us do), but as Robert said in a previous post comparing him to Lebron is an insult. Trump is no choir boy, has an ego and is big on Twitter, but do you really grasp what he’s had to deal with even before being elected. His campaign was surveilled by the Obama FBI in hope of digging up dirt, followed by a two year Mueller Probe which was literally a “witch hunt”, followed by a fabricated Impeachment. Add to this a main stream media that has tried their absolute best to destroy him from day one. Most wouldn’t be able to handle all that’s been thrown at him. Our country was divided before Trump, but it’s different now. We have proven Socialists and Marxists who boldly want to tear down and transform this nation. Whatever you think of Trump there is no denying he loves America. You state that LeBron “is every bit as crude, undignified, and articulate as our sitting President”. Really? We’re approaching what many feel is the most important election in decades. Trump has done more to help the Black community than any President I can recall. He supplied record funding to HBCUs, created tax incentives and opportunity zones for minority communities, passed Criminal Justice Reform and The First Step Act. We had the best economy in U.S. history prior to the pandemic (including record low unemployment for all minorities). I understand the overall point you are making in this column, but some of the wording is off base. I’m sure Anti-Trumpers will love it.

      • Steve, well said. Trump has reached out to the black community more than any other republican president. Not to pander but to help people and unit this country. Obama gave away free phones, trump created jobs for everyone who wanted one. More to the point, trump reached out to Van cnn Jones to help with the First Step Act. That’s the equivalent of Lebron going to a LAPD precinct and asking how he could help them. Also, not sure calling Haiti a shithole is anything more than mean and insensitive–bigot? We elected Trump because he is not a career Politian. I whined when Bush never fought back against false claims so I am not going to fault trump for his use on twitter or any other means considering how much he has been hosed by the press, sports press included. Just grateful we have outkick, for some, our last gasp of hope the world gains some honest dialogue and the sports world returns to normal.

        Ironically, it will be up to the Black American vote on whether this country remains the land of the free to speak and worship as we please. If Trump gets anywhere close to 20% of the black vote, it will be over—hence the racist card at every breath.

        • Great points Robert. Some place more importance on Trump’s words than his promises kept. I’ll take the side of accomplishments. Fielding attacks daily from the MSM would make it extremely difficult for most to maintain a positive attitude. Somehow Trump does. You’re also right about the importance of his voter support within the Black community. Rasmussen recently stated he could easily see 12%. I think that’s a conservative number.

    • He’s not very eloquent when speaking off the cuff – and yet he’s also REALLY GOOD at it. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s reality. His tone when he’s writing official documents i.e. EOs and when reading a pre-made speech is quite different from his bombastic personality. Lebron can’t make a coherent argument when speaking, and can’t make a point when writing without the use of emojis. Just like a child.

      • Like Trump used to tease everyone at rallies, saying “you want me to be more presidential?”…and he would do a mocking politician that we’ve all seen for decades.
        We’re talking about the future of the country if China Joe gets in…soon to be followed by Kamala Chameleon when Nancy Pelosi invokes the 25th A — not for Trump (he’ll have lost election) but for China Joe…say what? Yep.

    • Hey Steve…Jason has a blind spot for things Trump…and as you say, he has no idea what 45 has to put up with just to get to tomorrow. So if a guy has an affliction that he can’t help, then we should just cut him some slack…that’s just my opinion. That’s why I’m gonna just read the stuff and hope for all of our sakes that Jason has 4 more years to criticize our president.

  8. Fearless writing. Great analogies. Genius insight. Also, yes, because “ESPN owns billions of dollars of NBA stock where James is the NBA’s primary product,” I believe that viewers will surely be subjected to endless Lebron James propaganda. The NBA is just a big money making scam.

  9. The democrat party is the party of America’s Lowest Common Denominator. Just listen to Kamala at the debate – nothing but DNC-speak full of lies and long-debunked/dunked on talking points. The fact that the left couldn’t find anything to criticize Pence on is proven by their obsession with a fly on Pence’s head. Lebron is VERY much part of that LCD, and VERY much unable to come up with any kind of coherent counter to Pence. Hence, the ad hominem attack and obsession with an insect.

  10. Steve and other Trump supporters, I’m not much of a political partisan. I love my country more than any politician, whether that’s Trump, Obama or any of them. I like Trump’s America First mindset. I don’t like his crass style and addiction to Twitter, especially now that he’s 3 years into his presidency.

    • Jason, I respect you to the highest degree and I know you are not a partisan. I know you well enough to have learned your love of God, family, and country. You are a great American. President Trump is not a politician. He is a New York (ex-Democrat) business man who had a desire to help get our country back to economic prosperity. He is addicted to Twitter which I’m not a fan of, but it’s his vehicle to bypass CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC etc which have virtually become an extension of the Democratic Party.
      He’s not going to change, but I’ll take him and I will defend him along with his accomplishments.

      • He’s also a NY construction mogul. Think about how a NY construction worker talks. That’s Trump. They might be crass and blunt, and that’s not what some people want in a public figure, but it’s NOT a character defect any more than it is for those humble construction workers. It’s just who he is.

        • Glad you mentioned that. I worked in construction and in the building supply side for many years. The common talk in that field is “tough” to say the least. For a long period of time I had such a bad habit of cursing it took a lot of effort to break it. The building industry is not for the weak of heart.

        • Feddy…not to mention, Trump’s organization received multiple awards and honors from Black organizations, including a major one from Jesse Jackson a number of years ago. Wayyyy before he ever thought about politics…so he’s always been the real deal.

    • Jason…if Trump doesn’t tweet, how can he reach the viewers of CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and Oprah, Ellen, the View and all the rest?
      He knows he’s not winning them over, but he needs to get his message and his RESULTS out there for people to chew on.
      Name for me a few Democrats whose style isn’t crass…whose style to like???
      Politics has been crass from the jump (you could check out the early days of our country).

      • The tweeting is what keeps his poll numbers up and his many enemies know it and why they want him to stop. Try the “above the fray” GW Bush approach and watch your approval numbers crash n burn when the mainstream media slams you daily on end.
        Mainstream media – lets take that shitshow the way of big tobacco, big oil, big achievers, big dicks…Sorry about the last part.

  11. The problem for LeBron is he isn’t smart and gets a forum to talk a lot. You know platform. He hates most everything, anything positive come from this guy? The weather, economy, global relationships??
    I mean when he is ever happy? Who will miss this guy when he exits the stage. Kobe with his gay slur and settling out of court rape allegation looks better by the day. They should probably retire two uni numbers and put up a statue outside the arena for this choir boy (Kobe that is).

  12. wonderfully poignant and eloquent, Mr. Whitlock…according to the story in Isaiah, it seems that the first “sin” was committed by the most beautiful of all creation; Lucifer. his desire was to displace the Most High and thus the first “sin”…replacing the True God with a poor imitation…oneself…


  13. I’ve said it before. But I’ll say it again because I’m a VIP and i can… Lebron James is the kid in school who started the rumors that led to fights. Got everyone fired up. Encouraged the fight. Told everyone the fight was coming. Front row seats for the fight. Talked a ton of shit. But never, ever, was the one fighting. Ever! And the first one to bounce when the cops showed up. He’s a bitch. Always has been and always will be. FOH

  14. LeBron cannot matchup against Trump’s intelligence. Lbron may have been able to create some businesses, but Trump has managed to do what he has done the past 4 years and still be around to tell about it.
    Also, Lebron’s selfishness and arrogance is higher than Trump’s. I remember when Trump was elected and Lebron said he would never visit the White House to speak with Trump. Lebron’s arrogance took precedence over the potential major impact of negotiating with Trump (a la MLK vs. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson) to make change for black people. Instead, other black leaders are taking Lebron’s place and possibly not having the impact that Lebron could have made.
    Overall, Trump’s Madden rating as a leader is much higher than Lebron’s.

  15. Lebron showed his arrogance, ignorance and greed by criticizing Morey’s support for Hong Kong as uneducated. The media showed their lack of integrity by letting him get away with it when he deserved to be openly mocked for his lack of principles.

  16. The comparison to Trump is quite accurate, as both are inauthentic. At least one is trying to make most people’s life better, and its not James. Has he heard of the prisons in China as he stands for their anthem. I should be thankful as he gave my life hours to do other things, but watch and go to overpriced sporting events. Ironically, James will fine in his Barber Shop. I do worry about all those making under 6 figures tied into the sports world he’s help destroy.

  17. Same here, I skipped watching game 5. I have not watched an NBA game this year and am not starting now. In fact, I was at a sports bar the other day and they had the game on. I could not stand to look at those bigoted sayings pained on the floor and the phoniness of the players. Before I ordered my meal, I asked if they would turn the station to ANYTHING else. They did, but had they not been willing to do so I was going to leave. Any time I get a chance to defund any NBA related product or anyone that promotes those Marxists supporting bigots, I will do so

  18. Not a great analogy with Trump. He uses Twitter to circumvent the media and go straight to the public. Sure, at times his message is bombastic and off the mark. You can’t bat 1000%. James on the other hand can use Twitter like an arsonist who uses gasoline and have the media tools run cover for him. And nearly 1000% of his tweets are ignorant, divisive, and tone-deaf.

  19. Jason, I have raved about your insight, intellect and writing ability since I joined Outkick, but this one is a real dog. Many similarities between LeBron and Trump, but your analogy missed the point on many levels. Some good stuff in here, but very disjointed article. Black Trump just makes little sense to me, analogously speaking. Not one of your better efforts, but can`t have your A game every day. Keep up the good work.

  20. Truthful narratives like this are why I have been following Jason since 2000 when I happened to pick up a KC Star and read one of his hard hitting opinion pieces! Drove out of my way 10-12 miles every Monday to pick up a copy and was never, that I can remember, disappointed! When He left the KCS I followed his work to whatever platform he had chosen to be on. All I can say is, THANK YOU JASON! The “Truth Teller” of my generation!

  21. I always tell my black brothers:
    Beware of these white liberals saying they are on your our side. They fight for BLM, but at the same time gentrify black neighborhoods. There’s no maga hats in these NEW hipster hoods, just gay pride flags and Subaru’s!!!

    p.s nothing against gay pride flags or Subaru’s, I’m just saying………..

  22. Remember that James has his “posse” around him telling him how great he is. Meanwhile Trump must use twitter to get his message out to the people without having to rely on all the left wing media outlets.

  23. Good article regarding Lebron except for the comparison to Trump. No way does Lebron deserve any Nobel Peace Prize Nominations. Him walking off the floor before the final bell was a sad reflection of his personality. SORE LOSER!

  24. When the bright lights and press cameras depart, they leave damaged neighborhoods. LeBone James is sadly out of touch with the infamous, the uncelebrated. His intensive Virtue Signaling simply promotes more for suffering and burning of buildings. By that I mean, protests (?).
    As for LeBum, will the Big Orange remain is home after retirement? The fine men and women of the LAPD (world class policing) and the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. have the memory of elephants. Still, if LeBot gets into some kind of unpleasant mess Malibu or Rodeo Drive, the Blue Line will be there to protect and serve.
    Or, maybe they won’t. Ouch. 👌

  25. Great article again, JW! Amazing how one guy is ruining the entire league. I can`t help but wonder what his kid is going to be like when he is drafted #1 overall in 2-3 years and he`ll be the face of the league.

  26. Lebron James is the predictable outcome of a Black boy raised alone by a mother who either cannot, or will not, tell him who his father is. Such boys grow up into men who have NO RESPECT for male authority figures. THAT is why Lebron has such contempt for policemen and it is why he has even less respect for the man who happens to be the Leader of the Free World.

    Lest we forget, Lebron is the fool who SERIOUSLY embarrassed himself, and EVERY OTHER Black father in America, by publishing that Open Letter to his UNKNOWN FATHER thanking him for not being in his life. Lebron James is a PITIFUL excuse for a man who, unlike my son, my father, and I, will NEVER know the PRICELESS VALUE of being birthed into this world by a woman who waited until AFTER his father married her to stop taking her birth control pills.

    Another such DEEPLY disturbed Black athlete is Latrell Sprewell who choked is coach in 1997, and then, nine years later, was investigated by the police after he choked his girlfriend while having sex with her on his yacht. I cannot possibly over emphasize how DANGEROUS such mentally disturbed bastard sons can be to EVERYONE around them.

  27. Very disappointed in the hit job on Trump. For someone that has created more jobs and higher pay for the black working community, funded independent black colleges for 10 years, created along with Senator Scott the independent major city work development program which will tremendously benefit the black community, plus incarceration reform in the federal system etc. Those are direct positive programs for the black community plus there’s other that coincide such as Veteran hospital and the black veterans it serves. To relate to LeBron James on any level seems to be misdirected and may be biased. Very very sorry to have read your article.

  28. Sorry I missed this piece. Jayson you’re way off on this one! Due to the most corrupt media in U. S. History,(I thought treatment of Reagan was bad until now) HE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TWEET! As big a brawler as he can be, he did not choose the mud , but was forced to fight in it. Unlike the Bush Types , he does fight back and it’s about time. He has delivered on virtually every promise he made in the campaign, when is the last time a candidate did that? Jayson,trust me ,if Biden wins (Biden is a prop) the LEFT will come after you and Outkick. You might want to vote.

  29. Jayson: oh wise one, I must agree with the dissenters on this one. After careful consideration I have identified precisely who LaBrawn James has modeled himself after. The man is Homelander, a celebrated super hero who genuinely feels disdain for us the common people. We, the non-celebrities. Look closely. They both have identical back stories.
    I believe in the nobility of the working people: men, woman, black, white, rich, poor, handsome or homely like me…..whatever.
    NIKE, LeBrain and Homelander are evil.
    And Jayson Whitlock is nobility!
    Love you dude.

  30. Great article Jason Whitlock!! I totally agree with you on Max Kellerman and his race hustle.. I have watched him for a couple of years and he talks about it a lot…It seems attention seeking and yes, oh so obvious!! I am not a LeBron fan for exactly the comments you make in your article. But, he is fun to watch, especially at the end of the game, but his body language ruins it all. So happy to be a subscriber of Outkick and I enjoy seeing you on Tucker!! My sister and I are 70 and 67 and grew up in a sports family as our dad was a coach of many sports and a physical education teacher! We were his boys and he loved coaching us in track and swimming. I just wanted you to know you have a couple of older Italian/Dutch women who love sports and your commentary!!!! Thanks for who you are and what you do!!

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