Whitlock: Here’s Why I’m Remaining A Non-Voter

Total108 My greatest currency is my word. I make every effort to live up to the things I say, the things I promise. I have little respect for people who don’t.  That’s why I’ve never voted. I don’t believe politicians. They don’t live up to the things they promise.  I’ve wanted to vote twice in More

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason,
    I respect your decision not to vote, though I disagree with it, and commend you for sticking to it. It is often harder to go against the grain and stick to what we feel is right than it is to just go with the flow of things and give up on our principles. Props to you for standing tall, you are a role model for young men to look up to!

  2. JW – Eloquent as hell; however, we have an imperfect system that you (should, I feel) pick whichever is best for the greater good. Not voting simply empowers / enables the idiot other side. Your reasoning is brilliant, but your end game stinks.

  3. This might very well be JW’s bravest article. The others stirred the ire of the media establishment, but this one risks doing the same to many Outkick readers. But I respect Jason’s bravery, and I believe most readers will as well, if not necessarily agreeing with it. In terms of growing the Outkick audience beyond Trump voters and conservatives, it was probably the right move, so its top two messengers are not pigeonholed as Republican partisans, rather than arbiters of common sense.

    I will say this: If Biden/Harris win in 2020, I predict Jason WILL be voting in 2024. He just doesn’t have to tell anybody who he voted for.

  4. I am a retired military officer. I refused to vote while I served because I had to obey the orders of the Commander and Chief regardless of his/her political affiliation and I wanted to avoid any conflict of interest. I retired in 2013 and was excited to vote in 2016 but I sat it out. There was no way I could vote for Clinton and Trump’s mannerisms turned me off. A few month later I watched Trump’s first State of the Union address. The Democrats conducted themselves like petulant children and in that moment I realised that I made a bad decision. That moment left a huge impression in me so much so that later today I will cast my vote for Trump. He has earned my respect and my vote.

    • Gerald

      Well said. Same boat here, retired this year after 24 years. I also didn’t vote while serving as an Army Officer for the same reasons. I also didn’t vote in 2016 for the same reasons. I proudly voted early last week and look forward to many more opportunities. The behavior of the Democrats and the party’s movement toward the far left over the past 3-4 years is just despicable. I believe and hope that many more out there feel like we do, and are acting accordingly.

  5. Jason, my respect for you will not lessen because of your decision not to vote. Most of us were hoping this would be your first time. I don’t believe a vote for America as we know it makes one a partisan. I have several left leaning friends who’ve said their party has become so radical they can’t even recognize it. All but one is voting for Trump. Does their vote make them a partisan? Of course not. Bottom line, everyone has to go with their heart. Voting is important to me and I felt proud and gratified to do my part in supporting a man who keeps his promises…President Trump.

  6. I respect your decision. I respect you as a man. And I certainly respect your family that produced a fine Christian American like yourself. Although I disagree with that decision, it is your life. You have stuck by your beliefs and makes me respect you a little more. God bless you sir.

  7. Jason…while I can understand you’re reasoning, I hope one day you return to the voting booth. The feeling one gets to participate in this fundamental right is like no other as an American. That said, it’s clear you’re behind 45 and as long as you continue to write brilliantly your word influences many whi will vote today and I’m grateful for it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. The vast majority of politicians are sociopaths,…..some bordering psychopaths. Mix in the narcissism and we have the current state of the political class in this country.
    Trump is not of that class. He see’s the world looking to accomplish, not solidify and expand his own power. He has the narcissism, for sure, but not the rest of the baggage career politicians who couldn’t run a whore house on a Marine base carry.

  9. Thank you Jason! You speak for a lot of us. Voting in a Presidential election is a waste of time, unless you live in one of the 5-6 swing states. How many people preaching “go vote!” voted in the primaries when it would have actually made a difference?! (just ask Bernie…)Just another version of virtue signalling.

  10. Thank you Jason! You speak for a lot of us. Voting in a Presidential election is a waste of time, unless you live in one of the 5-6 swing states. How many people preaching “go vote!” voted in the primaries when it would have actually made a difference?! (just ask Bernie…) Telling people to vote is just another form of virtue signaling.

  11. As much as I would have loved to hear you break your non-voting streak to vote Trump, you won’t regret your decision. America will win this election. I also appreciate people who are not political who say common sense things about politics. Who say many of the same things that I do.

  12. All the hammer and sickle wielding “editorialists” — I won’t use the word journalist — vote. Be courageous enough to make a decision and stick with it. By not voting, you’re supporting the Deep State commies…

  13. You have every right to vote, and every right not to vote. As informed and intelligent as you are, I wish you would vote to help offset the uninformed idiots who vote without understanding who or what they are voting for because a celebrity told them to.

  14. I respect your choice to not vote, but think you should try it sometime. As a conservative in Minnesota I have been politically disenfranchised for over 30 years, but for some reason I still feel good after voting. Not everyone has this privilege. It’s one of the reasons the US is the destination of choice for refugees and immigrants around the world. We should all take advantage of the opportunity.

  15. I disagree, respectfully. Disagree because I believe your voice is important and influential and I think you should expand your use of the platform God has provided you. I respect your decision because regardless of my opinion, your position is reasoned, principled and consistent. Great article… hope you change your mind.

  16. Jason, you’re a Christian first. You’ve said so yourself. You made a list of the 5 things that define you, and I don’t recall being a journalist on that list.

    I love you and your columns. I love what you and Clay have done, and I don’t think you would have been able to bring Outkick as far as you have without Donald Trump.

    Join the movement. Keep America great. Don’t let the tide of the mainstream keep you from the true depths of where yourself, your company, and this country can go.

    Keep America great. Continue to help us improve. Vote today for our future.

    TRUMP 2020

  17. Thanks for sharing your view. It takes courage. My family from Missouri were all Democrats. My parents moved to LA in 1939. At 10 years old I saw JFK speak in LA. It hooked me to always vote. Reagan shifted me to
    Republican. Regardless of whether you vote I appreciate your life long process of an open mind that does not lock on a single idea. That is the key. Always seeking to grow and learn more.

  18. If you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice. For whatever reason, these are the freedoms we are awarded and that is the matter for what sacrifices have been made. Should we all come to respect that on the same level, we are a better country for it.

  19. Jason, you and I are almost always on the same page, but you lost me on this one. I used to be a non voter for similar reasons, but realized the error of my ways. Voting is a privilege you only appreciate when its gone. Not only is your vote important, but you just gave countless people who look up to you and whom you have actually influenced politically, a rationalized reason not to vote. Let’s influence people, then encourage them not to vote because politicians are liars. Worst column yet. I call bullshit on this one.

  20. You know what Jason, I actually gained more respect for you now. Followed you FS1 then to Outkick. I respect your decision not to vote, even though you really want to for Nov. 2020. I toured Afghanistan (2) and Iraq as for the Country by USAF. I don’t mind I went to the desert for your principles. You earned a yearly subscriber today. Keep it up and keep pushing forward.

    P.R.I.M.E B.E.E.F Civil Engineering. 05-13

  21. Like Jason Whitlock I am not voting this year. I understand how people view this as a privilege and as a precious right, and I respect people who vote. However, by not voting I am reminding myself that my welfare and my destiny ultimately are not shaped by some greedy and opportunistic politicians, but by my own choices in life and hard work, and ultimately charted by my good Lord and Savior.

  22. I respect your decision not to vote. I generally don’t vote, because I think most politicians (Republicans and Democrats) are lazy, unmotivated blowhards who can’t get a real job. But I voted for Trump because he ISN’T a politician and isn’t politically correct.

  23. As always you are able to put into words what so many of us feel and have trouble articulating. I’m on board other than your main point….not voting. I’m voting for Trump for many reasons you lay out. He’s not a politician. There’s good and bad with that but I think the good, his policies impacting us, are much better than those the Dems promote. And your comment about the media, well that’s another reason to vote for Trump. We are tired of divisiveness promoted by large media outlets, athletes and entertainers. So while my main reason to support Trump is “political” there’s a joy in watching CNN and MSNBC and late night comedians have a melt down.

  24. As always, I enjoy reading your insightful, thoughtful articles. Today, I disagree with your decision to abstain from voting. While I acknowledge it is a very personal issue and my opinion of your decision does not matter, I propose one simple reason to vote: many do not have that opportunity! Soldiers or first responders and the daily sacrifice they make (or the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf) help me hold sacred the right to vote! Much love, Jason. Be well.

  25. I don’t vote. I don’t envision myself ever voting unless one of two things happen.

    1 – Abolish the Electoral College.
    2 – I relocate to a swing state.

    I already know my state will do right. My vote will have no impact regardless of what I choose.

    • I used to be in favor of abolishing the Electoral College. Until it was pointed out to me that a few states with lax immigration laws, who open up their voting to non-citizens, namely California & New York, will end up choosing the president in perpetuity. If Texas & Florida turn blue, it may happen any way. But without the EC, it is a given. Perhaps a proportional system could be a compromise.

  26. I remember learning that you didn’t vote a few months ago, just a few weeks after joining the site, in fact you acknowledged it when I voiced my surprise.

    You have clearly shown with your 2020 writings that you see what is going on (the ends justify the means regardless among the left leadership, the incredible lack of courage (or dedication to greed) by almost all leaders in our society, the gradual march to making one who has faith in God a stigma, etc.).

    So, I am still very surprised you will not vote to oppose these actions you have so courageously and cleverly written about. But, you have done more to further the movement of truth then almost anyone this cycle, and for that you should be very proud Jason.

    I am proud to be an American, a Father and Husband, to believe in God, to have the wisdom to know what is right and to be a member of this website.

  27. Well stated Jason, but you should vote. Not because you agree with everything a politician says or does; or behaves personally – because freedom is only one generation away from being lost.

    Nobody votes For Socialism/Communism. It’s the lack of votes that allows authoritarianism to take hold. 2020 will be the biggest vote turnout in history. Trump will obtain the most votes by a winner in history. And electorally it will be close to Reagan in 1984.
    I wish Jason W was part of this historic event.

  28. “As a journalist, I don’t ever want to be defined as a political partisan. As a journalist, I value saying I’ve never voted.”

    I don’t agree with you not voting, but I do understand and respect your reasoning with you being a journalist. I appreciate you seeking to be unbiased, and you obviously take your job seriously. I hope you don’t regret your decision either, brother.👊🏻

  29. Jason, I am not questioning your decision about voting, and your writing is a truly great contribution toward increased understanding of the political environment we are facing.

    To me the there are two important reasons why every eligible voter should do so, even those who don’t bother to inform themselves on the issues (which you clearly do not fit):

    1) I think voting is the only way we have to truly pay homage to the founders of this country, as well as the colonists who died or impoverished themselves based only on faith that there would be men following them who would forge a country where the lasting freedom they sacrificed themselves for could endure.

    2) There have been other millions of Americans who have sacrificed, many with their lives, but also a lot whose hopes and dreams were impacted, or altered forever, because they answered the call to duty rather than finishing school or learning a trade (and I do not intend that as any kind of comment toward any who did not, or could not, serve).

    I simply believe that all Americans have a collective existential connection with those brave souls who have gone before us to do whatever is in our power to ensure the continuation of this great nation. Voting is the cornerstone of maintaining and honoring that connection.

    In this particular election, I do believe that failure to re-elect Trump will open the figurative Gates of Hell in terms of our continued existence as a federal republic.

    Thank you for all your wisdom and insight!

  30. JW: you speak about an evolving America. We, as humans are evolving as well. The fact that you have not voted previously and know how important this election is does not make your vote one of partisanship. It would show that you are America centric… not bi-partisan. This is my 57 year old brother’s first vote. That said you are always well thought out.

  31. Jason, if for no other reason than that a lot of people look up to you and respect your point of view on a variety of topics, myself included, I am anguished that you are not voting. You have made a compelling case for why one of the candidates is worth your vote (doesn’t matter which one) and participating in the voting process would be the courageous thing to do. Many minorities are beginning to understand that voting with the herd may not be in their best personal interests. You have been a persuasive voice in many attaining that understanding. I’m not a minority but you persuade me every day with your thoughtful insight and wisdom. Like it or not, you have become a voice for so many of us. Allowing that voice to culminate in a vote would be the greatest example you could provide to those who look to you for guidance. Sounds like Mama Lovie had a lot to do with the man you have become. What would Mama Lovie do?

  32. Jason,

    I want to tell you that as a leader of men, you should vote. I see in you the leadership qualities that i want all young people to emulate. Your vote is needed because you see the world as it is. I voted for Trump twice for precisely the same reasons you have described. We do not need more politicians and I could name dozens but that is not the point. We need people who want to come in and serve the USA for ten or twelve years and then go back home and work as the rest of us do. When you do not vote and show young people who you are and what you believe you get what we have today. People are a commodity and that commodity is a vote to get the politician power and many times wealth. We need people like you to stand up and be counted. People will follow your example.

  33. As I have suggested after a recent article on same topic, I hear your philosophy, quite sound as usual, but perhaps see it from another perspective. Agree that articles and critical thought processes are brave and on point, unmatched. But failing to vote is inconsistent with your “dragon energy”, and the duty you clearly embrace as a citizen to help save this country and its many cultures. You don’t have to endorse what is admittedly as a group morally corrupt politicians, nor reveal your personal choices. Yet as a powerful role model, which you are rapidly becoming to many young black children, it seems imperative to define brave words with brave citizenship. Voting would confirm your commitment to impacting those kids, their community, and culture, making your philosophies as fully powerful as they should be.
    DR MAC(nee VIP)

  34. Well, I guess you regret it, Jason. You’re a great guy and a sincere Christian. I admire you and support you. Not only do you need to start voting, you need to get heavily involved in politics. MLK got involved. Jackie Robinson got involved. Your journalist/thought leader voice is not diminished because you support candidates who believe in our vision of the USA.

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