Best of Whitlock: Black Pride Religion Ordained By White Liberals Taking Black People And America Straight To Hell

As a gift to OutKick’s loyal readers, we are proud to present some of Jason Whitlock’s best columns from 2020. Happy New Year. Enjoy!

The objection is to the culture, not the people. The objection is to the people manipulating and controlling the culture, not the people being manipulated and controlled. 

The puppet masters want you to read my words as a rebuke of black people. It’s a rebuke of the puppet masters, the organizers of the “Unapologetically Black Olympics” that I referenced last week in columns that explored comedian Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live monologue. 

I am repulsed by the people who have worked tirelessly for more than 400 years to convince black people that our skin color is our most prized asset and defining characteristic. This conceit originally led to our physical enslavement. It has now led to our mental enslavement. 

The stewards of the zeitgeist — i.e. the spirit, mood, characteristics of a particular time in history — have persuaded black people to pursue blackness above all else, above faith, intelligence and freedom. 

I object. Passionately. 

This blinding, irrational pursuit is leading to the destruction of black people and the destabilization of our country.

I object because I love black people, I love America and I love God.

I do not love the stewards of the zeitgeist, and they do not love me or any other black person who would dare object to their racist manipulation of black consciousness and black culture. 

The root of my disdain is biblical. Sixty years ago, the hallmark of black culture was religious faith. It carried us through slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynching and was the power source of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights Movement. 

In 1965, political sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored what would come to be known as the Moynihan Report, a study of The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. Written to influence President Lyndon Johnson’s policies regarding America’s black-white racial dilemma, the 16,000-word Moynihan Report spelled out the devastating impact of 350 years of racial oppression on the black family. It predicted that the growing matriarchy defining black culture would undermine the progress of black people in a Western society built for patriarchal families.

Today, the Moynihan Report reads like a biblical prophecy. Fifty-five years ago, Moynihan argued black people’s survival in America was a modern miracle.

“A lesser people might simply have died out, as indeed others have,” Moynihan wrote. 

We didn’t die out because of our religious faith, the world’s primary source of hope. Faith in a higher power made our spirit unbreakable.

The Moynihan Report was written to make the case that America should take extraordinary measures to invest in the black nuclear family. It was written as a rebuttal of President Johnson’s Great Society initiative. The Johnson administration disavowed the Moynihan Report and its author. The mainstream media spent the next several years framing Moynihan as a racist. 

Over the last 55 years, the stewards of American culture have worked to disconnect black people from our religious faith, our salvation. Black pride is our new religion. Our skin color and the degenerate behaviors white liberals have deemed as authentically black have become the hallmarks of black culture. There’s nothing blacker than repeatedly saying “nigga” in public spaces or having a baby mama/daddy or dealing drugs to survive poverty. The highest form of blackness is being a victim of racism, especially if it involves a white cop. 

According to the stewards of the zeitgeist, George Floyd is 100 times blacker than Dr. Ben Carson.  

Black entertainers are instructed to and rewarded for evangelizing for blackness and celebrating black victimhood. Being a victim of a racial slight often causes the victim to speak in tongues. Victimization is so coveted that some believers fake racial incidents and speak in forked tongues. 

Black Lives Matter is a mega church for the religion of blackness. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are pastors at the Nike denomination of BLM. It was James’ and Kaepernick’s responsibility to change the culture of sports from worship of God to worship of blackness.

Look at what has happened in our lifetime. As a child, the most frequent message you would see at a televised sporting event was a fan in the stands holding a sign reading “John 3:16.”

For God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in Him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Now, we are bombarded with messages promoting the salvation of loving blackness. Some NBA players wore jerseys with “Love Us” emblazoned on the back. Can they not recognize their narcissism? 

Loving a skin color, loving a millionaire black athlete, loving a black rapper improves the world? Really?

Salvation, justice and fairness are delivered through the love of God, not through the love of man regardless of his skin color. We used to understand this. Love, submission and obedience to God ended slavery and Jim Crow, and they will retard the last vestiges of American bigotry. 

White liberals have convinced black people to take God out of the equation and replace Him with Barack Obama, LeBron James, Dr. Harry Edwards, Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter and all the other approved symbols of unapologetic blackness.  

I object to this insanity. Love of my skin color is not America’s salvation. Random white people loving me is not the key to my happiness, freedom or success in this country. 

The worship of skin color creates a dangerous level of racial division. White liberals, socialists and communists are using black people to promote racial anarchy. Every tenet of Karl Marx’s political theory can be seen in the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The antipathy toward religion is the greatest tell. Marxism and its political soulmates, socialism and communism, cannot exist in a faith-based society or culture. 

Black people had been America’s religious backbone, our moral compass. This extends well beyond Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to men and women such as Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Bishop Richard Allen (founder of the AME church) and Adam Clayton Powell.  

The key to bringing down America and installing socialism and then communism is disconnecting black people from religion and connecting us to political theories hostile toward Christianity and other religions. 

The mission is nearly complete. Black Lives Matter is the final piece of the puzzle. Skin color and liberal politics are the new hallmarks of black culture. That’s why Pastor LeBron James preaches a regular BLM sermon. 

And that’s why I keep criticizing James. I don’t dislike James. I dislike the culture his handlers make him promote. It will lead to the destruction of black people and America.

Love Us or Love God?

The answer is easy for any person — black or white — who understands the history of America. God promises love. America promises freedom. We’re looking for love in the wrong places. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. And content right there is why I invested.

    To make the claim that investing in the black nuclear family is deemed ‘racist’. I’m beginning to see how nefarious that word actually is. How long until white liberals state that believing in Jesus Christ is deemed ‘racist’?

    • They already targeted churches and statues of Jesus – they’ve started claiming Jesus as a white man is ‘racist’ already. They have absolutely zero nuance and understanding of history. When Europeans depicted Jesus as white, they were doing something that every other culture did. Zoroaster was depicted as an Iranian, because the ancient Persians/Iranians were mostly Zoroastrians before the Islamic Conquests. Well, there is no agreed upon understanding of WHO Zoroaster was, or when he even lived, or if he even lived at all. The Romans and Greeks depicted their gods as bearded and wisened old white Europeans that couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants. Europeans depicting Jesus as white is in the same vein, and the overwhelming majority of people who lived for hundreds and hundreds of years in Christian Europe never so much as saw someone that didn’t look like them. Why the hell would they depict Jesus correctly, when they had collectively barely any understanding of Semitic people? It’s NOT racism, it’s ignorance [through no fault of their own]. And it’s the exact same as every other culture. Leftists, though, are completely incapable or unwilling to understand this. Racism is called on everything they hate. They are part of the LCD of the American public.

      • Ray and Feddy, I like your posts………and as far as leftists labeling everything “racist”, Ibrim Kendi, the race baiter who got paid $10 million to continue race baiting by twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is completely out of control (anyone can search this, Twitter not only promotes racism on its site, it literally funds it with millions of dollars). I guess Kendi wants another $10million because he actually labeled the term “legal vote” as racist. So I guess if we even so much as say the phrase “legal vote” we’re racist. And the purple haired white kids believe this sh#% and will riot more.

      • {” Racism is called on everything they hate”}

        Funny how the Dems and the Left can deem a ham sandwich racist and it will stick.
        This will not change as long as it is effective. The destruction of the nuclear family, the war on Christianity, and the promotion of abortion among minorities has had a devastating effect on minority communities.
        Black and people in general tend to like being called and portrayed as “victims.” For blacks it allows them to do, say, and get away with doing bad things. Thankfully, recently thousands of black, Hispanic and other minorities have rejected that mentality, but not nearly enough.
        The Liberal, socialist, Marxist movement that is impacting this country and the world is evil.
        Unless people come together to stand and fight against it, all freedom and liberty is doomed.

  2. Promoting your religious beliefs in a post game interview gets glossed over pretty quickly, if you’re Tim Tebow. Imagine the immensity of Bron Bron’s platform and what he could do with it if he was as socially aware as Big Sexy! Great Work, JW!

  3. The greatest thing about America is that we are a merit based society. Every race, religion, sex, new version of made up sex, etc. is represented at the highest levels of wealth, fame, and power in this country. All you have to do is work hard, and have faith in God, knowing He has faith in you.

    There is no America without Christianity. It’s what we are founded on. We’re not a perfect society, but we aspire to be. Sometimes we get it wrong, most of the time we get it right.

    Whitlock continues to profess this simple truth, but does so from a platform of faith and freedom. He’s not afraid to say what he knows is right. He’s afraid that if he doesn’t, and moreover if more of us don’t, we will lose our faith, which will lead to our loss of freedom.

    Keep up the great work Jason.

  4. We have to fight back against the evils of big tech, big leftist government, fake news media and the Hollywood Hezbullah sub dividing us and spewing hate. We are one race, the human race and we must all come together to fight this powerful force of death, destruction an despair in the name of freedom. Keep fighting for truth, Jason.

  5. Jason always finds a way to speak through the garbage and get to the heart of the matter, and I would love to see a debate with him and these destroying this country. Social media is a big part of the problem as they are not pro religion, but the exact opposite.

  6. This is precisely why I also became a supporter of this website, for content like this from Jason Whitlock. Years from now, and I’m kinda worried to imagine America in ten years at the rate we’re going, Whitlock’s columns will still be referenced as pure truth spoken against power. Love it Jason…

  7. Moynihan was a real liberal , (now extinct), would be unelectable in today’s New York Democrat party. LBJ , which I’ve studied deeply as a U.S. History teacher, replaced the black Male with the public assistance check, and cemented a voting block. Jackson,Sharpton, etc. created a business model for race peddling. Obama is the most dubious of all. He could have ended this “race industry” but expanded it. He’ll die a billionaire. Can anyone in their right mind say race relations are better today than in 2008? They were pretty good in 2008. Enter one Barack Obama!

      • You said it, Steve. And if the cheaters are allowed to win, the here comes “The Waters of America 2.0” whereby Midwest farmers and Western ranchers had the gov’t controlling water on THEIR water like lakes, ponds and streams…and CRUSHING it with ridiculous regulations. Guess some of the Outback staff doesn’t remember those good ol’ days.
        I’m a NYer whose been getting shitted on most of my life in an eternal BLUE state..but I still feel for the folks in the free states. Let’s see what happens with China Joe. He’s a BIG supporter of Midwest farmers and Western ranchers? I think so…he says so.

  8. Thanks so much for the outstanding thought provoking writing Jason. Really appreciate a website that says things well, unafraid of the offending the woke or the sensitive. Well done Outkick Team!

  9. Well stated, Jason. The race hustlers do what they do for big money. Much of the blame for racial division can be laid at the feet of the media and big tech. Academia is made up of godless professors.

  10. Jason, you never needed “The Undefeated”. Let’s face it you are the “the Undefeated”. Everything you tried to do over there is succeeding here tenfold. I don’t believe the writers over there would ever have embraced the diversity of thought that you espouse. I for one am so glad you left that cesspool, except a few live sporting events I haven’t watched a second of programming that garbage network televises.

  11. i love the way Jason writes. i love his passion. i love that he is seeing hypocrisy in pop culture. i wonder when he will write about ‘black’ people taking responsibility for their ‘manipulated’ beliefs and notions?

    barrack O and Lebron are the same. they believe they are special and above regular people. no white liberal convinced them. they believe it in themselves. white liberals made it easier for them. barrack doesn’t handle criticisms of any kind, and neither can Lebron handle criticism. why? because white and muslim and jewish liberals covered for them and still do.

    they know exactly what they stand for and its no different than the tech mega liberals, warren buffet and mike bloomberg. they each want to rule over the masses. its no different than Longshanks in Merry old England in the 16th century.

    jason needs to stop making excuses for Lebron and other black people that are ‘authoritarians’ like Obama.

  12. I think the good lord above looks down on this article and smiles. Maybe he has a massive OutKick subscription going on with his angels to read Whitlock sticking up for freedom of religion.

  13. JLWhitlock & the Black Pride Religion: “Black Lives Matter is a mega church for the religion of blackness. LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are pastors at the Nike denomination of BLM. It was James’ and Kaepernick’s responsibility to change the culture of sports from worship of God to worship of blackness.”

    Jason speaking with Clay about Mark Jones (Hi-profile BLM convert): “I think it’s proof that he hasn’t lost his mind. It may be proof that he actually has all his faculties and has been incentivized to use them to promote Black Lives Matter and that there are rewards, financial rewards, for supporting Black Lives Matter and for saying things that, to some people, seem unhinged, but to the Black Lives Matter crowd is actually the proper thing to say.

    And so it goes…and so we get our just deserts (only 1 ‘s’). We’ve taken what was given to us…to all Americans…and I mean ALL Americans…and we’ve scoffed at what those who came before us (no matter what race, creed, color) had to do to create the greatest human experiment of multi-racial living in the whole world. No place else would what was built here ever have been created. Look anywhere in the world…could the idea of America have been created anywhere else?

    Nor did H.L. Mencken say, precisely: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
    What Mencken (1880-1956) did write, in the Sept. 19, 1926 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune, was: “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”
    From “The Stupidity of the Ages” by Robert Kahn
    Courthouse 11/16/17

    “Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

  14. Moynihan may have been the last smart and truly honest politician. He saw the dangers of Johnson’s plan and articulated them loudly and clearly. Similar to today, no one was in the mood to listen. Jason does his research. I only know because I actually lived through it.

  15. It breaks my heart that so many people will read this and refute it out of hand, because it does not fit the narrative. It breaks my heart that so many people will call you names and send threats to you. While I absolutely agree with your premises and arguments, it still makes me sad that so much evil will continue to be perpetrated on so many people in the name of …. progress 🙁

    • Great post! Was watching NewsMax last night (love the channel) with a report on the 2 Republican senators in Wayne County (Detroit) who buckled to certify the presidential vote in that county. Turns out (of course) a series of clips was shown of mostly black people screaming threats had this intimidated duo not certified the vote what bad things would be happening to them. This is where we live … threats and intimidation from the left.

  16. Jason, thank you for exposing the evil of the white liberals. So many are afraid of the white liberals but you are not. The handlers of Lebron James, Kaepernick, and other athletes and entertainers are sickening. White liberals in big tech and media have no shame. They don’t give a fuc#% about the inner cities which have been destroyed in riots they helped promote. The white liberals don’t give a fu%# about the children who were killed this past year. (and these athletes remain clueless. They are clueless that their handlers have no faith in God. They are clueless that their handlers want to create a Marxist orwellian nightmare of a country)……And of all the white liberals, I might add, Jack Dorsey is by far the sickest in my opinion. His twitter algorithms that give thousands of likes and retweets to addicts for attention like Jemele are out of control

  17. JW is spot on. If you want to see how popular black culture has descended into the gutter, compare the music charts from the 1960’s & ’70’s to today. We used to have Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, the Supremes, Issac Hayes, Al Green, Bill Withers, Barry White…the list is endless. Today, with the exception of Bruno Mars, almost every hip hop/rap song on the charts requires the “explicit lyrics” warning. Compare Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia” to Cardi B’s “WAP (Wet Ass P*ssy), and you’ll see where the culture has gone. And you can thank the mostly white-run record companies for putting out such garbage, which has influenced impressionable youngsters of all ages & races.

    • Nailed it, Paul. I am a geezer who graduated high school in 1975 and absolutely loved the music of those black artists you listed, along with many more. You are not “real” or do not have “street cred” today in “music (sorry for all the quote marks, but to me these things do not exist)” unless going off on lyrics glorifying sex, drugs, pimping, ho’s, rides, jewelry and obviously profanity taken to the max. Pathetic.

  18. “Who raised these guys to get inside of other people’s head and see if people like them.” – Curtis Scoon. Jason, you can see in the 2 interviews you did with Scoon how the old, successful mindset clashes with this new absurd church that has overrun black pop culture and sports.

    Dr. Umar, Maj Toure, Scoon, JW, you guys are fighting an uphill battle, but I think you’ll win. The young people like the message, especially the young men I show in class.

  19. Thank you Jason for your dedication again helping to save America and the church. Within the church there is so much deception on this topic. I’ve been meeting with a group for 20 years influential successful business leaders and we’re talking about this topic this Sunday so very timely. Some are confused by the culture, but I am not because I’ve been reading your columns and doing research. Also watch Shelby Steele “What killed Michael Brown” on YouTube for a great analysis. Using race for power is what Ibram Xendi is doing. As you say it’s like we’re in a time warp we’ve regressed 50 years.

  20. Jason, thank you for reinforcing Galations 3:28. I hope you will write a book, or, at a minimum, publish an anthology of your essays on the current culture. Outkick has a great audience, but many more need to hear the truth. God bless you

  21. The only way you are going to get the attention of the social media left is to get off Twitter, Facebook When you hit their pocketbooks you will get their attention. Just do not give them the information or the ability to show advertisers their attendance base and watch what happens. BTW, who gives a flip about the NBA Draft tonight?

  22. Jason, I used to enjoy the opinion section of the newspaper where some our best writers could be found. Buckley, Sowell, Krauthammer, et al. But now I avoid it because it has been replaced with a version of “who is the most virtuous” as writers compete for a place in the Wokegeist.
    The last sportswriter that wrote because he had something to say was Dick Schapp. Before him, Red Smith. Your writing this year has placed you in the pantheon of great writers who best represent their times- – not because their thoughts are common but because they are uncommon but nail the times for which they’re written. I confess my love of sports has diminished to the point I am not sure I even like sports anymore, but I subscribe because a voice like yours rare, true, must be supported.
    Rumble young man, rumble!

  23. Just read this column by JW. Just subscribed as a VIP member. Anyone who’s thinks and writes like this needs everyone’s support…financial and verbal. Love seeing him on Tucker Carlson…I am 100% behind you, JW. Keep up the good fight. We need more men and women like you in this battle for freedom…and, yes, God is in the center.

  24. Rest assured, Kamala, Mark (Facebook), Jack (Twitter), Chuck, Nancy et al will do their best to cancel JW, Clay and anyone on this board who dares speak out against them. They’re political fascists, they’ve existed all over the world for over 100 years, and they’re close to taking control in the US. It’s more important than ever to expose them to the mushy middle, who are clueless about their objectives, who helped put them into power. We’re on the right side of history because we believe ALL voices should be heard. They believe only THEIR “righteous” opinions deserve to be spoken. Remember the days when it was the liberals who thought that? Everything has flipped.

  25. Jason you are so right I don’t that the BLM movement doesn’t speak for the majority of Black people . When polled 85 % Blacks want more police in there neighborhoods .Not to define them .The White liberals media with the help of there black uncle Toms and big tech .Try to tell the Black community how to think . Jason the freedom of Religion is the back bone of our constitution .Our faith in God as lead this county though the hardest of time the Civil War WW 1 The great depression WW 2 the Killing MLK .This being a Christian nation and Jesus teaching love thy neighbor as the great commission .The white
    and black Marxist along with Face Book Twitter Google and the Media have to turn Black against White Gay against straight Feminist against Man it go on and on .To get what the won’t the have to destroy the Christian Church . The Marxist are Atheist they don’t believe in GOD but the fear the power of God .

  26. The only problem with Whitlock’s work is that it’s too intelligent for many people to comprehend. Ants marching don’t realize their psychology is slowing being hijacked and with it so are the values USA was built on.

  27. This is universal. Yes it’s prevalent in the Black community but it is in the Hispanic community and even with whites. We have become a humanistic hedonistic society where God has been eliminated by the Left and the Dems. They booed God for crying out loud at their convention. Government is now their god.

  28. This is just another example of why I am a paid subscriber…thanks for being a beacon of hope and reason, and for being a believer. America was founded as a Christian nation and we have strayed. Good will overcome Evil.

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