White House Goes Back To COVID Briefings As Inflation, Gas Prices Jump

The Biden administration is back to holding COVID-19 briefings as Americans are challenged by gas prices, a plunging stock market and a lack of baby formula on store shelves.

Hosting CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and a council of advisors, the White House held its first briefing on COVID in six weeks.

On Wednesday, Walensky gave updates on the higher COVID counts across the nation and recommended Americans start masking indoors.

She said, via The New York Times, “We urge local leaders to encourage the use of prevention strategies like masking in public indoor settings and increasing access to testing and treatment for individuals.”

President Biden and the administration were back to labeling COVID as a dominant issue in America despite relatively low death rates.

As inflation jumps as a prominent topic of discussion in America, the Biden administration and CDC are concurrently pushing for Congress to pass a $22 billion COVID bill — providing funds for more vaccines and COVID treatment.

When former President Donald Trump left office at the start of 2021, the nation’s COVID death total was handed off at 400,000.

The death total surpassed 1 million on Wednesday.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Guided by Kevin Harlan on one shoulder, Eli Manning on the other, Alejandro joins the OutKick community with an authentic passion for sports, pop culture, America and episodes of Jeopardy!


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