When Will Sooners & Longhorns Debut In SEC?

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The Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns are already included in the SEC meetings, as they should be.

But when will they catch their first snap?

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  1. These schools entering the “Conference Transfer Portal” should take no longer than 12-18 months max from sealing the deal. All the silly buy-out fees are just “monopoly money”. That schools stay where they and the rest of the schools involved don’t want them to be is silly.
    Schedules can be rearranged with an hour of keystrokes and phone calls. And while they are at it … get rid of all the stoopid “divisions” and keep all the traditional rivalries. Get all the parties involved in one room & lock the doors … no one leaves until all the issues are settled. … GEEEZZZZZZ!

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