‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fred Comes To Pat Sajak’s Defense Over Unhinged Wrestling Move Assault*: ‘I Loved It’

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fred, who was thrown into a vicious chicken wing wrestling move, is speaking out about the Pat Sajak moment that has ROCKED the Internet, and my inbox where people are FURIOUS.

Fred Jackson, who is a drama teacher and pro wrestler, came to Sajak’s defense during an exclusive interview with TMZ where the ‘Wheel’ winner — he solved every puzzle and took home a stout $75,800 in winnings — praised Sajak’s wrestling prowess.

“As the guy he was putting in that hold, I loved that moment. L-O-V-E in capital letters,” Jackson told TMZ. “That was one of the biggest highlights of the show. From my perspective to see the criticism he’s getting online is a little unfair. I was the one who was put in the hold and I was perfectly OK with it and I loved it.”

Look at Sajak trying to get Fred to tap out. Give back the money, Fred! / Twitter

“To call it cringe and call for his retirement, that’s taking it a little too seriously, I think,” Fred added.

Woah, woah, woah…people were calling for Sajak’s retirement over the chicken wing assault? I totally missed that one while fending off the haters who came after me for writing parody over Sajak’s violent attack that had Fred screaming in agony.

Fred says that the magical moment everyone’s talking about was “completely organic” and exactly as you saw it on the show. The guy who’s trained in amateur wrestling says he tried to counter Sajak’s chicken wing move, but the crafty veteran had it locked in so tight that Fred was left hopeless.

“I wasn’t going anywhere. He’s way stronger than he looks,” Fred said of the legendary show host. “I tried to fight out, but he had me so tight that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“That doesn’t mean it hurt necessarily, it just means that he has a much bigger knack for pro wrestling than I think anyone would give him credit for.”

Could Pat Sajak land a Wrestlemania guest spot after how he manhandled ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fred? People are asking the question. / Twitter

Folks, do you hear what I’m hearing from Fred? That’s right, Pat Sajak should be hired to make a guest appearance at Wrestlemania 39 next weekend, April 1-2, at SoFi Stadium, which just happens to be in Los Angeles where Sajak’s ‘Wheel’ show calls home.

Listen, I’ve seen the numbers that Sajak’s doing on Google Analytics and it’s clear to me AND Fred that WWE needs to at least reach out and gauge Pat’s interest in hammer-locking some WWE wrestler.

The guy is on a Google Trends heater right now. The WWE should at least explore whether Pat’s available.

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