Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ruins ’70s Song With Wrong Guess

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A Wheel of Fortune contestant had some bad luck Thursday night after a gaffe involving a popular ’70s song cost her some big (Eddie) money.

Contestant Antoinette Myers was on an absolute roll during her round. After guessing the letter “T” at $600 a pop she continued on for TWELVE more spins (9 consonants while buying 3 vowels) while also landing prizes of a trip to Hawaii, $1 million if she ended up winning the whole show, and an XL Wedge. In total she had $13,600 on one puzzle alone!

All she had to do to get all that money was NOT this:

Oh. No.

Yes, Eddie Money is spinning in his grave as Antoinette managed to miss out on making some actual money for failing to name one of Eddie’s classic songs. The crowd immediately knew it as they groaned out loud. Meanwhile, the next contestant has a smirk on her face like “you idiot!”

It’s always easy to criticize from the comfort of our couches. Was she nervous? Was it just a brain fart? Did the bright lights and the prospect of winning some nice money overtake any sense of logic?

Doesn’t look like it. Because she wanted to buy a “U.” And in that moment, Eddie Money’s legacy was ruined.

A Wheel of Fortune contestant made a gaffe by not being able to answer a popular 70’s song title from Eddie Money. (Wheel of Fortune / ABC)


Two tickets to paradise?

More like two tickets to NOWHERE.

Antoinette ended up not only losing all the prizes in that round, but also didn’t make it to the final bonus round.

Kind of like going from having multiple gold records to playing a local Elks lodge.

You can be sure that Antoinette is going to be mortified any time she hears Money’s signature song from here on out.

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