What We Love About The NFL

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You’re about to read some of the reasons why OutKick loves the NFL. And we do.

What’s not to love? There’s “football weather” and cold beers in warm living rooms. Hot dogs and hot girls. Burgers and buddies. First downs and fights.

There’s making memories on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and on that other national holiday — Super Bowl Sunday.

The Cincinnati Bengals dance team. (Getty Images)

All of that is awesome and amazing. But that’s not my reason for loving the NFL.

This is:

The NFL did for me as it has done for countless people that were blessed enough to have a game become something much, much more. The NFL allowed me to see what’s possible in this life and I love that.

NFL Presents Opportunities To Earn Confidence, Display Courage

Football was my nanny when 10-year-old me sat and watched games alone on Sunday while my mother and father were out working, trying to make sure we could eat on Monday.

The NFL was my ticket out of poverty because although I have no athletic talent so I could escape to the field — as so many boys from poor neighborhoods have — I escaped to a keyboard. And words. And relationships.

All of those allowed me to be around the game and cover the game. And, amazingly, be paid for it.

The NFL helped me pay off my student loans. It helped me buy my first house. It helped me buy my wife a meal on our first date before she was even my girlfriend.

Miami Dolphins mascot T.D. does pushups with a local law enforcement officer. (Getty Images)

The NFL didn’t know any of this, but the fact someone wanted to know about its teams gave me a career path which put money in my bank account. That’s also what it did for countless players, coaches, trainers, cooks, drivers, security people, CEOs, business people, lawyers and even some former criminals.

This, by the way, isn’t all about money even though sometimes it seems the NFL is itself mostly about money.

The NFL gave me confidence. Because 23-year-old me could work up the nerve to ask Don Shula a football question, and he’d answer it.

The NFL showed me a new level of respect. Because it didn’t matter to most people that I wasn’t from this country as long as I knew about this country’s favorite game.


And the NFL showed me courage. Because sometimes 300-pound men play poorly and I had to walk in their locker room the next day and be accountable after heralding that fact to the world.

I love the NFL. It has, in many respects, made me who I am and given me the life I lead.

What’s not to love about that?

More Reasons To Love The NFL

Now I’ll pass the keyboard to some of my OutKick colleagues…

BILL GRAFF, OutKick Editor

I watched the Super Bowl in 1969 with my father and his father.  My Pop Pop, my Dad, Joe Namath and Emerson Boozer made me a Jet fan. Every August, I believe that the Jets have solved their problems and will finally become a playoff contender. By the end of September, I have my fantasy teams and Draft Kings and Fan Duel and 12 hours every Sunday to dive into the most compelling competition in sports. And I get to watch the Jets every week.  


Football was invented in America and represents everything great about this country. It brings people together, from all walks of life, to watch only the best in the world compete on the biggest stage. It’s a literal battle for territory where only those who work the hardest can survive at the highest level. Football is America. America is football. And that’s a great thing.


Capable of challenging church attendance in America for 18 weeks straight (+5 for the postseason), NFL football’s impact remains king.

A Cowboys fan holds a sign. (Getty Images)

From the disappointment of a narrow fantasy football loss to the pleasures of watching your team beat the Dallas Cowboys, only NFL football can bring this level of catharsis among grown men.

Plus, that FOX NFL Sunday theme … my goodness.


I love football because of the allegiances it forms. I bleed scarlet and gray on Saturdays and orange and brown on Sundays. (I bleed a lot more on Sundays. Thanks, Haslam family.) Being from the Buckeye state, I was taught to hate maize and blue since the first time I did a Michigan in my diaper. As for Pittsburgh, I’d rather succumb to dehydration than drink Iron City beer.  

MATT REIGLE, OutKick Writer

The great thing about the start of the NFL season is that half of my weekend schedule is thoroughly booked until early next year. Nothing but a great time with friends and family every Sunday for months. Also, I love how it’s a signal that there’s only about a month until the NHL regular season, but that’s just me.

Written by Armando Salguero


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  1. I loved the NFL for years, going back to watching my beloved Eagles at Franklin Field (Bednarik, Brookshier, Timmy Brown, etc.). They lost me when they went woke, lecturing People on “systemic racism”.

  2. I understand that the NFL has presented great opportunities for some and I’m happy for your success. Lately, however it is indistinguishable from BLM and other Marxist organizations as they try to shove their “virtue” down our throats. As a lifetime Broncos fan and season ticket holder, I walked away from the NFL two years ago and never looked back. I’m one of millions and it shows in the decline in viewership.

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