What Was That? Seahawks Punt Twice On Same Play

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Thursday night’s Rams – Seahawks game featured more than just incredibly ugly Seattle uniforms. The weeknight tilt provided one of the most unique special teams plays in recent memory, if not ever. In the third quarter of the Seattle’s 26-17 loss, Seahawks punter Michael Dickson booted the pigskin twice on the same play, within six seconds.

Trailing by nine with just over three minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Dickson took a snap from his own 7-yard line, kicked the ball and had it blocked, sending both teams scrambling for the ball. Seconds later, Dickson recovered the loose ball and put toe to leather for a second time in less time than it takes to pause the DVR. The end result, a 68-yard punt that pinned Los Angeles at their own 11-yard line.

Officials immediately threw a flag, then gathered after the play to do that thing where they huddle for way too long, probably admit to each other they have no idea what just happened, and instead make post-game dinner plans.

Eventually, officials ruled that there was no penalty on the play and Dickson’s unusual two-for-one was somehow legal. NFL rules state that two punts can occur on the same play as long as both occur behind the line of scrimmage. Whether Dickson’s second bomb took place after he crossed the line is up for debate.

Pat McAfee’s marketing team can’t print the 2 punts,1 foot t-shirts soon enough.


Written by Anthony Farris


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