What Happened To Dan Bilzerian’s Book Deal?

Dan Bilzerian is now penning his own autobiography after his memoir that was bought by Simon and Schuster imprint Gallery fell through when Dan read the book and didn’t like it, according to the NY Post. The original book title was supposed to be called “Blitz” and tell Dan’s craziest stories. Now here we are in 2020 and Dan scrapped that book and says he’ll do it himself.

But a source tells us that the deal — brokered by UTA agent Byrd Leavell — went up in smoke because Bilzerian was too busy with his hot tub pals to actually write the book, and never delivered a manuscript. (Leavell tells us he did this deal before he joined UTA, when he had his own agency.)

But a rep for Bilzerian told us that isn’t how it went down at all. “[Simon and Schuster] finished a ghost-written book which Dan wasn’t happy with,” said the rep, “so he returned the advance and wrote the book himself — no ghostwriter — and he intends to self-publish.”

Dan, 39, announced back in April that he would take on the project and even asked his Instagram fans for book title suggestions and offered $5,000 to the best title. Think back to when you were in high school and you’d pick the book with all the photos in the middle because it would cut down on how many pages you actually had to read. I’m expecting the same out of this book — give us like 350 pages of photos and a max of 50 written pages. And I’m thinking one-sentence pages at the end of chapters. I need at least one hot tub story. One gun story. You get the idea, I don’t want too much out of Dan because I feel like it’s going to get old real fast. Moral of the story: pics. Lots of pics.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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