What Could Have Been: Durant Squashed Potential Irving – Simmons Trade

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America’s least favorite hot-take machine, Steven A. Smith, was at it again Wednesday. Riding the high that came after his former sidekick was shown the door, an exuberant Steven A. set NBA twitter ablaze when he made the claim that Kevin Durant stopped the Nets from swapping Kyrie Irving for 76ers problem child, Ben Simmons.

“I assure you, if it were not for Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets would be interested in making that deal,” screamed Smith.

Appearing Wednesday morning on ESPN’s First Take, Steven A. assured co-host Kendrick Perkins that a Brooklyn – Philly trade was all but done before Kevin Durant stepped in: “Here’s another thing that could’ve happened! Kyrie could have ended up in Philly. Sean Marks couldn’t do that because KD wasn’t having it. KD wasn’t having it. KD like, ‘Kyrie ain’t going no damn place!’ Let me tell you something right now, Philadelphia might’ve said no, but I assure you, I assure you, if it were not for Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets would be interested in making that deal.”

Had the deal gone through, the Sixers likely would’ve found themselves in an awkward situation. In recent weeks, those around Irving have made it known that the talented flat-earther would retire if he was dealt away from the Nets.

If you believe Steven A., who never saw a camera he didn’t want to yell into, Durant kept Irving from calling it a career.

Durant’s front office power play must have NBA contenders elated. The prospect of facing a Brooklyn big three of All-NBA performers Durant, Simmons and James Harden would seem too daunting a task for any team in the post-Jordan NBA.



Written by Anthony Farris

Anthony is a former high school basketball intramural champion who played a leading role in creating two offspring. He spends his weekends hoping for an MTV Rock N' Jock revival.

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