What Are The Going Cameo Rates For Various College Football Stars?

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College athletes can now profit off their name, image and likeness. I feel like I’ve written some variation of that sentence 500 times by now, but I can almost guarantee you we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface for how many times it’s about to be brought up now that it’s official.

One of the ways that those athletes, especially college football players, can earn a profit is by providing a quick, easy shoutout on Cameo. For a small fee, you can have a college football player give you or someone you know a personal video of a shared message.

We’ve already seen this with celebrities. You can get a personalized message from almost anyone nowadays. Back in February of 2020, one of my brother’s co-workers even got Dylan Playfair, who plays Reilly on the hit T.V. show Letterkenny, to give their work crew a shoutout.

Side note: If you haven’t seen Letterkenny, I highly recommend it. Fantastic humor.

Interestingly enough though, the Twitter account for 247Sports recently broke down some of the going rates for top college football stars, including Big 12 standouts Bijan Robinson and Spencer Rattler. As you can imagine, the prices vary drastically.

Obviously, these aren’t the only players who are charging on Cameo. We found out on Tuesday that Texas quarterback Casey Thompson is linked up as well, but he’s planning to donate his profits to fight childhood hunger.

Paying only $25 for Malachi Moore is quite a bang for your buck, especially compared to some of the others. The Alabama defensive back may not play one of the big-ticket positions in college football, but he’s quickly becoming one of the nation’s top emerging stars on defense.

For any Texas or Oklahoma fans out there, how do those prices look for Robinson and Rattler? Would you be willing to pay that for a 30-second shoutout from one of your favorite players, or is that too steep?

Just curious.

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