WFT President Says Team ‘Won’t Use Random-[Expletive] Bird’ Name. Any Ideas?

The Washington Football Team is still sorting through thousands of fan submissions for its next team name and logo. It’s hard to trust the team to pick a good one and the team president, Jason Wright, just eliminated a bunch of good options.

“We need something that’s connected to the history of the club or to the area or to something else that is meaningful to the fanbase already, meaningful to the area, etc,” Wright said on 106.7 The Fan. “So picking some random-[expletive] bird mascot doesn’t feel like the right approach.”

Got it, no (insert a bad word) birds allowed.

Instead of a bird, Wright said the team’s research has shown that fans want the organization to “convey aggression, of boldness, of edginess.” That sounds like a great horned owl. Oh well, can’t use that.

Wright did say the team will keep its signature burgundy and gold colors. This brings me to an idea. Wright loves burgundy and hates birds, right? So, why not go with the Washington Theraphosa Stirmis in homage to the species known as the “burgundy goliath bird eaters.”

Let me know if this creepy thing is bold and edgy enough for you guys in D.C.

The football team is expected to make a decision in 2021 whether it will keep the name Football Team or go for something cooler (doubt it).

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • I agree. Simple. Clear. Accurate. It appeals to the non-sports fans who want to try talking sports with the fellas at work. “Did I watch the game last night? Which one? Oh, uh, the Washington…Football…Team? Yeah that one.”

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