West Virginia Horse Race Ending Bad Beat Has People Thinking Conspiracy

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Condolences if you had the No. 9 horse — River Crosroad Rvf — Thursday night in the 7th at Race Charles Town track in Charles Town, West Virginia. We’re talking a seven length lead headed into the final turn for Rvf…until the horse decides to take an exit from the race and what appears to be an open gate.

Track announcer Paul Espinosa Jr. tried to explain what happened to all the conspiracy theorists and says Rvf is used to coming on and off the track at that spot. Paul’s theory is that the horse was making just its second career start and just bolted towards his stall.

Paul also notes that there’s a pretty big drop-off near the area where Rvf bolted towards and doesn’t think a rider would risk making such a move with his life on the line if something went bad. Take it for what it’s worth. You decide.

Watch this:

Race 7 results

Written by Joe Kinsey

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