Injured Carson Wentz Unable To Finish Game Against LA Rams

Carson Wentz went down in the fourth quarter against the new-look, Matthew Stafford-led Los Angeles Rams. Aaron Donald sacked Wentz on the play, forcing the Colts QB to land on his right leg in an awkward fashion.

Early reports of the injury labeled it a “high ankle sprain.” Wentz was shown hobbling alongside medical personnel attempting to walk off the injury but visibly frustrated throughout his evaluation.

Wentz stayed sidelined for the Colts’ final drive of the game — down three, 27-24, and with less than two minutes to play. Former Washington quarterback Jacob Eason stepped in to commandeer the offense on a potential game-winning drive but was picked off by Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Los Angeles held on to win the game by three.

Indy Pro Bowl guard Quenton Nelson spoke on the injury to Wentz in a post-game interview and spread some accountability for the offensive line’s sub-par performance against Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd and co.

“If we give him more time, he can play better than he already is,” said Nelson, as confirmation of the injury’s severity and status for Week 3 looms. The Colts are set to face off against the Tennessee Titans.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. One thing Wentz has that you do not want in a QB is fearlessness. If you’re fearless at QB you’re going to get hit, get hurt and not be able to help your team. You simply cannot take hits in the NFL and stay on the field. 17 games of hits add up quickly and compound late in the season. He runs and dives headfirst and takes hits rather than throwing it away. Gotta stop it. It won’t last. Look at all the best QBs, they get rid of the ball and don’t take unnecessary hits. Throwing it away is a far better outcome than taking a sack. If it’s not there get rid of it. He could be a much better QB is he forgot about scrambling, but he’s stubborn. Jake Locker was the same way and didn’t last.

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