Two Words to Sum Up Each Week 2 NFL Game

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As we said after the first Sunday of the NFL season, life can be succinctly summarized in two words. And so can NFL games.

Here are two words to describe each Week 2 game:

Football Team 30, Giants 29

Awful coaching.

Bears 20, Bengals 17

Not Andy!

Browns 31, Texans 21

Two incompletions.

Rams 27, Colts 24

Injured again.

Bills 35, Dolphins 0

AFC favorites.

Patriots 25, Jets 6

Seeing ghosts.

49ers 17, Eagles 11

It Hurts.

Raiders 26, Steelers 17

Carr show.

Panthers 26, Saints 7

Bad Jameis.

Broncos 23, Jaguars 13

Seeing USC?

Cardinals 34, Vikings 33

MVP Murray

Bucs 48, Falcons 25

Batman. Robin.

Cowboys 20, Chargers 17

56 yards.

Titans 33, Seahawks 30

The King.

Ravens 36, Chiefs 35

Average roster:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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