Week 14 Bets: Bad News For Chiefs

Week 13 is here. Before you make your bets, check out our weekly AFC and NFC breakdowns. 

Sign up to bet on all the games here at the FanDuel SportsBook. Here are my favorite bets of the week:

Chiefs at Dolphins (+7)

Uhh, are they giving this away? Though Vegas continues to make the Chiefs a large favorite every week, they don’t cover. Instead, they barely win.

Over the past four weeks, the Chiefs have beaten the Panthers by 2, Raiders by 4, Bucs by 3, and Broncos by 6. The Dolphins are better than all four previous opponents.

Kansas City either gets out to a large lead then struggles to close, or falls behind and has to win it in the last minute. Either way, the games come down to the final drive. One of these weeks, playing light-switch will catch up with them.

Wednesday, the irreplaceable Tyreek Hill missed practice due to a non-COVID related illness. Just last week, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was in the same position and didn’t play a snap on Sunday.

Week 14, the Dolphins get out to an early lead and don’t let up.

Dolphins, 34-21. 

Packers (-7.5) at Lions

I’m not sure Green Bay isn’t collectively playing the best football in the NFL right now, but I do know that Aaron Rodgers is individually.

Green Bay moves the ball and scores so easily that the Lions’ pathetic defense has no shot. Just a sad mismatch.

Check back to FanDuel later this week for the prop bet on Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown total. Take the over, whatever it is.

Packers, 42-13.

Steelers (+2.5) at Bills

Originally, I had this game circled as the Steelers’ first — and maybe only — loss. I don’t see back-to-back losses after an 11-0 start, though.

But Buffalo is really good. A Super Bowl team. Aside from Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, there isn’t a QB throwing the ball better than Josh Allen.

This has “Game of the Year” written all over it. When rosters are even, I side with urgency. The Steelers are battling for the conference’s crucial first-round bye. The Bills are either the 3rd or 4th seed, which makes no difference.

Steelers, 28-17.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Alright Bobby, I just played them all. Bring on 3-0.
    I also played Cincy +3.5 for good measure. I am a cowboys fan and will be in Cincy for the game (bought tickets before the terrible injuries and pointless game)

  2. I’m a very die hard, pessimistic chiefs fan. And even I cannot imagine a scenario where the dolphins beat the chiefs by two scores. Do whatever you want with the betting lines and covering; the chiefs will not lose to a decent defense and a putrid offense.

  3. I read two of your articles today, and I have no idea what your qualifications are, but they were both terrible. Makes me want to cancel my Outkick VIP as your dipshittery is unmatched.

    Here’s a gambling tidbit for everyone since you predicted the Chiefs would LOSE to Tua (who can’t pick up first down) 34-21 …

    Patrick Mahomes has started 48 NFL GAMES INCLUDING THE PLAYOFFS. 48. 48.


    Are you related to Clay in some fashion? How did you get this job? Your content is awful.

  4. The Chiefs ONLY struggle with teams (and struggle isn’t the right word, since they always win) that can pick up 3rd and short consistently and control 1st and 2nd down with the run game. They also can struggle with QBs who can extend the play and aren’t statues in the pocket (helping the aforementioned 3rd down conversions to extend drives and keep 15 off the field).

    You think the Dolphins have a vaunted running game that can do this? The Chiefs defense is actually quite good against the pass, and their rookie Sneed is an under the radar stud (allowed Mathieu to return to his rover position the last few weeks) …

    Your advice and prediction (34-21) is so outside the realm of realistic predictions for a Chiefs game considering Chiefs “weaknesses” and who they struggle against I seriously advise Outkick to take this article down. This is just bad advice, and anyone that bets based off of your “premium content” is a fucking moron.

    Much like the Bucs game, the only way the Dolphins cover -7 is if they backdoor the Chiefs. I will bet 3:1 on a 3 year premium account extension that the Chiefs, at some point in this game, have a 2 score lead. This is without a doubt. If the Chiefs force any combination of 3 (punts, turnovers) THE ENTIRE GAME against Tua, they win with Mahomes.

    Yet this guy is spouting off about 34-21? Good Lord. Please everyone. Read my comments. I haven’t missed a Chiefs game in 30 years. Do not listen to this guy. It is TERRIBLE advice.

  5. …and by the way, after the Chiefs started 6-2 ATS they are 0-4 in their last 4. I am not saying Miami won’t cover (if they do, it’ll be backdoor). I am saying his analysis and his prediction of 34-21 is the dumbest fucking thing you’ll read on the internet today.

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