OutKick’s Week 11 Primetime Bets and Picks

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Week 11 of the NFL season is here. Get ready by signing up for the FanDuel Sportsbook here.

No week so far has a better slate of primetime games than Week 11. Let’s bet all three

Cardinals at Seahawks (-2.5)

The NFL couldn’t find a better matchup. Tonight, the Cardinals and Seahawks meet at 6-3 each, in a rematch of the game of the year.

Seattle’s defense gives cause for concern, but it’s impossible to believe Russell Wilson is losing a third game in a row.

Kyler Murray is special, that’s clear. Wilson is the better QB, for now.

Seahawks, 32-28.

Chiefs at Raiders (+8)

Earlier this week, the line was Raiders +7, and I jumped on it. Now, I’m even more thrilled about what is my favorite bet of the year.

Las Vegas is winning this game.

In Week 5, Las Vegas beat Kansas City and Derek Carr outplayed Patrick Mahomes. The latter will be necessary for the win, not the cover, which will be obvious by the half.

Sunday night, with downfield passing, the Raiders make a statement.

Raiders, 42-35.

Rams (+4) at Bucs

This game could go either way. Both teams are week-to-week mysteries. In this unpredictable matchup, take the team getting the points.

I’ll even pick the Rams to win in a great Monday Night meeting.

Rams, 34-33.

Bet all the games at FanDuel here.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I was at the Chiefs / Raiders game at Arrowhead earlier this year and let me tell you how this game went : 1) Tyreek secures a deep TD bomb first series, officials call back on a non-existent hold on Osemele. Chiefs punt. 2) Tyreek breaks wide open for a bomb TD, Mahomes underthrows, no big deal, Raiders absolutely PUMMEL Hill for the most obvious DPI you’ll ever see. 70 yard penalt. Oh’p! No call, nevermind.

    As someone who has not missed a Chiefs game since before JWhit was the sports columnist for the KC Star, let me just tell you how stupid it is to bet against Patrick Mahomes. I urge readers to not take the advice of this article. Mahomes is the most competitive person in the NFL and he is PISSED about the Raiders loss, it took EXTREME one-sided officiating for that game to fall the way it fell (just a never-ending string of good fortune for the Raiders that game), and the entire Raiders defense is currently practicing from home. The 2nd half of that game got away from the Chiefs, but that is not going to happen this time. Andy Reid is 12-3 against the Raiders, most of those with Alex Smith at QB, and Mahomes is going to approach this game in full on rage mode.

    Chiefs are going to win 42-20. Mahomes wants the MVP, and the Raiders are going to pay for their disrespect at Arrowhead earlier this year, a game they win 1 time out of 10 and it took some ridiculous calls for that game to even present itself to the Raiders since the Chiefs SHOULD have ran away with it in the first half, and making the Raiders one-dimensional (can’t lean on the run) is an EASY way to beat Derek Carr.

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