Two sisters dropped the mic with an incredible wedding toast song

How many of you are attending weddings this summer? Probably quite a few (I have one in early September — aka, in the middle of dadgum football season).

Now how many of you will have to give toasts? I’m guessing at least a handful. So let’s take a look at one way to absolutely crush your wedding toast responsibilities.

Last month, Caitlin Hallerman got married to John Weaver in California and had her sisters, Kelsey and Maddie, serve as co-maids of honor.

For their speech (watch video at the top), they put together a five-minute song that went through Caitlin’s childhood, how she met John at USC and what the whole wedding day means. They sing to Tracy Chapman, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and more. They act like complete goofs and know they look ridiculous, which is the whole reason it’s a hilarious and incredible performance. “We’ve been living in your shadow, but it’s time for us to step into the spotlight,” they begin.

The whole thing is gold, and while there’s a great chance this makes you feel terrified about what you have planned for your “speech” — because who can live up to this standard? — it’s also the perfect blueprint for how to win a wedding toast: Be genuine, share the thoughts that only you could share given your relationship to the bride/groom and have fun, knowing that everybody there will appreciate you 1,000 times over for originality and not taking yourself too seriously.

Cheers, Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman. You are awesome.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Written by Clay Travis

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