Website Alleges Jameis Winston Shaved Points in First Half of Louisville Game

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Oct 30, 2014; Louisville, KY, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) and head coach Jimbo Fisher walk off the field after defeating the Louisville Cardinals 42-31 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports Andrew Weber USA TODAY Sports

A gambling website has alleged that Jameis Winston shaved points in the first half of the Louisville game. The website alleges that Winston and a former high school teammate conspired to wager $5500 to win $5000 on a first half line of Louisville +1. The Seminoles trailed 21-7 at the half, winning Winston’s high school teammate his wager.

According to the website it was the biggest bet that Winston’s teammate had ever placed with the bookie.  

Quoth the website:

“Bookie meets with Chris Rabb morning before Louisville / Fla St game and receives $5,500 from Mr Rabb with instructions to bet Louisville +1 (1st Half) -110 to win back $5,000. Bet was placed and Louisville won 1st Half vs Fla St (21-7). Mr Rabb is now suppose to receive $5,000 for winning bet + his $5,500 initial bet (square up day is Tuesday)

Bookie gets information late Sunday night that he’s been “Played for a fool” as Mr Rabb and Jameis Winston are former teammates and conspired together on the above mentioned first half wager. Bookie wants no part of paying the debt. (i think he should pay he took the bet he knows the risk… just my opinion)

Bookie is claiming he has betting screenshots of the bet and proof it’s Mr Rabb’s account (look below for all bets placed last week) 

Now does this mean we have a scandal on our hands? Does this mean Jameis Winston is gambling (crazier things have happened)?

This certainly all could be a coincidence that a former HS teammate and close family friend (Chris Rabb) made his biggest bet ever ($5,500) on game where his friend (Jameis) had probably his worst half ever in college… it’s all just a coincidence right?”

*Update* As of 9:45 AM est.. IBN attempted to reach out to Chris Rabb via phone and someone did answer the cell phone, we asked if he had any comment on “alleged” gambling rumors that involved him and his former high school teammate Jameis Winston, his answer was brief “Fuck boy how did you get my number?.. mind your business boy” that’s when the phone hung up.”

This story is spreading across the Internet like crazy — dozens of you have emailed and Tweeted it to Outkick — and several major sites are investigating the allegations as I write this. 

So do we believe this story? And do we trust this random website that hundreds of thousands of you are now reading and sharing online? Do we trust their documentation of bets and reporting when there’s no basis to believe them other than the allegations they’ve written? 

Winston’s play in the first half against Louisville was atrocious, he threw two interceptions and completed less than half of his passes. It was among the worst halves of football he’s played in his college career. If his high school buddy placed an uncharacteristically large wager on the first half line that’s pretty suspicious, right? But on the other hand it seems incredibly stupid to undertake this much risk for $5k when Winston will make $5 million in a few months. Plus, the line was Louisville +1, why not keep the game closer on the offensive side of the ball? Hell, why not wager on a first half line in a game where the line wasn’t even close and there’s no risk of ever losing? Ultimately, I just don’t believe it’s possible that Jameis Winston could be this dumb. That’s despite the fact that Winston has clearly made very dumb decisions before. There’s no way Winston was shaving points, right? 

But the story is out there, you guys can read it for yourselves and make your own determination. 

Judging by the rapidity with which this story has spread throughout the Internet, is there anything that the average college football fan believes Jameis Winston wouldn’t do? It says a lot about Winston’s reputation that hundreds of thousands of you see this point-shaving story and immediately think, “Yeah, that sounds plausible.”

What a mess. 

Written by Clay Travis

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