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Listen, I don’t have a lot of time to chat this morning because I’m going on an observation reconnaissance mission into Kentucky here in like an hour

I’ve been commissioned by OutKick senior staff members to go on a quick 24-hour trip into the heart of Kentucky for a Screencaps-inspired observation mission that might turn into something or it might turn into nothing. The great news is that OutKick senior staffers are being proactive and taking chances as 2023 gets rolling.

This is great news for Screencaps readers because if I’m sitting in Ohio, the content gets stale and we don’t move forward as a website. Observations turn into content. Experiences become Screencaps resume material and so after two years of constant grinding, it appears I’ll be heading back out on the road with more consistency.

Those of you who’ve been with me since the Busted Coverage days know that I’ve had some crazy experiences out on the road. There was the week in Minneapolis sneaking our way into Radio Row to do broadcasts next to the biggest media outlets without paying a dime to the NFL while staying in a hotel that has since been bulldozed because it was a drug den flophouse.

There have been the Natty Light RV trip suburban dad benders to the Battle at Bristol. There have been late nights in Miami, Minneapolis and L.A. where an anonymous brand rep turned a hotel suite into a scene right out of Led Zepplin’s memoir.

Trust me, you NEED to have one Los Angeles Led Zepplin hotel suite party on your life resume, especially if you’re in your early 30s. Spend the money. Go nuts. Watch the sun come up. Drink every single bottle of booze in the room.

Anyway, I’m back out on the road today and we’ll see what happens.

I’m heading into Louisville to pick up my road partner, Nathan J., whose father was my dad’s best friend in high school welding class in the early 1970s.

Let’s see where 2023 takes us.

Indy Daryl Screencaps Book Club

This morning I forwarded approximately 50 emails to Daryl so he can update the Screencaps Excel list of book recommendations. I hope Daryl doesn’t have a busy day of work planned because his inbox was just invaded by guys who LOVE to read.

Holy crap, fellas.

It was a book bonanza this week.

Give Daryl until Monday to sift through the emails and get this list updated.

What’s one thing every man should own before he dies?

I saw an interview yesterday on Christian McCaffrey and how he’s not a big car guy, but he’s a big Bond guy so he cherishes the Aston Martin in his garage. The Niners says “you feel like you’re flying a plane” when driving that car.

It got me thinking about this topic of what should every man own before he dies. It could be a watch, a boat, a car, a chainsaw, an RV, a gun, Jeep, a truck, a collectible, a racehorse, sports tickets like Rovell or a piranha.

It could be expensive or not.

Now, I’m not saying this should be an object you take to your deathbed. I’m saying, what’s the one object/thing you need to own and experience at least once in your life?

Think about this one.


Hey Kinsey, where’s the Instagram content?

• Resident airline pilot Danny W. writes:

Joe, I’m going on multiple days in a row of the Instagram content not loading on Screen Caps. I’m on IOS Safari. Please Help! I’m missing out on Babes of IG!


Reminder — Ryan W. seems to have discovered a solution that has helped thousands of Screencaps readers. I sent this solution to Danny W. and he was fine in approximately 15 minutes.

Open settings/Safari/Advanced/Website Data then touch Remove All Website Data.

Speaking of taking your gas stove

• Mike T. in Idaho, but in Europe this winter, sent in this map that might be of interest to the Save The World types.

New way to keep your beers cold…is this necessary when I can stop at Speedway and get a bag of ice for like $6 (thanks Biden)?

David C. sent in this one:

How does $90,000,000 in cash (after taxes) sound to each member of my text group?

I told the group this morning that I love the $90M CASH figure because it means I’d still be on a fixed income and just couldn’t make it rain millions on friends and family that come begging for a few bucks to pay off their car loans.

There are five text group members and we’re going to buy tickets in four states today at convenience stores that look like they’re due to hit. Ever notice how the lottery winners seem to always come from some mom & pop carryout where degenerates play the lottery? That’s what our text group aims for. I hope to find the perfect spot in Kentucky.

If so, this will the last day of my OutKick career.

And with that, I need to get on the highway. It’s time to observe from the roads across America.

Have a great day. Safe travels if you’re off observing America and let’s have an incredible Wild Card Weekend. My ass will be right back home tomorrow afternooon where I will assume a spot on one of the recliners and watch eight hours of football.

Enjoy it all.


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