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Is this the Holy Grail of vintage Pizza Huts?

• Pete from Spotsylvania, VA writes:

You want holy grail?  I present to you the Pizza Hut of Louisa, VA.  Stained glass booth lamps, checkered table cloths, red cups, red roof, and serving, Bud, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra daily.  Although the beer is just in bottles, can’t get a pitcher like my dad would get.

Up until about 5 years ago, there was one in Spotsylvania (where we live) and the city of Fredericksburg, with the old wood red roofs. The kids would win gift certificates to those locations from elementary school for reading achievements. 

Every time I see a Pizza Hut, all I can think about is the scene from the original Bad News Bears on league opening day.


  1. First thing I noticed was that the landscaping is still kept up which tells me the owner takes pride in his/her operation. That’s a very important first step in becoming a Holy Grail of Vintage Huts.
  2. Vintage tile floors — very nice.
  3. Pizza Hut light shades — excellent.
  4. The table clothes, art, table settings are perfect.
  5. High-chairs stacked and seemingly cleaned like a place that is fully staffed — excellent.
  6. Bottled beer makes sense in these places that aren’t moving enough draft, but I’m still looking for that one Hut out there that still believes in keg beer. Does it exist or am I dreaming? The journey continues.

New Florida Man needs advice on moving his entire family to Florida from the People’s Republic of New York

• Greg S. knew just the community to ask these questions:

While traveling home yesterday it hit me, I need advice from the greatest internet community ever created.

Some background, my wife and I went to the same high school and except for her going to college near Syracuse, we have lived in the same county in upstate New York our entire lives. We reconnected later in life, got married, and have a 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. From age 19 on, I started my own landscaping company (shoutout to TNML) and grew and ran that company for 15 years.

This past summer, one of my customers offered me a job that would move us to Fort Myers, FL in June 2023. After much debate, I sold my business this off-season, and accepted the job (started January 9th, thoroughly enjoying it) and per my offer letter, we have to be in Fort Myers area by June. We are both very conservative and living in a red county in one of the bluest states in the country felt tolerable for a while but all that changed with covid.

My kids are too young for school but masks remained on children around here for far too long (a single day was too long anywhere in my opinion, that was child abuse but I digress), it made me sick to watch. I knew I had to get my kids out of here, so when offered the opportunity to walk into a job in the current conservative mecca of the USA, I took a leap of faith and we are giving up almost everything we know.

I have A LOT of questions. Tips and tricks for flying with young kids? Navigating the logistics of moving 1700  miles away? The wife is very concerned about snakes, gators, and the heat in Florida, so any Florida residents who can provide reassurance that our children won’t be eaten by a 17-foot python would also be helpful. In general, it is a ton of change for our family and any potential problems I can avoid during the process is going to be extremely helpful. So, I’m looking for screen caps Dads and Moms (inclusiveness!) for any and all advice on Florida living, traveling with small children, moving a far distance, and navigating it all with young kids would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for all you and OutKick crew do, your site is honestly a sanity saver. I sign on to read stories where I can be reminded that there are other humans that think men shouldn’t be allowed to dominate women’s sports just because they decided to grow their hair out. 

Keep killin’ it. Society needs more like you guys.


As a guy who has both parents living in Florida all of the year, or half of the year, I can help on a few of Greg’s questions:

  1. Find direct flights to Fort Myers. Save yourself the hassle of navigating Atlanta or Charlotte with the kids and diaper bags. Spend the extra money or tell the new company to pay up in the name of your sanity.
  2. Tablets — tell the three-year-old to have a blast on the tablet while you and Mrs. S. sit there thinking about escaping the People’s Republic of Hochul.
  3. As for the Animal Thunderdome that is Florida, I have to believe the chance of your wife having a python encounter is very small. I’ll assume Greg S. and Mrs. S. are moving to a nice neighborhood not surrounded by jungles and the pythons will leave their neighborhood alone — for now.
  4. Don’t walk a small dog next to a pond even if you think gators aren’t in the pond. Don’t be this old lady who ended up shredded.
  5. Based on the intel you’ve provided, make sure to take your wife to the Seed To Table grocery store in Naples. It’s owned by Alfie Oakes, who has been called “The MAGA Grocery King of Southwest Florida” by Mother Jones. Even with Alfie’s title, there are libs in that store who LOVE the greatest grocery store I’ve ever been in. Get a babysitter and treat your wife to a night at the grocery. TRUST ME.
  6. It’s against the law to feed the gators.

Hello from Boppard, Germany

• The Ts are close to coming home after their six-month European vacation. Today, Mike T. had his camera handy for this rainbow off their balcony:

Banning TikTok

• John S. writes:

Long-time reader of screencaps. I saw something online and it made a ton of sense. It basically said that the reason TikTok was being banned was not because of China influence, but because TikTok was generating huge advertising revenue and hurting Google, Facebook, etc.. It went on to say that those companies were leading the push to get TikTok banned. 

Post-Covid, I believe these conspiracy theories more and more. I don’t trust the Government and I definitely don’t trust mainstream media and the tech industry. 

What are your thoughts?

  1. A few things can be true here: China spying on Americans and their habits; China pumping American brains with complete nonsense that is addicting and leads to mush brain; Competitors wanting to see TikTok banned to kill its revenues which would then be recirculated back into Facebook/Meta, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  2. I do believe the Chinese use TikTok in nefarious ways. I also believe that all social media apps use your info in nefarious ways. Remember, your data is valuable. You know how Facebook will run an advertisement based on a conversation you had with your wife in the car? That’s not by coincidence. The Chinese aren’t the only ones spying on you.
  3. I don’t use TikTok, however, I assume the Chinese had my data a long time ago.
  4. Do I think TikTok will be banned in the U.S. — yes.

Hidden gem travel destinations in the United States

• Jim M. writes:

This is the under-the-radar spot. I lived here during college in the winters. Was cheap then. 2 bars, 1 the oldest Irish pub in RI…was a speakeasy…called The Pub now. 2- Beach bar with bands every night in summer, Ocean Mist…summer theatre down the road, take the wife… Matunuck RI…small village .. look it up ..u won’t regret. Houses go quick though so act fast

• David L. writes:

Lobster fest in Rockland, ME or 4th of July in Eastport, ME are two off-the-beaten-path ideas for Midwesterners like us. Had the pleasure of visiting both when I was in the Navy; we went up to be a part of the festivities and give tours of our ship.

Beautiful part of the country if you’ve never been. I have a personal affinity for Eastport as I was a part of impromptu emergency services during Hurricane Arthur the weekend we spent there. Good luck picking out your destination!

True alt-radio is a topic you guys perked up over

Here’s yet another lesson in asking questions to the Screencaps community because you never know what’s going to click. I wasn’t sure if the college radio/alt rock topic would hit home and then the emails started rolling in.

• Warren M. writes:

I’m thrilled my FAU Owls got to the Elite Eight!

You struck a chord about alt-rock radio. In southeast Florida, we had 103.1 The Buzz from 1995 until it was, sadly, taken off the air in 2011. There have been some other stations that pop up, most noticeably The Shark in Miami, but nothing compared to The Buzz. I first heard 311, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Amy Winehouse, Filter, Blink-182, and many others on the station. Their DJs were incredible, and they had their annual one-day alt music fest every December, The Buzz Bake Sale. My wife was also a huge fan of the Buzz.

The Shark started strong, but modern alt-rock isn’t great. However, they seem to be playing far more ‘classic’ alt-rock these days.

But nothing beats The Buzz.


If you’re a Blink fan, you need to know that OutKick’s Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman is pretty much royalty within the Blink community. If you guys want, I can fire up a Blink Q&A with Gunz.

• Steve C. writes:

Both you and Bill H should give a listen to live stream It’s an independent out of Charlottesville VA. The station is celebrating 25 years currently. Give it a week, and I think you’ll become a convert. The stream is free, but they do have fundraising activities twice a year. 

• Josh Q. writes:

Saw the college radio topic today. I was lucky enough to find one here. High quality stuff done by a local community college. Some of the best radio around these parts for my ears. Hope everyone else gets the chance to enjoy!

Super pumped for opening day! Put the fertilizer down 3 weeks ago, and smiling at the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

• Bob S. in Ohio writes:

Long time reader. I lived in Centerville, OH (near Dayton) from ’88 through ’94. I remember WOXY well. What a great alternative station. Nothing like that exists anymore, but I do like Sirius XM radio. I live in the NYC area and the stations here are horrible.

Also, regarding moles, I have rocky, clay soil and a healthy fox population nearby. I have never seen a mole in my yard. 

On barbers and getting a haircut

• Kevin in Evans City, PA writes:

Sorry I’m late to the party. My barber of 50 years recently passed away. He’s the only person to ever cut my hair. He was a pillar of the community and loved by everyone he came in contact with. He hosted a breakfast for hundreds of people at the annual fourth of July parade…. Now i have a ponytail.

Mole removal program if you don’t have a mole-hunting labrador

• David C. writes:

I’ve been lucky never to have a mole problem, however when discussing screencaps this morning with the guy’s, I was told by one, that the best way to get rid of moles is to mix 1/2 castor oil & 1/2 seventh generation dish soap, put it in a hose sprayer and spray where the moles are. Supposedly because of the castor oil that is put in the ground the moles eating the worms, grubs, ect, don’t like the taste, get sick, and leave the area. The guy said you cannot use dawn or any dish soap that is not fragrance free. 

I checked the web and it says: “When you apply it to the soil, it acts as a natural repellent. The castor oil doesn’t kill the moles but it will upset their digestive tract and cause stomach upset. If it get on their skin, it will make them itch. The castor oil won’t cause permanent damage but it will make them reroute their tunnels elsewhere.“ 

The web also says you can use dawn. I talked to the greenskeeper on the golf course and he said that it does work, however they use chemicals that the general public can’t get or use because of the license needed to purchase and use them. They also need to kill them, not move them to other areas. I’ve never done this or heard of it before so I hope that it works and solves the problem. A further note, the guy also said that some companies make a granular chemical of this, however, that chemical will make your dog, cat or livestock sick if they eat it. 

• Jack V. in Portland, OR writes:

Hey Joe:  thanks for the mole topic. I have been trapping, gassing, poisoning, drowning, human hair in their tunnels (barber thought that was a weird request) in a fruitless to quest to eradicate these things for 25 years plus.  Even did the gas down the hole and then light the match gig, and yes the results can be spectacular as shown in many a YouTube video.  Found the best is a carefully laid scissor trap, tell the wife i am out “running the trapline”  if i need out of the house.

Good luck to my fellow mole hunters.

Conversation starters for Screencaps readers

• Jon H. from where I grew up in the Dayton, OH area writes:

These might be something to hold on to until late March or so, but two questions for the SC community to opine on:

  • what is your baseball walk-up song?
  • what do you serve at the Champions Dinner if you win The Masters?

And now Jon is back with his answers.

Jon adds:

–  walk up music:  I’m going with something from Van Halen. Either Right Now (still recall the first time WTUE played that song; was playing beer pong with a buddy at his home in Vandalia. We stopped in our tracks because that opening piano riff was so unexpected) or And The Cradle Will Rock

–  Masters dinner:  maybe an homage to these four Masters greats:

  –  Bobby Jones:  pimiento cheese sandwich appetizer

  –  Arnold Palmer:  Montgomery Inn ribs (he carried them in his La Quinta restaurant)

  – Tiger Woods:  grilled vegetables, refried beans, Mexican rice (from his 2020 champions menu)

  –  Jack Nicklaus:  Graeter’s Buckeye chip ice cream


I have to go with “Thunderstruck” before I get up there and line out weakly to the shortstop.

Masters Champions dinner would be some sort of barbeque, cornbread, ice cream and Mike-Sells potato chips as an appetizer with beers. RIP Mike-Sells.

Quick hitters from the road

• Indy Daryl checks in this morning with thoughts from a guy who has great thoughts:

A couple of quick hitters from our drive from Indy to Ormond Beach, FL (yes with three kids, yes overnight, yes we are crazy!)

  1. If you don’t know who Dr Andrew Huberman is, check out the latest Joe Rogan podcast with him. He is a neurobiologist working at Stanford, researching neuro plasticity. The interview is a fascinating listen on a wide range of topics: cold plunge, sauna, psychedelics (wife and I affectionally call him ‘mushroom doc’), temp regulation, diet, exercise, and even Jeffry Epstein makes a cameo. Huberman has a wonderful way of making dense science topics easily accessible and relatable. He also has his own podcast called Huberman lab. Can’t recommend it more highly enough!
  1. TRMA – not sure if it has been mentioned, but I am not sure it can be a mall without an Orange Julius. Man, we used to hit that up every time we went to the mall and gosh if it doesn’t make me think of and miss my Grandma!
  2. Been going to a barber shop with a straight razor on the neck for about 5 years now. 18$ every time! And now my son goes with me as well. Donna, Dawn, and Linda do a pretty dang good job. I didn’t know what I was missing for so much of my life without the warm shaving cream and straight razor and the end of a haircut. Now I won’t go anyplace without it!

Cheers to sunshine! Hope everyone has a great evening!

And that’s all for this gloomy Saturday morning.

Last night, during March Madness, I finished up a massive pile of TNML envelopes. I have to believe there are somewhere around 125-150 going on in the next trip to the post office. March 2-3 emailers should be on high alert.

Don’t forget to snag the new shirt.

Now, go have an incredible weekend. I’m off to take the Saturday Morning Crew — my boys — to get some breakfast fuel to get the weekend rolling.

Take care.


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