We Have An Old Fashioned WAG-Off Between 49ers, Eagles Wives Over Championship Game Treatment

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I don’t personally know Sydney Warner, the wife of 49ers LB Fred Warner who said she didn’t feel safe around Eagles fans during last Sunday’s NFC title game, but I can assure you she doesn’t want that smoke!

OK, I don’t actually know that, either. BUT, we’re about to find out, because Warner’s been called out by Rachol West-Chachere, the wife of Eagles safety Andre Chachere.

In a now-deleted tweet (classic), Chachere called Warner “soft” for her comments following Sunday’s title game loss.

In ANOTHER since-deleted tweet (now who’s the soft one!?), the Eagles’ WAG further expanded her position, saying she even helped two fellow 49ers WAGs last week and just didn’t have time for any of “the Philly fan base slander.”

“I swear I’m not mean. I literally helped 2 49er Wives I’ve never met get covered seats at the game bc they had babies & transferred my extra tickets to them,” she wrote before clearly getting a talking to and hitting the delete button.

“I just don’t like the Philly fan base slander. We aren’t doing that today, or yesterday, or tomorrow.”

Rachol West-Chachere.
Rachol West-Chachere ain’t having the Philly slander.

Eagles wife Rachol West-Chachere fires back at 49ers wife Sydney Warner

As Kevin Hart’s dad once said, ‘You Gon’ Learn Today!’

Side note: that’s a hilarious bit, go look it up and start your Friday the proper way.

Anyway, the beef – or alleged beef, since everyone’s a little trigger-happy with the delete button – stems from Sydney Warner telling us all what we already know: Philly fans are a different breed.

If you’re not part of that cult, you cannot stand them. But if you’re one of ’em, you have friends for life.

Warner’s allegations even include some fans allegedly wishing her a happy trip home!

@sydwarner_ Tis’ the off-season ☺️🫶🏽 #nfcchampionship #phillyfans #49ers #traveltiktok #offseasontraining #fyp #nflwife ♬ original sound – Sydney Warner

“I will probably never go back to that stadium, to be honest. I guess you can just call me a wimp, but I couldn’t handle the fans,” she said in a video Wednesday, adding that one fan even remarked that they hoped “their plane crashes.”

“I’m 100% down for riding for your team —like ‘Hurrah! Let’s go team!’—but honestly, I just didn’t feel very safe,” she continued.

“Fred told me not to wear any red. I did end up wearing a red bag but I had to end up hiding it underneath my jacket because people were doing the ‘Eff you’ and the shoving and that whole thing. So, I definitely covered it.”


Sydney Warner.
Sydney Warner won’t be going back to Philadelphia any time soon.

Written by Zach Dean

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