‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ Gets A Modern Take By Fall Out Boy – Mentions Elon, Bezos, Trump, Markle

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Pop punk greats Fall Out Boy released a modern take of Billy Joel’s iconic “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” And it is awesome.

The “Sugar We’re Going Down,” and “Centuries,” rockers surprised fans on Wednesday with their version of Joel’s 1989 hyper-ballad whose historic lyrics still ring true to this day. FOB’s version however, picks up where that Joel’s left off and brings up everything from Elon Musk to Meghan Markle to “YouTube killing MTV.”


In an Instagram post, the band explained that their version picks up where Joel’s ends, and would encompass history’s biggest events from 1989-2023.

For example, instead of President Harry Truman, they reference Donald Trump. Instead of ‘television’ they’re talking about ‘MySpace,’ and ‘YouTube.’ Whereas Joel’s version has “England’s got a new queen,” FOB’s updated version informs that the Queen has passed.

There are similarities to Joel’s version that cover more serious topics, too. Rather than Vietnam, the band brings up Afghanistan. And instead of JFK being assassinated, the band references another moment that changed not only America, but the world forever – September 11th and the World Trade Center.

Mixed in, of course, are pop culture elements. Everything from SpongeBob SquarePants to Blink 182’s Tom Delonge’s quest to prove aliens exist. The born-and-raised Chicago emo’s also page homage to their hero Michael Jordan. They do so by referencing events that happened when he wore both number 23, as well as number 45.

Fall Out Boy is currently on a nationwide tour where they most recently played their hometown Wrigley Field. They’re touring while promoting their new album “So Much For (Star)Dust.”

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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