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Some of you aren’t gonna like what I’m about to say, but I have a feeling a lot of you quietly and secretly feel the same way. 

So here it is. We the People deserve a Gavin Newsom versus Ron DeSantis 2024 matchup. We do. 

My fellow Trump supporters, I know you’re gonna be ticked off when I tell you this, but here it is anyway. 

I’m sick of the drama. I’m sick of the circus. I don’t want to see a Joe versus Don rematch because this isn’t a pay-per-view special, this is real life, this is our country, this is our future. 

It’s not Trump’s fault – for the most part- that this race has become about his legal battles. It’s not. The DAs, FBI, DOJ, CIA- all of it is weaponized and we know it.

But here’s a dose of reality, this is the situation and it’s not changing. In fact, more indictments might be on the way. If we don’t get a strong Republican in the White House, it’s only gonna get worse. For everyone. Not just Trump. 

And as for Biden, he’s a crook, and he’s a senile and dementia-ridden crook to boot. He likely sold out the vice presidency and may still be selling out our country from the Oval Office. I’m sick of it. 

I’m sick of the investigations and the indictments and the BS. What about our freakin country?! We’ve barely talked about IT the last 6 months. 

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be in their 80s if re-elected. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are and will be riddled with legal quagmires, left, right and center. 

We the people deserve to vote for candidates in this next election based on policy, not based on who committed more crimes or worse crimes or was accused of crimes. Not based on who can walk and talk better. This has all become such a circus and it’s exhausting. 

It’s a huge distraction. It’s a mess. It’s getting old. 

I feel badly for Donald Trump, I feel worse for the average American. 

So that’s why I’ll say it, as much as I loathe Gavin Newsom and his policies and what he’s done to California- at least his candidacy and hopefully his defeat and demise will be based on his policy record- not his criminal one. 

He’s a snake and he’s a smooth talking liar, but at least he can talk. At least he can form a sentence. He can debate. We can compete against that and I believe we can win against it…

With Ron DeSantis

The American people deserve a valid and actual choice between two policy makers and that’s what we will get with a DeSantis/Newsom match-up. We will see a clear distinction for America. 

We will get to cast our votes, not based on revenge or vendettas, but based on who will best lead the American people into the future. 

Gavin Newsom will not be easy to beat. It will be a challenge. But it’s a challenge we will rise to the occasion and meet. 

I’m not going to cast my vote based on 2020. I’m going to cast my vote based on 2023, 2024 and the future of this nation that we don’t have long to turn around. 

And some of you are gonna call me disloyal. You’re going to say I’m a sell out and whatever else. 

I don’t care. I care more about my country than what you think about me and I will never shill for someone for popularity points on Twitter. 

It’s time for a new era and I’m ready to meet that era full speed ahead, America first, with a fresh set of eyes and the same fighting spirit. 

Those are my Final Thoughts and I’m sticking by them. 

From Nashville, God bless and take care. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren

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