Watch: Video Of Biden Allegedly Sleeping While Meeting With Israel Prime Minister Goes Viral

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President Joe Biden sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday at the White House following the deadly Kabul attack, and a video appears to show the President falling asleep.

Biden appears to sit with his eyes closed and many individuals took to social media to say the President was sleeping for a few minutes while Bennett spoke to him.

Biden tweeted that the meeting strengthened the partnership between the U.S. and Israel and emphasized the U.S.’s commitment to Israel’s security.

While some are criticizing Biden for sleeping, others are defending the President and saying he was listening and closing his eyes to focus.

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano tweeted that she is proud of Biden and “the incredible job he’s doing.”

“He’s the right person for the job in this moment in history. #IStandWithBiden,” she said.

The full video of the meeting between Biden and Bennett streamed by Fox News can be seen here.

Written by Megan Turner

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    • That’s it. Comment of the week. Shame on Dr. Jill Biden and her creepy son. They just wanted more money and fame. How sad that these leaches in his own family don’t care about Uncle Joe’s mental health.

  1. I understand the desire to see him embarrassed & impeached…

    But even if the cackling & psychotic Kamala Harris takes the Presidency, It will STILL BE THE SAME 12-16 unelected shadow people on the cabinet team that run everything then as they do now.

    Elections have consequences
    -Barry Soetero
    (mail-in balloting cheating also has consequences)

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