WATCH: Tim Legler Roasts NBA Bust Kristaps Porzingis

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On Thursday morning, 26-year-old NBA big man Kristaps Porzingis woke up as a Dallas Maverick, still oozing potential. By mid-afternoon, he was equal parts a Washington Wizard and the butt of the joke.

Minutes after being dealt to Washington, Porzingis was on the receiving end of a roast via ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler.

“I know he got nicknamed the unicorn because he’s so unique,” Legler said of Porzingis during a broadcast of ESPN’s NBA Today. “But he’s also the unicorn because you hardly ever see him!”

For those unaware, the 7’3 Porzingis has averaged 19 points per game throughout his career, but he’s injured more often than the cast of Jackass.

“That’s the problem with Kristaps Porzingis,” Legler added. “He’s not consistently available.”

Legler’s best Jeff Ross imitation had his cohosts unable to contain their laughter. Without skipping a beat, Legler transitioned from roasting Porzingis to slicing his game apart.

“He’ll probably be more of the same in Washington,” Legler said of Porzingis. “A guy that – he’s available here and there and tantalizes you with 7’3 (height) and shooting ability.”

After attacking his availability, or lack thereof, Legler ruined the Wizards’ appetite by harping on Porzingis’ underwhelming career: “But (he’s) really not somebody that’s reliable enough to build around and build toward a championship with.”

For Washington at least, that’s no laughing matter.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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