WATCH: Procter & Gamble Employees Release Video Warning Americans Of Labor, Goods Shortages On The Way Due To Vax Mandates

“What you’ve already seen happen to the airline industry will soon happen to many other organizations in America and around the world,” said a collection of brooding voices.

A video released by anonymous Procter & Gamble employees is circulating social media for sounding the alarm on the staffing shortages in factories, caused by COVID vaccine mandates, that are translating to shortages for most goods purchased in this country.

The two-minute video, featuring an amalgam of whistleblowers, led with a message to fight statewide, and eventually federal, deadlines to receive the COVID vaccine.

“You don’t know our names, you don’t know our faces, but there are thousands of us. And we work to produce the brands and products that you use every single day,” the voices announced.

Employees have been overwhelmed by the decision of having to get vaccinated or keeping their jobs. The resulting decrease in the workforce has made itself apparent under the Biden administration, who’s promoted the ultimatum that has put Americans’ jobs at risk.

The video’s defiant message served primarily as a warning and call to action for viewers, pleading companies enforcing the vaccine mandates and its proponents to avoid a catastrophic shortage spree, should they keep the deadlines.

The mandate at Procter & Gamble is set to cut 26,000 jobs.

“You, the consumer may not care about us being attacked. You may not even care if we’re terminated. But know this. You’ll start to care when our termination starts to affect you personally. …

“Their overreach will not be tolerated.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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