WATCH: President Biden Shakes Hands With Air

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Joe Biden made yet another unforced, um, air-ror.

A year and a half into a presidency filled with unpopular mandates, inflation, and record-low approval ratings, Biden was ready to meet these errors head on.

But he ended up introducing himself to air instead.

At the conclusion of a speech at North Carolina A&T State University on Thursday, as music and polite applause arose, Biden unleashed yet another viral moment so cringeworthy that even Curb Your Enthusiasm stands in awe.

Say what you want, but at least the man’s consistent.

What happened this time? Well, after he closed his scripted remarks with a perfunctory “God bless you all,” Biden immediately turned and sought to shake hands with… somebody. Anybody. But he wound up with a handful of nobody instead.


Yes, the quick meet and greet with air is awkward, but that’s only the beginning. Confused, Biden pauses and then proceeds to make an unexpected pirouette, looking for some kind of direction or clarity.

If ever there were a time and place for the WTF acronym, it was Thursday in North Carolina.

Politics aside, this was just the most recent Biden blunder in a social setting:

  • Last month, President Biden referred to VP Kamala Harris as “First Lady.”
  • Who could forget POTUS’ Ron Burgundy moment when the teleprompter got the best of him?
  • Earlier this week, a bird took it upon itself to tell Biden he’s quite literally, a crappy president.

It’ll be scary to see how the rest of this presidency shakes out.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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