WATCH: Players, Coaches Brawl After NDSU Win Over Oral Roberts

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It’s not unusual to witness college guys filled with testosterone fighting on a thirsty Thursday. What is unusual is seeing those same college kids — and their coaches! — throw fists on a basketball court just minutes after a game.

But that’s exactly what happened Thursday night after North Dakota State topped Oral Roberts in men’s hoops.

NDSU’s Maleeck Harden-Hayes last-second dunk during the 77-59 Bison blowout, prompted ORU coach Paul Mills to exchange, um, pleasantries with the Bison players and staff in the post-game handshake line.

What happened next was a chaotic mess of pushing, shoving, punching, tackling and presumably more cuss words than a Scorsese film.

Not only did the on-court brawl spice up an otherwise ordinary February night in college hoops, it also provided one of the announcers the perfect opportunity to utter a term that hasn’t been used to describe a fight in at least two decades:

“And we’ve got a donnybrook here unfolding right near half court!”

Tempers eventually cooled and both teams made it to their respective locker rooms relatively unscathed. A short time later, Mills issued an apology via Twitter:

“I am very saddened about what transpired at the conclusion of our game tonight v NDSU. ORU nor NDSU want to be represented in a negative light. Dave Richman & I have spoken & I have the utmost respect for the Bison program. Congratulations to the Bison on a dominant performance.”

Thursday night proved what we already knew: you can throw the records out when a couple of teams from the Summit League get together. You know it’s gonna be a real donnybrook.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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