Watch: Northwestern Player Swipes Wisconsin Towels

It may not be considered a rivalry game, but Wisconsin clearly has something Big Ten opponent Northwestern really wants.

The item in question: Towels.

As you can see in the video below, towels are exactly what Northwestern senior defensive back JR Pace stole right out from under the belts of unsuspecting Wisconsin players at the, uh, tail end of a play.

To make matters worse for Wisconsin, towels weren’t the only things swiped from its grasp. So was the Badgers’ shot at an unbeaten season, as the Wildcats held on for a 17-7 victory.

In fact, Northwestern is 5-0, with Wisconsin dropping to 2-1.

And now poor Wisconsin may not even have anything to wipe away its tears.

Written by Sam Amico


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  1. Badgers looked like shit but the refs were horrendous in this game. I could at least 6 iffy calls, but the 3 worst calls were the confirmation of the NW catch on the first drive, face mask on the Groscheck fumble and the DPI in the first half that the Badgers got the pick on. Really messed with any momentum the Badgers could get early.

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